Sunday, August 03, 2008

What's Next?

A concerned panelist called me just moment ago to ask about the book development. Yes, it is not over yet.
Anil Netto's blog explains it all. We have been threatened with another legal action by the same party. (Picture courtesy of Anil)

However, a number of concerned parties including friends in the embassies, academic community and civil society organisations are very keen to discuss the future of non-sectarian politics in Malaysia.

After the forum in Penang, we have identified a few micro issues which must be addressed if we want to take a critical look at the state of our politics today. A number of us, pundits, are glad that the PAS-UMNO Malay-Muslim unity talk is grinding to a halt momentarily. But the roots of sectarian politics, both race and religion, are still strong and well entrenced.

Hence, it is important for the forum to explore what is desirable for the country. To borrow a phrase from a friend, what is viable alone may not be enough if we wanted to make this country a better place to live in.

We are planning another forum in Kuala Lumpur. So far, a few speakers have confirmed their participation including Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam of Transparency International and Centre of Public Policy Studies.
We would like to thank all who were present at the forum. Thanks for your support!

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