Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Cheap Shot from Utusan Malaysia!

I was prompted by two readers on an article in Utusan Malaysia which quoted my phone interview with Astro:

Seorang penganalisis politik yang rapat dengan Gerakan, Khoo Kay Peng pula menyalahkan golongan muda berusia bawah 40 tahun yang dilihat cenderung untuk menyokong Anwar.

Golongan muda yang disifatkannya tidak mengenang jasa pemimpin negara pada masa silam yang telah banyak berbakti, katanya, menjadi punca kekalahan BN kali ini.

''Golongan muda terlalu taksub dengan Anwar. Mereka tidak ada ingatan masa silam terhadap apa yang dibuat oleh BN selama ini.

''Mereka lihat janji PKR untuk pembinaan negara. Mereka undi kerana terpengaruh dengan manifesto parti itu," katanya dalam temu bual program Analisis Pilihan Raya di Astro Awani malam ini.

Those who watched Astro Awani last night would have realised that this Malay chauvinist paper has made intentional misrepresentation in their article.

First, how can I be close to Gerakan when it was obvious that its Penang Legal Bureau chief had taken an injunction to stop my book launch and the case is still pending in court of appeal.

Second, how can I fault those under 40 years old for voting against the racist, corrupt and unreliable party?

I said that those under 40 years old have voted against racial politics. It is evident that these voters have placed nation building on a higher priority compared to communal interests. They wanted good governance, accountability and a non-corrupt government.

This is a cheap shot by a paper which is trying to misrepresent my views.

Shame on you! You did not even bother to call me up for my comments because you know that I would say I am ecstatic about the results. I have told my friends that the momentum for reform is steady and smooth and we are looking forward to get into the thick of things.

Shame of you again, UMNO mouthpiece!

Thanks for your prompt. I will not even bother to correct them. This is done intentionally and I can understand how Anwar feels when he was misquoted and misrepresented the same. In the end, truth will prevail.

I have send a feedback to Utusan Online editor and reminded him of his lack of editorial integrity.


Sarjan Tulang said...


i agree with you. even though i am malay, i feel shame on this matter.this idiot paper just don't learn. i feel sorry for you too. i watch your comment on Awani last night. that why i'm shock when this utusan meloya(what i call them) tell the wrong story.


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Thanks Sarjan,

They have no balls...cannot send them my feedback:

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Sarjan Tulang said...


this paper just don't know how to be a jurnalist/reporter. but i do suspect, they heard the true story, but the 'boss' just want make all malaysia people believe that is what your they have to obey their boss.
if i were you, i take legal action againts them. we have the prove, whoever listen to you last night, can be a witness. or take all 5 panel to be your witness.
for me, this government don't want to show to 'rakyat' they are weak. but they are!!!


Abi Ayyub said...

Yes I was very surprise when I read that part of the news from the paper that I did not buy, but make a habit of reading the headline until I saw that article.

Luckily, you corrected it, for sure I would have asked you why you of all people would have said that.

You must be famous for Utusan to consider your point even if it is not from you.

I wonder what they ge for lying all this while, it must have become a habit, and they tend to believe it to be true everyday.

PITY THEM .. we must

Pariah paper worse than toilet paper said...

Just don't read and buy Utusan Malaysia, they are not credible at all.

愚公移山 said...

I feel sorry to hear this but i am not surprise.

It is famous for distorting news and intentionally mispresent certain views for the sake of themselves.

It has lost its credibility and it is no longer a channel for news perhaps a breeding ground for hatred.


Anonymous said...

lack of editorial integrity? thought this applies only to bloggers? ha2, there you go aaign, BN.

amoker said...

Kay peng, I am equally disgusted. Have lodged my personal complain to Zainon ( Sun ) and Chun Wai ( Star). I am nobody but the news are so skewed.

Well, sue them and let them apologize. Serious, they wanted to teach bloggers ethics and this is a evident that it is the same for MSM. Double standards.

teikleechoo said...

The comment is already senseless... saying those below 40 year old "tidak mengenang budi".
Not sure what it had hoped to achieve by saying that, apart from tarnishing your image.

Other than that, would those under 40 years old suddenly remember the "bakti" from BN? Think not...

It is about being relevant. It doesn't matter if a party has contributed a lot to the country in the past.
Once it becomes corrupt and no longer able to contribute to the benefit of the people, the people has the right to vote them out.
If what has been done in the past can be used, then what is the point for election... BN can just appoint itself as "honarary government" for life!!

ihateidiots said...

I knew it something is so wrong with this paper. Not even sure if it should be called a newspaper anymore. All the stories they had were just fabrication. Mayve they are just too stupid to differentiate between news and fiction. Look at the quality of bahasa they use. I can find 100 students that can write better than them.