Monday, July 28, 2008

Qualified Doubt has a telling revelation: "No evidence of sodomy". There is no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was sodomised, according to the doctor who examined him four hours before he lodged a police report alleging he was sexually assaulted by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He first went to Hospital Pusrawi (Pusat Rawatan Islam) in Jalan Tun Razak - a government-linked Islamic medical institution - at about 2pm.

He was examined by Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the medical officer on duty.
The doctor said that the patient had alleged he was assaulted by the intrusion of a piece of "plastic" in the anus.

Mohamed Osman, according to his medical report which was recorded at 2.14pm, found "zero active bleeding", "zero ulcer or pus", "zero tear and scar" in Saiful's anus.

He also stated that Saiful appeared "alert", "comfortable", "not pale" and did not show any fever symptoms.

Now the doctor has gone missing.

Now, this revelation has created more questions. I am surprised that Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, PM Abdullah Badawi, Deputy PM Najib Razak and other senior BN leaders were not briefed in this medical report.

If no, why not? If yes, why are they still insisting that Anwar Ibrahim should undergo a DNA test? What is their motive in doing so?

With this medical report revealed, the BN government and the police will be hard pressed to come out with a proper explanation on this matter.

I have said in my previous article that Anwar, like other ordinary Malaysians, must be granted his constitutional rights to a fair trial and justice.

When will he get his?

Someone must, sooner or later, tell us the truth. Then, get on with governing the country.


Anonymous said...

We Malaysians are not fool to be fooled by the police or the Home Minister with regard to Anwar's sodomy case.Today's medical report of Saiful by the doctor exposed by RPK had implicated that there is a conspiracy going on either by the police or the government to bring down Anwar to become the future Prime Minister.The whole bunch of government lackeys are like a circle of clowns making a fool of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thank's Kay for the Update.The question's I would like to highlight's are 1)when did the alleged anal penetration occured ?(possibly a date or if the anal peneration is occuring more than once,when was last date it occured)
2)what was length of time between the last anal intercourse and the doctor's examination?(eg.2 months,one year or etc) If,such an anal intercourse did occur,after a considerable period of time the skin would grow back.if anal intercourse or any peneration involving large objects like dildo,is not conducted for a lengthy period of time,it's possible his anus would not reflect it.This information are crucial to actually make a conclusive assesment

Anonymous said...

now, the police and the accusers are going after the source of the leakage.
bala is missing. osman is mising. who else will go missing?
goodness, where is our sceurity and justice system?

Wizzerd said...

A case of making the police report first, then build the case therefrom.

However, the conspirators miscalculated the step involving the doctor. They simply thought that with their unholy might of money, police intimidation, they can get anyone to fabricate the report. The good doctor refused to do so, so they probably subject him to intimidation and threats to his and his family's life. That explains his disappearance!! How many more people is going to disappear, Bala disappears, Dr Mohd Osman disappears, Kol Buyong (C4 man) and his wife (ADC to Rosmah) never appear.

How about this...can we make the Prime Minister and whole half-past six Cabinet ministers disappear?

Then we talk about the first step towards good governance in this country.