Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emergency Parliament Session

Anwar Ibrahim has upped the ante: "I have made a formal request to call for an emergency session in Parliament to debate a motion of no confidence against the leadership of Barisan Nasional not later than Sept 23."

He wanted the Parliament to be recalled not later than next Tuesday under the section 11(3) of the parliamentary rules. “The standing orders are quite clear. The PM has the authority to convene an emergency session. All he needs to do is inform the speaker."

“We have given the date for the emergency session. It makes no sense for an emergency session to be held next year. We expect the prime minister to respond.”

Malaysian Insider called it "a master stroke in buying time". The self-proclaimed insider news website opines that the latest action taken by Anwar will "GIVE him the time he needs to work the ground and try and persuade some MPs to abandon BN for Pakatan Rakyat."

It says, "Anwar has been meeting professionals, businessmen, a few former MPs and even members of some prominent Umno families in the past week asking them to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat. He has told a few of them that he has the numbers but was unwilling to share any names of the BN crossovers with them. Some of them have left the meetings - which have taken place at his home in Segambut or at the home of mutual friends - convinced that he does not have 31 BN MPs in his pocket. Others have been willing to give him the benefit of doubt."

Given the website's insider network and connection, it should advice PM Abdullah to accept Anwar's request to convene a special parliament session to debate on the premier's government.
If Anwar is really calling a bluff, this will be a golden opportunity to nail him. Why would Abdullah want to be continuously taunted of being afraid to face his own parliamentarians? It cannot be a master stroke if Abdullah does not allow it to happen and if the PM is convinced of his own support base. Worse, by not responding to the request he is inviting more speculations and rumours. The ball is clearly in his court.

Using the ISA against Anwar should not be an option at all. The government will be accused of trying to hold on to power through sheer brute force.

In a democratic system, such pressure should be expected from a strong opposition. Abdullah and especially Syed Hamid Albar should not even think of using ISA as an option to contain a surging Anwar.

Those who can't take the heat should stay out of the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Blur-blur does not has the balls!!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, whether you like Anwar or not, will he be a savior to Malaysia, is Malaysia going to be better off with him, are not even the questions. Opportunity like this happens in countries like ours probably only once in a blue moon. If Anwar were to get arrested under the ISA, and Badawi is getting away from this whole episode. We can kiss the whole
country goodbye, including democracy. On the other hand, if Anwar were to succeed (assuming he has the numbers), democracy will be alive and well. The implication of this whole episode is not just power struggle between two people, it is much higher and important than most people seem to realise. Either way we are sending a message to all which direction we are heading.

This is more significant than even the Merdeka from the British, it is a whole new chapter for the country. I surely hope Anwar suceeds.

Anonymous said...

Chickened out! Running away from reality...........but how long can Badawi delaying the problems he is facing?

Anonymous said...

You know...old time China's “孙子兵法“ "MILITARY STRATEGY OF SOON"...if enemy not move..I also don't move..when enemy intent to move...I will move first!!!...ISA is the best weapon for all!!

Wizzerd said...

That nincompoop PM scoffs at Anwar regarding the crossover issue but he has no guts to even meet Anwar.

He can belittle, ridicule and taunt behind his microphones but when it comes to man to man talk, he is chicken shit!

Remember what he said before the Bersih march, "Saya pantang dicabar" Well..what about now, Mr PM?

Showing his true colours, he is biggest yellow-belly PM known to Malaysians.