Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now the Police Turn

Deputy police chief Ismail Omar today issued a stern warning against those speculating and spreading rumours of a government takeover.

These speculations are causing instability in the country, he told a special press conference at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman this afternoon.

Earlier, Army Chief General Abdul Aziz Zainal called for "stern action" against those inciting racial conflict in the multicultural country, after the government warned tensions were rising.

Today, Ismail Omar warned “The irresponsible rumours have been spread through certain media organisations, short text messaging system (SMS), blogs and internet websites.These irresponsible people have spread rumours that there will be takeover of the government (by opposition).

Is Ismail jumping the gun by sweeping Anwar's claims as irresponsible rumours? Perhaps, PM Abdullah should grant Anwar's request for a special parliament session to help reveal the truth and 'kill off' Anwar's ambition once and for all.

Ismail should be reminded that political rumours and speculations happen in all thriving democracies. In fact, not only oppositions are raising claims about their new found popularity. Veterans such as ex-premier Dr Mahathir are calling for PM Abdullah to be toppled almost daily. His recent call for both MCA and Gerakan to work together with UMNO to topple PM Abdullah is one example.

Ismail said "Everything is as usual and under control and the public can continue on with their lives without worries or fear. The security of the country is stable." Yes, we agree with him. So, my advice to Ismail is to stop sounding like a UMNO politician. Leave politics to the politicians.

He should be more worried about rising crime in the country. Recently, a 16 year old school girl was abducted and murdered. Deteriorating public safety is real, not mere rumours. This is an area which requires undivided police attention.


Anonymous said...

The police dare not face armed robbers or criminals with weapons. They just dare to nab innocent public for spreading so-called 'rumors'.

Rumors should be treated as rumors. If the public can believe in 'rumors', then the government should convince the public otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I think DIG Ismail has several problems now. By going with the politicians on the ISA move, (hoping to win favour for his career move)

(a) he is now blamed for the fiasco
(2) he has lost the credibility to
advise the people

I am afraid he has to earn the respect before people will listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The police should concentrate on crime prevention instead of wasting resourse on arresting the innocent reporter under ISA. According to the Home Minister, the arrrest of the reporter is initiated by the police and not the HM