Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Saiful's Dare

Saiful Bukhari claimed he is a victim. Now, he even challenged PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to solve the matter either through mubahalah (malediction) or take oath in front of ulamaks (religious figures).

In an e-mail sent to local TV station, Saiful said: “The truth will prevail. Falsehood will surely be exposed.”

He ended the e-mail by challenging Anwar to set the time and date to solve the matter through mubahalah.

“Just inform me of the time and date. I am not afraid to keep my promise,” he added.

For me, Saiful did not act like someone who can be easily manipulated or sexually abused against his will. He fights back and he would have done the same if an act so despicable was done to him against his will.

Now, his reaction begets more questions. I do not want to be judgemental but I am sure Saiful does not need the mubahalah to tell us the truth if he was violated against his will.

Tell us the whole truth. A challenge to take oath in front of religious figures is a mere political play.

Surely Saiful does not want to be 'violated' again, this time as a political pawn.

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim had lodged a report with the Federal Territory religious department against Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan for falsely accusing him of fornication. Anwar had filed a defamation suit against Saiful when he made the allegations against Anwar.

Saiful cannot act like a politician and claimed to be a victim.


voiceofpolitics said...

Is Saiful is a victim? Well, I have my reservations.

Had Saiful consented to the sodomy acts? If he did, then he is accomplice to the crime.

Don't we agree that?

At the moment, we only can address Saiful as complainant, because he is the one lodge the complaint.

Jeeivan said...

You have said it rightly.

From the way he responds and challenges a politician who has considerable influence over Malaysians is simply unbelievable. Though he is only 23, he has befriended people of high positions like ministers and deputy prime minister. With this amount of exposure and being an ex-student leader it is almost impossible he could be intimidated especially when someone is trying to sexually assault him. No, to me it simply can't be.
Apart from this the DPM described him as someone who was traumatized and his hand was so chill. How amazing is that?
Now he together with fiancé could be blogging and throwing open challenges to Anwar. This is why many of us who use our average intelligent brain to question the rational and purpose.

Accusing each other is one thing but making Malaysians bloody fools is something else which I don’t think we will condone..