Friday, September 05, 2008

Penang UMNO Has Reached a Point of No Return

If you have watched Ahmad Ismail's press conference on the TV3 8pm news I am sure you will be feeling the same way like I am now. I feel even more offended now.

Ahmad has remained defiant and worse he has repeated what he said about Chinese Malaysians in his press conference. Ahmad said that he was referring to pre-independence reality when he said that Chinese Malaysians were mere squatters.

My question to him is why must he, a leader of the 21st century, still insist on looking backward and not forward? This is the main problem with a number of UMNO leaders. Why keep insisting on the pre-independence social contract when a society and a nation is supposed to develop and to grow closer?

What is there for Ahmad to achieve if he keep going back to the past and in the process keep our communities apart and divided with his sharp and insensitive remarks?

In his press conference, as usual, Ahmad blamed the press for misinterpreting his remarks. I heard what he said in his press conference. I do not doubt what was reported by the media. Ahmad should not try to find scapegoats for his own folly and arrogance. He has refused to apologize and even demanded that reporters are the ones who should make an apology for distorting his speech.

Whatever the context, reminding the Chinese community that their forefathers were squatters in this country is totally unacceptable. Ahmad should know better. Many Malaysians can trace their roots back to somewhere around the region. We are a mercantile society.

If UMNO leadership does not take a stern action against Ahmad, I am afraid the point of no return has been breached.

To the MCA and Gerakan leaders who had earlier accepted Najib's apology, this press conference is slap on their face.

Ahmad's press conference was attended by leaders of all 13 divisions in Penang. At the conference, there were many more Ahmad Ismails.

Reported in, other local Umno leaders such as state secretary Azhar Ibrahim, Bukit Mertajam division leader Musa Syeikh Fadzir and Bayan Baru division chief Mohd Zain Omar joined Ahmad to rap virtually everyone who objected to Ahmad’s rally speech.

Azhar blasted the relevant Sin Chiew Daily reporter as ‘idiotic’ saying that “the reporter and the newspaper should be held responsible for inciting racial hatred and conflict.”

Ahmad called Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon as a “great liar and opportunist”, and said Gerakan can always “get out from Barisan Nasional.”He even claimed BN would not have lost in Penang in the last general election if not for the incompetency of former Chief Minister Koh and Gerakan.

“We fully back Ahmad on this issue,” Musa told newsmen, rejecting outrightly Najib's apologetic gesture.

But the most intimidating threat came from former Bayan Lepas assemblyperson Mohd Zain, who warned “non-Malays to be extra careful with their deeds and words.”

“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.“We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.

Mohd Zain rapped Chinese and Hindus of “blowing up Muslim conversion issues out of proportion while at the same time, being quiet on Christianity conversion issues.

In another report from, Gerakan Vice-President and Bukit Bendera Chairman Teng Hock Nan has today issued an ultimatum - that the Gerakan Bukit Bendera division will “disassociate itself” from the Umno division chief if he continues to refuse to apologise for his allegedly racist remarks.

I am afraid now the party has to disassociate itself from the whole of Penang UMNO.


Anonymous said...

The sign is very clear, when UMNO is bankrupt of new ideas, they have and will always fall back on racial slur.

Umno's track record speaks for itself, this is the reason why Malaysian wants CHANGE starting from the last Tsunami.

The only reason and modus operandi is to stir racial sentiments to create a state of emergency so that they can cling on to power.

With this, I pray and hope that other Malaysian citizen will stay calm, cool and compose not to fall into the trap now set by Penang Umno. Let the law of gravity take its course.

Penang Kia

Abi Ayyub said...

Somebody is trying to rekindle something when they lose, since they do not get the support, they might be trying to make things worst by their words, and hopefully something nasty happen and voila .... another 69 ???

Hope not but everybody beware and be careful, there are indirect warning by everybody.

The real malays will not do this, only those that does not understand what being a malay is all about, but worst thing, they are not true muslim.

If at anytime, blame the person not the race and definitely not the religion.

romerz said...

These are a bunch of racist who no longer have the ability to dip their hands into Penang coffers hence their undignified retaliation.

Yes the point of no return has been breached!

If UMNO fails to take stern action on this latest arrogant racism, I'll be moving left of center in so far as my politics is concerned!

Not only that, I will use all my persuasive powers to convince as many as possible to do likewise!

Michael Sun said...

Ahmad Ismail's press conference has finally put the last nail into UMNO's coffin.

The days of the racist is now gone forever. Permatang Pauh will be recorded in Malaysia history to be the Waterloo of UMNO.

MCA, GERAKAN and the other non-UMNO Barisan parties should, if they still have the guts, leave Barisan Nasional once and for all.

That will leave UMNO alone - as a racist party and will be thrown into the dungeons of history.

Goodbye BN - the end.

Anonymous said...

I believe this racist Ahmad Ismail is trying to stir up a hornets' nest as UMNO is going to sink like the titanic ship.He must have the solid support from leaders of UMNO or maybe,the whole episode of Najib and Abdullah apologising to the Chinese is "sandiwara"

charis14 said...

"Ahmad Ismail's press conference has finally put the last nail into UMNO's coffin."

To be fair, let's give credit to Ahmad who is only being sincere in sticking to his belief. As a leader in UMNO, he cannot go against the party's tenet of belief - as demonstrated during their ceramahs and the BTN indoctrination sessions.

