Sunday, September 07, 2008

Let Them Sink!

It is clear now that some warlords in UMNO, especially Ahmad Ismail and his colleagues in Penang UMNO, have started the war cry to put this country into a social chaos judging from their statements.

If Ahmad is sincere in defending his statement he does not have to incite the sentiments of Malay groups and individuals around the country. What he has to do is to sue the reporter and newspaper which allegedly misreported him.

Instead, when contacted by Malaysiakini, Ahmad said those who supported him consist of professionals, top academicians, politicians, civil movements, relatives and friends.

“They were flabbergasted with the emerging threats against Malay rights and privileges,” he said.

"I am surprised with the unexpected overwhelming support I had received from Malay-Muslims across the country. It seems Malays have kept back their disgruntlement for far too long and my issue had evoked their sentiments.

“It is going to be a major issue now,” cautioned Ahmad.

I support Malik's call: "I think we should leave Ahmad Ismail and his merry men to do what it is they do best; reinforce the choices voters made on March 8th when they decided to hand over Penang to the Pakatan Rakyat".

In this episode, it has proven that PM Abdullah Badawi is not capable to perform out of our expectation. Abdullah told the press Ahmad's explanations that what he said was "historical fact" and that his remarks had been misinterpreted.
"As the Bukit Bendera division head, he has been supporting non-Umno candidates in the constituency, so that shows that he is not racist," said Abdullah, while flanked by all the division heads who attended the meeting, including Ahmad.

This is the most ingenous and insensitive justification made by Abdullah in his defence of Ahmad Ismail. It does not matter even if Ahmad and his buddies were to tear down our fragile interethnic relationship especially with such a statement made by Azhar Ibrahim - he is probably going all out to outdo Ahmad.

Penang Umno secretary Azhar Ibrahim has stood by his call for the Sin Chew reporter in question to “be shot” should a May 13-type racial riot breaks out. It is outdated for Azhar to use the May 13 threat. All over the world, right minded and courageous journalists' safety and life are being threatened by people like Azhar.

On the 8th March, Malaysians especially Penangites had shown to the world their maturity to stay out of trouble and to allow the process of democracy to take its course. We will do the same again to ensure that the likes of Ahmad and Azhar will not succeed in their bid to create another social strife.

I believe we must stop all these nonsense. We should not continue to ask top leaders from Gerakan and MCA to pull their respective party out from BN. Let them be where they are now. If the ship is sinking, right thinking people will dive out and look for life boats to save themselves.

Just let them drift away quietly and become footnotes in our nation's history.

It is time for us now to usher in a New Malaysia. There's so much to do if we are to change our future and fortune.

Our future does not have to stay this way - Bleak. We can and we will change our destiny. Let us, regardless of race and religion, work together to make this nation successful if you still love this country.
For the likes of Ahmad Ismail, Azhar Ibrahim and a few more who supported them we should know what to do when comes the next general election.


Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ismail has come to fan the racial card because Pak Lah has already lost support from the whole division of Penang.Infact,UMNO has lost confidence in his leadership or else the incident would not occur.Why now Pak lah dare not take action against this defiant and arrogant Ahmad Ismail?It is a disgrace for a leader who reprimanded somebody and yet the culprit fought back.What a weakling he is and it is better for him to quit now as the PM or else his plan in two years time would be short-lived.

Anonymous said...

For the likes of Ahmad Ismail, Azhar Ibrahim and a few more who supported them we should know what to do when comes the next general election.
Hmmmm...... easier said than done?

Anonymous said...

It's blatant disregard for the law and abused of the highest order.

When everyone sees it as a seditious statement and threat, it's only UMNO/BN that will support such people in order to hang on to power.

Looks like the whole government apparatus is sleeping and snoring like their boss.

GOD bless Malaysia.

Penang Kia

charis14 said...

Agree with your article. Let Gerakan & MCA stay on in BN. This party should be allowed to serve racists and those with personal interests. In the meantime, PKR and DAP should put in effort to reach out to their members and politicians who are committed to serving the nation.

Anonymous said...


MCA and Gerakan will stay regardless if more ahmads and azhar surface and show their side of racism. there's too much to lose;the position, the contracts, taking over public land for a song and the gravy train.
its up to the members to wake up from their slumber. leave in droves and hollowed out the parties, and you rightly put it, both parties will become footnotes.

Zaitun 68 said...

It will be good to keep a record/dossier of such people - what they did, what they said.

Then when the next GE comes around all this information should be republished to refresh the voters memory. This is because most people have short memories what with the stresses and demands of daily living the actions/words of wicked people do tend to slip the mind.

But when voters are reminded of such things during the election period, they will be able to decide whom to give their vote to and whom to reject.