Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lonely Tan Lian Hoe

Gerakan Women's Chief Tan Lian Hoe cuts a lonely figure in parliament. She was humiliated today by the rowdy Sri Gading MP Mohamad Aziz who told her that the episode of her speech touching on Malays as immigrants from Nusantara is not yet over.

A police report against the Deputy Information Minister was lodged at the Cheras district police headquarters by Young Malay Graduates Pro-tem Committee president Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz on her statement.

Tan had mentioned that the three main races in Malaysia had come from the Malay Archipelago, China and India.

"Although the statement is historically correct, the general conclusion makes it seem that the Malays should be equally treated as the Chinese and Indians and there is no need for the Malays to have any special privileges."

"It is not right of Tan to make such a statement in her speech, and her remarks can stir up religious tension."

Khairul is showing us a prime example why some graduates are unemployable. Being a Malay nationalist and probably a UMNO sympathizer, I can understand Khairul's sentiment and anger.

But I cannot fathom his logic. If Tan is historically correct, she cannot be intellectually wrong. As a graduate, Khairul cannot accept and respect history but he expected others to accept the social contract as a historical fact.

A few months ago, at the Malaysian Youth Leaders Forum, I shared the same podium with the eminent Royal Professor Ungku Aziz who said there was no social contract. It was merely politicians mind game. Did Khairul or any UMNO members lodge a report against the academician?

Finally, I cannot understand how Tan's speech can stroke religious sentiment? Khairul's mumbling and bumbling suggests that he might have to go back to school again.

Sadly, Tan is a lonely voice. Helpless and overawed by her racist siblings in parliament. Where are big brother Koh Tsu Koon, new youth chief Lim Si Pin and others?


Julian said...

Prime example of the products of local varsities. Whilst in it, students are taught only to side with the government - always correct, always infallible.

The you'd get the BTN, supposedly to build up the nation but then they'd show you how the social contract is unquestionable and may lead to another May 13 if not uphold.

It's not so much of contracts here but rather the way one thinks: always chauvinistic, always condescending. What is history to them? History, in Malaysia at least, could be told in a diluted form as well as in its modified version.

Sadly, I am a lonely voice too. The majority are either too afraid to speak up or too stupid to grasp logic.

Anonymous said...


let them investigate. see what action will they take. if she has to face the wrath, then it makes it only clearer that different rules apply and UMNO membersare above the law. Remember Ahmad incident?
oh, it only makes it more difficult to stay in the coalition if any action is taken against her.
My two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Tan should stand firm on her comment as it is based on historical facts.

This moron Mohd Khairul Azam is the culprit that is stirring racial sentiments, not Tan. It was his own conclusion that Malay privileges were being questioned and his own assumption that Tan's remarks could stir religious tension. These thoughts were not mentioned in Tan's speech at all.
Mohd Khairul is just a lowly politikus trying to fast-track his rise in UMNO.

In the Malaysian Youth Leaders Forum, Royal Prof.Ungku Aziz mentioned this statement with regards to 'special previliges':
“There is no such thing as [a] social contract”, and that the social contract is “a fantasy created by politicians of all sorts of colours depending on their interest”. According to the same report, he also stated that the social contract “should rightly be called an ‘economic contract’ to justify affirmative action in areas of education and health for groups that needed it the most”.

The desertion of Tan by the so-called leaders of Gerakan only shows how "chicken" they are when they should be standing behind her on this issue.

The actions of Gerakan leaders just reinforces the claim that they are spineless lackeys of BN that does not deserve any support from the people of Penang.

4942 Jalan Bangau said...

When Ahmad Ismail said the same thing about the Chinese immigrant, all Malaysian Chinese became mad and rallied to attack him.

But now, instead of attacking this Lian Hoe furiously like what you guys demonstrate previously, you guys back up what this lady said.

Basically what Ahmad and Lian Hoe was saying is the same thing but you guys choose to treat the issue differently!

Well, now we can conclude that who is the racist!

Mr. Smith said...

This is an example of a blatant display of blind arrogance of a minority from UMNO or those align to it.
They go on a rampage, run berserk and rave over trivial issues as though their entire race has been trampled and rights taken away.
They find it convenient to bully non-Malays, especially women, even over innocuous comments.
Surprisingly, the eunuchs in MCA and Gerakan rarely come forth to defend their sisters.
An admission of their inferior position in BN.
What a shame?

Anonymous said...

do you guys know what is history?
It should read "His-story". That's why you can write it whichever way you want it!

Anonymous said...

where are lady mps of PKR?

Leithaisor said...

May I know the source for the disturbing statement which you attributed to Mohd Khairul Azam viz:

"Although the statement is historically correct, the general
conclusion makes it seem that the Malays should be equally
treated as the Chinese and Indians and there is no need for
the Malays to have any special privileges."

I tried searching online newsites for it as well as Googling, but the reports I came across did not have that statement.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Link to the NST article provided.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Jalan Bangau,

But we did not demand to be treated special unlike Ahmad Ismail whose parents came from Kerala.

We did call the Malays Jews.

We did not threaten you with our Chinese sword.

We just ask for equality as fellow Malaysians.

Too much for you?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Sorry..did NOT call the Malays Jews

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


alvin lee said...

MCA and MIC, where the hell are you all-lah???????

Anonymous said...

That is the quality of graduates we have. The slightest opportunity with selfish interest, he will jump to score point.
Sorry friend, he is not the only one, many more be it Malays, Chinese and Indians as long as they belong to BN.
Sorry for that Gerakan reps, but if she was politically motivated trying to score points, then she deserves to be isolated by her own political kind.But if she is sincere, then about time to say good bye make a move for CHANGE.

Penang Tionghua said...

The Chinese has a saying, "Between a scholar and a soldier, reasoning never ends."

