Saturday, July 05, 2008

National Crisis

I am not in KL and was not able to update my blog regularly. But I have been thinking very hard about some of the problems, controversies, stunning allegations and issues besetting us and the nation in the last few days.

Today, at a lunch with a prominent retired politician we shared some of our concerns about the country.

Imagine, the P. Balasubramaniam's SD drama, the sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim and RPK's SD against Rosmah. These cases have created bad public perceptions against our national leaders.

Worse, many Malaysians are now confused and disappointed with politics in the country.

It stinks!

It is unfortunate that many of us have lost our trust in some key institutions in the country. Allegations of case tempering by judges, manipulations in police investigation and sensational involvements of political personalities in some of the most controversial cases are worrying. Together, they pose a great risk and challenge to Malaysia's credibility.

As Lim Kit Siang puts it, the P. Balasubramaniam's about turn is now making more people believing the his first SD. This is unfortunate. The more we wanted the public to gain access to real information and facts, the more confused they have become.

Is there law and order in the country? Is there transparency in our justice system? Is there a credibility gap or wedge between the people and the government? Can we correct our battered public image?

Governments around the world are focused on fighting inflation, social-economic challenges and other challenges including job creation but ours is busy with political assassinations and contestations.

We have had enough of all these nonsense. I have said that we demand all parties involved to come out clean on everything. It is disappointing to note that politicians, who wanted our mandate to rule, after getting the mandate are neglecting their responsibility.


Here, I share Wong Chun Wai, Marina Mahathir and other's call to "to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours."


Anonymous said...


Just take a pack of Ngan Hin Groundnuts and Salute brand Kopi O and watch this drama.

Alot of us has been waiting to see this happen, to break up UMNO the most damaging element in the country.

Let the dog fight the dog, get UMNO out of the political system and at the very least we have a chance to survive in the next 5 years.

Even better, would be to have the Agong declare the constitution void and we all can draft a new one where racist elements is out of the new constitution, then the country will be for once, correct the wrongs in the past 50+ years.

romerz said...

Dear Mr Khoo,

Unfortunately those who can see behind all these 'charades' are in the minority and we can huff and puff in blogs or coffee shop chats but are we willing to really step forward and make a difference?

The reality of it is that the majority of Malaysians don't know any better and hence the continued 'charades' from the actors.

We can demand till our faces turn blue but the thick-skinned actors knows that when push comes to shove, they can always rely on the masses who believes that whatever is said by a person of authority must be the truth!

For all its worth, here's my disgust; Poooooi!!!!

peng said...

We cannot trust our politicians, the police, the judiciary.
Then who else can we trust, the King?

Stevie said...

If there is one thing in life I hate most it is being told by people, whoever they are, what to do.

Every time it happens I will do the exact opposite.

I guess the reason why I hate it most is because, I take pride that I have a brain of my own.

I believe there are many people who are like me out there.

So you, Wong Chun Wai, Marina Mahathir and others of your herd, nothing personal, but STOP TELLING US WHAT TO DO!!!!

Anonymous said...

whats more disgusting is the rampant corruption perpetrated by the powers-that-be and their cronies hich have caused untold misery to the general public. and the mainstream papers become accomplices by covering up the vicious corruption. Port Klang Free Trade Zone is a classic example of insidious corruption and the STAR paper lied thru the teeth to protect its political masters, which is MCA.
Khoo, aint that more disgusting than all the political manouverings? and who is Wong of STAR paper to tell us whats disgusting.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon & Stevie,

Funny, you are getting very personal here with Wong. But I rather look at the merit of the issue. If you think the sodomy and murder allegations are not serious especially when these cases involved top politicians in this country what is serious to you?

For PKFZ, I agree that we must get to the bottom of the case. No cover will be tolerated.

If you do not like Wong, I am sure we can still agree on issues. This is a problem with Malaysians. We are too personal and personality centric.

So what do you want us to do? Continue being part of the melodrama and watch the nation going to the dogs?

Tell me what you wanted. If you have a bone to pick with Wong, visit

And you, Stevie, nothing personal too. Your response showed that you are not what you claimed - with lots of brain. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

SD against Rosmah..........this is no a new case. This 'allegation' has been going on for a while and RPK has proved his case come October. So, RPK's SD and subsequent SD by Bala are meant to lend support to the case. I believe this is a build-up to the eventual court hearing.

Sodomy against Anwar.......there are too many obvious twists-and-turns. Why there is a need for a dropout student to apply for a scholarship? To further his education overseas (since he could not make it locally)? If this is the "procedure" to apply scholarship, I strongly advise Malaysian high achievers (especially those with 8As and above) to approach Najib one by one to apply for scholarship. I am thinking for a same move for my PhD study...........

Jeremiah said...

Can We Love Our Political Rivals?- Malaysiakini

I completely agree with Prof Khoo. Msians should focus on the issues rather than the personalities, especially in these times of spin and lies, we must be careful not to overeact emotionally and be blinded from seeing the truth.

If only all of us can be guided by William Wilberforce.

Read here from my blog:

"Can our politicians and elected representatives regard their political rivals and fellow intellectuals with the same civility as Wilberforce? Between Anwar, Najib and Badawi, I think the latter is the most civil. Yet, he, among the three, is the one who needs most to step up the plate and provide some fresh intellectual solutions to this nation's crisis of ideas.

As for mere citizens like us: Ask not what your politicans can do for you, but ask what you can do for your family, friends and neighbours in this aspect of civility."