Since BTN has operated for many years, I believe there is a sizeable group of people who also believes in such doctrine. Hence, UMNO will continue to remain as a threat.

Let us use this opportunity to encourage colour blind professionals to 'jump'. Also, educate the real bumis that their piece of cake is being shared by the growing number of 'imported bumis'.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan should not only disassociate itself from the whole of Penang UMNO but also the national UMNO. There is only ONE UMNO! The fact that other UMNO divisions in Penang supporting Ahmand Ismail reaffirms our views that there are many racists within UMNO. I am not surprised that other UMNO division elsewhere would lend their support if 'they are called upon'.

Going back to history, we should be aware that most of our ancestors were coming from INDONESIA, CHINA and INDIA. In fact, many of our royal families are hailed from Jawa or have their root in Indonesia. Regardless of the history, we had become Malaysians after gaining independence from British.

Anonymous said...

MCA and Gerakan should leave BN and let UMNO have their days numbered.

Ahmad idiot has a very shallow mind..oops..maybe brainless. Can't really fault a spoilt kid to behave like that.

Anonymous said...

Message to Chinese component parties. UMNO have played the Chinese for too long, ans Ahmad Ismail's remarks speaks loudly. LEAVE BN OR THE CHINESE WILL LEAVE YOU!!!

Justin Choo said...

He is a Warlord of Penang UMNO.

Please read my blog, today's post " The Warlord".

Justin Choo said...

Latest from Malaysianinsider:

This sleepy head is beyond redemption. He is worst than a moron!!

GobloKing said...

I am going to gooleearth that retard all the countries populated by his so-called "squatters" ie the chinese so that he won't make the mistake of going there & "defiling" himself

He will find there is not even a hole left in the ground on which no Chinese has trodden ...or where they have not done their biz (definition of biz very varied here)

I am not implying that the chinese are so formidable, but he should know that even dogs when pushed to the wall will fight back

And I am 1 big BITCH!

kulitpisang said...

UMNO tak Rasis!

Ketua UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, didakwa berkata, orang Cina adalah pendatang yang menumpang di Malaysia dan oleh itu mereka boleh mengharap mendapat layanan sama rata.

Ini di petik dari laporan Kenyataan ini telah di bantah oleh UMNO sendiri sebagai bukan suara UMNO. Pemuda DAP (Dapsy) telah membuat laporan polis di Perak, Selangor, Melaka, Pulau Pinang dan Negeri Sembilan. Tindakan membuat laporan polis juga di buat oleh MCA dan Gerakan.

Datuk Ahmad Ismail memberitahu bahawa beliau tidak akan memohon maaf walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak telah berbuat demikian.

Sebaliknya, kata Ahmad, beliau tidak melakukan sebarang kesalahan.

Ini merupakan reaksi pertamanya sejak tercetusnya kontroversi itu minggu lalu, ekoran ceramahnya sewaktu pilihanraya kecil parlimen Permatang Pauh yang didakwa telah menyinggung perasaan masyarakat Cina negara ini.

Menurut Ahmad, beliau tidak berkata atau melakukan sebarang kesalahan, dan oleh itu, tiada sebab baginya untuk memohon maaf.

Katanya, beliau akan mengadakan sidang akhbar khas di bangunan Umno Pulau Pinang Sabtu ini berhubung isu tersebut.

Sidang akhbar itu akan diadakan selepas mesyuarat badan perhubungan Umno negeri yang akan dipengerusikan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Sambil menafikan bahawa kenyataannya itu berbaur perkauman, Ahmad berkata, beliau berkawan dengan orang Cina dan India sejak kecil lagi.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, beliau tidak pernah dan tidak akan menjadi seorang yang bersifat perkauman.

Ahmad turut mengecam laporan media yang menuduh beliau mengelak daripada bertemu dengan wartawan dan jurugambar yang menunggunya di luar balai polis Seberang Perai Pusat di Bandar Baru Perda sejak dua hari lalu.

“Saya tidak minta mereka tunggu. Jadi mengapa mereka tuduh saya lari dari mereka?” soalnya.

Ahmad telah memberi kenyataan di balai polis negeri di Georgetown malam tadi, ekoran beberapa laporan yang telah dibuat terhadapnya.

Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 4 (1)(B) Akta Hasutan 1948 yang membawa hukuman denda tidak lebih RM5,000 dan penjara minimum tiga tahun, atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Ahmad Ismail is so furious until he issue such a statement is because Koh Tsu Khoon, being the BN Chairman for Penang, failed miserably in the March 08 election and lost control of Penang state.

There goes the PORR, Monorail, PGCC and 2nd Penang bridge projects where UMNO goons stands to reap profit from these projects.

Imagine, multi millions worth of easy money escape your pocket because a change of gahmen ...

Ahmad Ismail is not racist, but corrupted, and he blamed Koh Tsu Khoon for all his missed 'business' opportunities

Anonymous said...

Tonite's newsflash of the defiant Azhar Ismail upping the ante by demanding the sacking of Gerakan from BN & his supporters tearing up a component party's chief's picture shows the collective arrogance accumulated all this years of being in power.
This is clearly a sign of a party on its death throes thanks to the antics of AHmad Ismail & its goons.