Friday, September 12, 2008

Repeal and Reject the Use of ISA

Yesterday, I was asked by a reporter from Oriental Daily if I support the use of Internal Security Act against Ahmad Ismail. My answer was no, there are other criminal instigation laws which be used against Ahmad and he should be allowed to defend himself.

My position on the use of ISA against Raja Petra, the popular blogger of Malaysia Today, is the same. The government, at any point in time, should refrain from using this draconian piece of legislation to detain political opponents.

Raja Petra was charged with sedition in May for allegedly implying the deputy prime minister was involved in the killing of a young Mongolian woman. His trial is scheduled to start next month. There are several other cases against him. Let him defend himself. As a working democracy, even the most serious law offenders deserve their right to be defended and to be heard.
There is no possibility of justice in ISA.

ISA is a detention without trial and it should not be used against Raja Petra. The government owes us an explanation on why the ISA is used against a blogger. As a member of the international community, Malaysia must demonstrate its willingness to comply with the international convention.

We must firmly reject the use of this draconian legislation. If not, we should REJECT the Barisan Nasional forever.


romerz said...

Have you lost the plot PM Badawi?

Anonymous said...

Real men confront problem. Cowards hide behind ISA.

amoker said...

Same concept with "if i can't make sense, i beat you senseless". If government has evidence and proofs, it will use the other law. Hiding behind ISA, with double standard execution is baffling.

Anonymous said...

Can the Rakyat use ISA to detain our leaders? Indeed, our leaders are the hidden hands to threaten our national security!