Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mindset Change

I read with great amusement the story on the controversy over the renaming of Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora by Kuala Lumpur City Hall. The reason given by Datuk Bandar Ab Hakim Borhan is equally amusing. He wants to change the image of Jalan Alor. The road opposite the Bukit Bintang Plaza is a famous tourist spot for both local and foreign tourists.

Jalan Alor’s name was changed at the request of the National Economic Action Council following decisions made in its exco meeting. With regard to that, DBKL’s Road Naming Committee concluded in its meeting that the name of Jalan Alor be changed to Jalan Kejora to go with other roads in the vicinity named after the stars. The change is also to meet requirements under the road naming guidelines.

I find it odd for the NEAC to focus on such menial work as renaming street names. I wonder if by doing so the council can help to double the revenue of traders and hawkers doing business there. Moreover, if the DBKL can afford time and resources to set up a Road Naming Committee I am sure more can be done to clean up the city, ensure better safety, reduce traffic jam through better enforcement on illegal parking and others.

By renaming the famous road after a star, the local authority is killing its star attraction. I am surprised the mayor is more superstitious than many Chinese parents. My parents did alter my last name. I still have to slough for my bowl of rice.

If a change of name can do wonders, we should rename UMNO as Parti Bersih Cekap Amanah. What about Dewan Pakai Otak for DBKL?

We need a mindset change. Otherwise, this country will remain all about forms and not substance.

What's worse, some of these government bodies are spending millions of ringgit on study trips abroad each but none of these trips made them any wiser. Similarly, many politicians have travelled abroad on investment missions but how much have they managed to attract into the country?

To attract investment, we must first put our own house in order. Petty squabbles over race, rights and religion make us an international laughing stock. These low class antics have defeated any serious efforts overseas to sell Malaysia as an international investment and business hub.


Beef Stew said...

It might be a petty squabbles but it's a no harm try for instigation among us. They are waiting for us to "amok".

So to whom it might be targeted (you know, I know lah), don't get angry. You angry, they happy.

clearwater said...

We all know our political leaders and their civil servant minions need a mindset change but how is it to be accomplished? The inept and insecure hire those even less capable than themselves to maintain the status quo. The decay has gone too deep. We are heading towards a bleak future and feel powerless to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

the top rodden in DBKL spent RM1.0 million for travels in one year;of which one trip cost taxpayers RM300,000. guess, its first class all the way with 6 star hotel and 1,000 euro a meal and escorts thrown in. if not, how to spend RM300,000 in one trip. may be there was an entourage of ego and ball carriers.
What have we got in return. Big deal, one of which is changing of street names. Oh, you are right, Khoo guess the NEAC has so much free time to even get involved in naming of streets. Whats in a name, anyway DBKL?