Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Know When to Quit

In Malaysiakini.com, DAP Chairman Karpal Singh has an advice for Gerakan Acting President Dr Koh Tsu Koon: "Koh should not continue to claim credit for “the few good things” done during his 18-year tenure as Penang chief minister but accept the reality that the days of his “pomp and splendour have come and gone”."

“Koh should cease and desist from interfering in state political governance. It’s the prerogative of Penangites, given to Lim to govern the state towards its own destiny,” he said.

Karpal was commenting on recent criticism of the state government by Koh’s former political secretary Mark Ooi Swee Hing. Ooi accused Lim’s government of riding on a success story fashioned by Koh by claiming credit over the two high-profile investments - the RM1.2 billion investment by Japanese printed circuit board manufacturer Ibiden Co Ltd and RM115 million by American Honeywell, a global leader in the aerospace industry.

As an observer, I find the verbal exchanges unnecessary. Neither DAP nor Gerakan should claim full credit for the two investments. Penang, a natural high-tech testbed since the mid 70's, has accumulated enough goodwill, trust and soft infrastructure to lure investment into the state.

However, the state government should strive to do more. Years of unplanned and uncoordinated development has put a strain on its infrastructure and public amenities. In fact, Penang can do more than just the two investments which are not really that significant.

Both parties should take note that mere investment and trade promotions or trips alone will not help Penang to do better than presently. Immediate attention has to be given to find solid ways to solve our cleanliness and public safety problems.

Pre and post 2008 GE, Penang is still a filth. Town planning and traffic management are still pretty much the same. Most Penangites lamented the fact that a concrete strategy is not in place. We want to know where Penang is heading in the next 3, 5 and 10 years.

Instead of political bickering, I would like to advice politicians from both sides to stay humble and focus on the tasks at hand and not to allow their ego to balloon.

Similarly, Karpal should reflect on his profound advice to Tsu Koon.


FerryMan said...


Your statement telling the truth to others.
We need a concrete planning and moving forward solution.
Don't waste time to argue political view for both sides and a lot of things need to be done to have proper rule of goverment with practical solution.


Anonymous said...


The mess of what Penang is in now is credited to no other than KTK and his administration. He can continue to dodge request to meetup with Penang CM as 'not so urgent matter'

Hello ? Does a devil became and angel by the strike of midnight of 9 March 2008 ?

To be more realistic, at least 8 quaters is needed to turn around Penang, we do not need hasty turnaround plans that will create more sufferings for Penangites.

Bringing in town planning experts from Hong Kong, Shenzen and Singapore would be an advantages to Penang.

Finally, LGE led administration should stop asking KTK for a meetup, be proactive and pay KTK a visit at Jalan Marie Pitchay.


*UMNO is the root cause of most of the problems that Malaysia face today*