Friday, September 19, 2008

Teresa Kok Released From ISA

I met Teresa Kok a number of years ago at a foreign embassy's function. She was a second term MP at that time. While talking, she gave me her name card and told me to call her anytime if I needed any assistance. This is the real Teresa, ever willing to assist.

Today, I was asked about her release after barely serving a third of her original detention period. I told a reporter friend it shows the government has jumped the gun in arresting her. Shouldn't they complete their investigation first before detaining her?

The use of ISA against Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and sassy MP Teresa Kok has trivialised the legislation which should not have existed in the first place. This is a piece of colonial relic which is both draconian and unsuitable for any democracy. Hence, by releasing Teresa early the government has nothing positive to prove. The damage is already done.

Zaid's parting words as the de facto law minister are damning. He said that he was facing serious problems in making them to understand the need to be fair and just to all. He was spot on. While Tan, Teresa and RPK were detained last friday, real perpetrators such as Ahmad Ismail, Azhar Ibrahim, Khir Toyo and several others were walking free. Utusan Malaysia, a culprit in Teresa's detention, was not cautioned but three other newspapers were given a show cause letter each.

This is selective persecution. More harsh, it is bullying. Leaders of a certain political party have lost any moral sense to continue leading this country. Despite some serious defeats inflicted on a coalition led by them, there is no evidence of some serious soul searching.

Ex-leaders such as Dr Mahathir is not contributing anything positive to the country despite his relentless attacks on PM Abdullah Badawi. He said the country will be alright once Abdullah steps down. Unfortunately, thousands were bought by his revenge laced words.

We are suffering from the behaviour, attitude and mindset of politicians who are trapped in their own time warp. In fact, Abdullah himself is a victim. He cannot control this bunch of politicians. This speaks of his leadership ability. No thanks to Dr M, Abdullah's legacy is now tainted by his ex-boss. He could have been remembered as a Mr Nice guy or a moderate ex-minister of foreign affairs.

This is the kind of attitude and mindset that we want change. Not just Abdullah Badawi. Can Dr M cronies deliver that? We do not want a repeat of Mahathirism.

Hence, I SUPPORT Teresa Kok's intention to SUE the government for her illegal detention. I hope Tan Hoon Cheng can do the same as well. Don't stop at the government, sue those individuals involved too including the ridiculous Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar who seriously need a refresher course on 101 Basic Laws for Dummies.

Syed Hamid should refrain himself from looking at another silly proposal of Race Relations Act proposed by another out of touch minister. Both of them should keep the act to themselves and stop troubling us with another silly suggestion. Can you legislate race relations without first dismantle race based politics?

Both of them should first declare illegal their respective party.


toolan said...

Basically it boils down to incompetent people at the top level....very simple, these people need to "go" and we the rakyat must be "smarter" now to choose our leaders.....
The people must first get rid of their "never mind" and "don't cause trouble" attitude first!

Anonymous said...

al-blur said he doesnt know. ktk puke again. waiting for mca to shoot its own foot.
thanks BN.

Anonymous said...

i write with deep anguish after reading about teresa's 7 days in defies any absolute logic whatsoever and yet the utusan reporter had the audacity to ask teresa take the lie detector test.i m stumped.!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of leader we are having now. His President refuse to call a Parliament emergency session and he asked DSAI to march to the parliament. To do what ? Have PRK meeting in parliament ?

Anonymous said...

BN is committing suicide!

ISA = Investigate Subsequent (to) Arrest!

Just sapu everyone into jail before building up a case against them. Malaysia's ISA drama is closely watch by international community and it has been proven to be funnier than Mr. Bean's movies! Foreigners cannot stop from laughing at us!

Anonymous said...

yup, sue the al-blur. sure, he will hide behind the skirt of his ministry. i thought nazri was bad but this guy is miles ahead in terms of stupidity. no wonder, this fella and his gang promotes racism to hide his stupidity and inferiority complex.
Zaid, I can understand why you leave. at least, look on the positive side of it, Zaid; you dont have to mix around with such a dunce.