Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gerakan Referendum

Dr Hsu Dar Ren, a division leader of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia, has thrown down a gaunlet. He wants the party leadership to hold a referendum to find out if its delegates want to leave or stay in BN.

His reasons:

"It is clear from these two cases (resignation of Zaid Ibrahim and Ahmad Ismail racist slurs) that reforming Umno will be an almost impossible task. Bearing in mind that ex-Gerakan president Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik recently said that the party is like a beggar inside the coalition, and that an ex-MCA vice president said MCA is like a slave, it is clear that the master is not going to listen to the slave or the beggar no matter how much they slog or beg."

"So why are they still staying on? Is it for ideological reasons? For MCA, being a race-based party, staying in a race-based coalition would not be too much of a clash with their ideology. But for Gerakan, how are the leaders going to reconcile their own calls to the members to go back to promoting a "non-racial, fair and equitable society" by remaining in BN? It is rather hypocritical to sing one tune while dancing to another."

What is the good doctor going to do if the party leadership refuses to listen to his call?

He said:

"So far, Gerakan leaders have not decided on calling for a referendum, which they think unsuitable at the moment because the delegates may be too emotional. This sort of thinking will not go down well with the grassroots, who are matured enough to know what is good and bad, not only for the party, but, more importantly, for the people and the country."

"Many of them are already talking about an indirect way of getting the message across if a referendum is not allowed. One indirect way is, of course, to have someone contest against the top leader and, if that someone manages to get a sizeable percentage of votes, it would be a very strong signal that most members want Gerakan out of BN."

Since there is an obvious conflicting statements between Dr Lim Keng Yaik and other leaders in the party, I believe a referendum is the best way for the party to feel the pulse of its grassroots. Any leadership which does not listen to its grassroots will eventually be thrown out.

So, it looks like Gerakan delegates will get a final chance to decide their party's future - to stay in BN and experience a trip into oblivion or take the SAPP way to autonomous. SAPP's President Yong Teck Lee announced enthusiastically, "We are finally free from BN!". It has opened a new chapter for his party.


Anonymous said...

Gerakan ground roots should petition an ememrgency meeting to discuss this issue. Failing which a meeting can be held to pass a vote of no confidence on Koh Tsu Koon.


Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon and his goons....constant denial. Gerakan will be nothing without their grassroots

Anonymous said...

There is no better time for Gerakan to remove themselves from BN coaliation than now base on the reasons below:

1)If you severe ties with UMNO Penang branch, you severe the ties at the federal level as well. They are the same party, you can't severe the ties with one while not the other, it just make no sense.
2)Gerakan didn't do too well during the March 2008 election. With the recent events happening in Penang, there is no way the Gerakan will do better in the next election if they are still in the BN coaliation. Think about it. They are probably better off being an independent party.
3)It is time to revamp the party. Not long ago Gerakan was calling for all political parties to be non race related. By being part of the coaliation, they are again saying one thing, but with the opposite actions. Remember, most of the BN component parties are race based. Gerakan should distance themselves away from that if they were to gain any credibility.
4)No other party has lost so many top level capable leaders after the March 2008 election. It is time to reflect what went wrong. By starting all over again is not really such a bad idea.
5)Nothing to lose. With so little at stack in terms of chosen representatives in the government, there is really not much to lose anyway.
6)By still staying with the ruling government, basically Gerakan, and all other coaliation parties are agreeing on the recent ISA events. Whether Gerakan likes it or not, it sure looks that way to most of the citizens.
7)Gerakan does not have to joing PR after leaving BN. In fact it is better that way. If ever there is going to be a two party system in this country, it may very well be PR and Gerakan. All other race based parties will turn obsolete in times to come. By being one now Gerakan will be moving a few steps ahead of other. It would be such a bad idea.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Is it desperate time now? You bet!

Anonymous said...

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That's what GERAKAN reminds me of!
Damm pathetic...!


Anonymous said...

Gerakan,like MCA, is fast becoming an obselete political party.

Their leaders are gutless becoz they are so afraid to offend 'the spirit of BN' and get cowed by the attacks of certain UMNO people.

What hopeless bunch of so-called leaders!!

Wizzerd said...

Koh Tsu Koon and his gang had their umbillical cords attached to UMNO. Severing that life sustaining device would lead to immediate demise of their political fortunes. Never mind about the Gerakan, the party which is bleeding to a slow and painful death.
History will remember these culprits as the ones who murdered their own party for their own selfish agenda.