Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mukhriz's Deadline to Abdullah

Looking back at a news report on Mukhriz's ultimatum to Abdullah to relinquish three positions before July: Prime Minister, UMNO President and BN Chairman.

NST: "He claimed several other members have given Abdullah an ultimatum, that is to quit all three positions before the branch elections start in July.

He said although Abdullah has made it clear that he would not leave the party despite Dr Mahathir’s resignation, many Umno members will pressure him to do so by conducting road shows and campaigns.

“Many people are of the opinion that he should leave immediately and this is the feedback that we get from members and even veterans,” he added.

Now the spotlight is on Mukhriz since the deadline has expired today. Abdullah is still the PM, UMNO President and BN Chairman. He is poised to seek re-election in the next party election.

What is Mukhriz going to do?

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Anonymous said...

mukhriz should just sit back and not do anything.

It's not his popularily which is waning in Umno. It's Pak Lah's. And Pak Lah is not respected anymore by the grassroots. This can be seen in all his meetings with them recently.