Logic = illogic and vice-versa.

And someone wants to reform another from within. Hey, he makes people laugh to incontinence. Believe he is reforming his way to the Upper House. Everyone knows his agenda.

TLH should do a 2Q review on her position. Else, she will be a misfit and a misfortune to herself. Alone and "crying in wilderness."

Penang Tionghua said...

Anon (10:53): There are many ladies among the crowd, but the time was not for fighting women's cause, therefore the question of support does not arise. Hence, individual lady should adhere to and support their parties' agenda. They have to keep quiet and watch the opera.

Anonymous said...

alvin lee

MCA and Gerakan, where are you?

As usual, cant find them. Gee, during the just ended election, they thump their chest and say ISA must be revealed or repealed.
Now comes the test. DAP is initiating a motion for a debate on ISA. its not even tabling for a repeal! How many from BN is supporting the motion? ONE, thats all.
I ask you the same question now, Alvin Lee. Where's MCA and Gerakan?

Anonymous said...

A pity leaders like Stephen Doss and Tan Keng Lian didn't make it in the last Gerakan elections...the present leadership just doesn't have the balls...

Anonymous said...

She deserved to be in this shit because her Beggar Party aka Ball Carrier party chose to stick with BN-Umno. With the "Third Force", do you think Umno will dare act so arrogantly?

Anonymous said...

"It is not right of Tan to make such a statement in her speech, and her remarks can stir up religious tension."

I hope there is no mistake in this quote but this is exactly the level of intellect from UMNOputras. Race and religion are seperate, but to them it's not. Such an insult to religions.

Saiful Bukhari is one good example of the new generation of UMNOputras. Being in local university is more about politics than to acquire skills for the working world. And then they kick up a fuss by saying that they are unemployed. Worse, they blamed non-malays for not hiring them. This is stroking "racial unrest", not "religious tension".

Anonymous said...

Malay sultan say malay contract got what. so china can go home if u cannot accept social contract

Witty Hanafee said...

do you believe everything you read in a newspaper article???? because if you do then you might wanna brush up on that... Firstly the NST quote was wrong. I was there when he was being interviewed... he said what had got to him was the fact that the statement was made to show equality between the races and by the therefore non of the races should be given any form of advantage. I was not there in support of Khairul Azam. But i do think that if after what was said by Ahmad Ismail was not used as a lesson to ALL leaders then that leader has already stirred a problem. We just do not talk about it. Period. You saw a member of BN being condemned due to his remarks. So why on earth would you make a remark that would have a possibility of being raised as an issue??? I think it was careless on Lian Hoe's part. If she had learnt anything she would have said "No comment".....

By the way.... khairul Aziz is not an unemployable graduate of UKM. As a matter a fact he has his own practice which he established after he quit from a government job.

Now---- I have never been comfortable weighing my views of this..... but here goes... When Ahmad Ismail said what he said... the malays said sorry.... but when a non-malay implies that malays should not be given special rights and be treated like others (and believe me that was his interpretation and that is what she meant) it is only fair that you expect this sort of reaction. Some malays are already angered by the way Ahmad Ismail were publicly crucified did you really think they wouldnt start to be more cautious and less forgiving this time around.... Remember Karpal Singh too once shouted an obscene word in reference to the Malay race.

Im just reminding the very foundation of a blogger to be non-biased... to be non-biased... its seems youve strayed a little too far from the middle line my friend... a bit judgemental arent we????

p/s - I dont usually comment on these matters as it tends to make one seem bias... however.. the info i had was given in the spirit of sharing and non-judgemental...

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Witty hanafee,

You claimed to be non-biased and you lectured me for not being one. You said it is unacceptable for the Malays to be told to expect equal treatment for all Malaysians. Yes, they will get angry and might not be that forgiving.

These statements do not present you as being unbiased. For once, you did not stop to think that giving special privileges to all Malays is not what the constitution intended. This action makes the Malays more superior than others. Yes, rightly it becomes special rights/status. This is the problem here.

Aren't you not bias to imply that a rich Malay is more deserving of help/contract/scholarship etc compared to a poor Penan?

You cannot trust the NST. I do not fault you on this. If he is misquoted, then it is his duty to correct the newspaper. Even his original statement is factually problematic.

If Karpal shouted obscene word, take him to task. Why put it under the non-Malay account? I did not vote for him. He does not represent me.

You have to be reminded of your own conscience to be fair and just as a human being. I was a student of Islamic history. Islam does not condone race affirmative action. The religion protects the minorities and weak. I can agree with this. You?

Anonymous said...

Are we actually talking about the "same" President of GGMM here? I mean "MOHD KHAIRUL AZAM ABDUL AZIZ". Coz if you go over to the blog of GGMM

And realise that how the blogger called upon Chinese as "Cina Babi", Indians as "Keling Biawak", and whoever Malay who speak English, as "Melayu Bangsat"...

I seriously have doubt on this lawyer cum president of GGMM.

To me, I think he needs URGENT PSYCHIATRIC treatment for grandiosity and paranoid delusion!

Anonymous said...

Who is rascist, aren't you guys who are racists. You guys use everything to make sure you guys get benefit. Now you believe Malays are not entitled for the privilges because they came from malay archipelago so you have the same right. How about when we Muslim want to implement Islamic Laws which have nothing to do with you guys? Why do you guys have to prevent us to have our right? You want your right but you prevent others from their right? Isn't that mischievous? Isn't that not sincere? Isn't that means you guys are seflish?

Do not lie to us. We know about your insincerity.

If you are really sincere, say in your blog that you support islamic laws because muslim has the right to practise their religion.

Do not just fight for your right, fight for other people right or at least respect their right. Otherwise no other word can best describe you other than a racist.