Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Will SAPP Be Sacked From BN?

I was asked by a Bernama reporter if SAPP will be sacked pending the BN's supreme council meeting to discuss the matter tomorrow.

Politically, it is not so simple. It is easier to suspend two members of parliament than to suspend a political party with just two MPs. The suspension or sacking of SAPP from BN will have a negative impact on the coalition especially in Sabah.

I told gave him three reasons:

1) SAPP has brought out issues which are pertinent to Sabahans. SAPP is facing criticism mainly from BN component parties' leaders but not Sabahans. On issues such as poverty, illegal migrants, lack of development, perceived political marginalisation of Sabah's rights and others are legitimate. Very few Sabahans disagree with Yong Teck Lee and his party.

2) A suspension of a party for raising issues will augur well for the image and perception that UMNO leaders would like to portray in BN. Already, all major non-UMNO component parties in BN were punished for allowing UMNO to dominate national politics and coalition. If SAPP is suspended or sacked, it will be seen as solely an UMNO decision with support from other helpless BN component parties. They might as well look elsewhere if continuously undermine by UMNO.

3) The upcoming Permatang Pauh by-election is not just a by-election. It will legitimize Anwar's leadership in PR. He will no longer be considered a de facto leader of the coalition but a legitimate opposition leader in the parliament. BN, at this moment, cannot allow for any crack to appear in the coalition and try to undermine SAPP's influence in Sabah by trying to address some of the state issues. It has already announced a RM50 million allocation to flush out illegal migrants from the state - an ardous task which might not be successful.

My take is there will not be an action taken against SAPP. Not yet.


Anonymous said...

I think it is a foregone conclusion that SAPP will not be sacked from BN.........

Anonymous said...

to the dot. no action taken as yet.

can the corrupt UMNO afford to lose even 2 MPs. It may cause a deluge.

thumbs up on your analysis. great one.