Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama or McCain? What the Pundits Say...

Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. who is the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association and co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, predicts Obama's overwhelming victory. Yes, this is the commission which organises the presidential and vice-presidential debates. He has conducted 22 of them ever since.
Another prominent personality, Governor James Blanchard (pic) who is a former chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and a decorated diplomat predicted a big win for Obama too.

According to Governor Blanchard, economy is the biggest single issue in this election. Not national security. Not Iraq. National security is a key strength of McCain. Average Americans are worried about jobs, lay-offs and keeping their homes. Hence, most of them are looking for who can best manage their economy.

Clearly, the financial meltdown in Wall Street is not favouring McCain. Naturally, most Americans are blaming Bush for lack of urgency to arrest the problem when Lehman Brothers went under.

What went wrong for McCain? According to Governor Blanchard, there are several:
  • Running mate; the selection of Sarah Palin has electrified the republicans. Many thought she is a reckless choice.
  • Obama's performance in debates has helped to ease uncomfortable feeling over his lack of experience. He is identifies with change and a new dawn for many Americans.
  • McCain pulling out of Michigan and many pundits thought this is sign of giving up and lack of fighting spirit
  • Lack of response on Lehman Brothers collapsed
  • National security is no longer a big issue.
  • Young voters will remake US politics. Many of them are rallying behind Obama's campaign
On the CNN, it appears that both McCain and Palin camps are fighting each other openly. It gives a perception that the team is not cohesive compared to a compact Obama campaign.

Many of the pundits and analysts are bedazzled with Obama's charisma and presence. They called him a unique politician. An orator and not just a speaker.
According to Bill Nichols of Politico, in nearly 30 years every variables seem to favour the Democratic Party. He said Obama should win but is cautious anything can happen.

A reader wants to know why the business community is supporting Obama. He has collected more money from the business community compared to any candidates. I managed to ask the speakers. They said the business community tends to support a likely winner.

Obamania is really sweeping US like a wild fire. Can he be stopped? According to the speakers, yes. If there is an incident which threatens national security it may force American voters to rethink their choice. Apparently, the terrorists would prefer a hawkish president such as Bush to help keep them in business.

Can Obama make it? Or will McCain pip him from behind? Stay tuned!


Malaysians for Hillary Clinton said...

"On the CNN, it appears that both McCain and Palin camps are fighting each other openly."

You should know there is a lot of misinformation being put out there by pro-Obama US news media outlets like CNN and MSNBC (especially MSNBC). A recent survey of US citizens found that most find FOX News to be the most fair and unbiased, and that CNN and MSNBC to be the most biased and pro-Obama.

I can tell you safely as a Malaysian who has been following the US 2008 Presidential Elections quite closely that what CNN puts out is a bunch of bullocks. There is no rift between McCain and Palin, just something CNN likes to play up because they are pro-Obama, just like how Malaysian media outlets would play up rifts between PAS and DAP to help the UMNO Govt.

For the sake of the world, I hope McCain wins. Obama will be a disaster just like Carter.

McCain '08!
Hillary '12!

GobloKing said...

Something in me says
Don't trust a man who speaks so glibly - and unfortunately this is how I find Obama.

Too glib. Too smooth. too manufactured

I can take McCain a little better than I can take Obama (even if Obama's the cute one & I AM a sucker for cute dudes)

McCain has shown he's got the balls not to abandon his comrades as his Viet War record's shown. When he coulda gotten out 7 yrs earlier as a POW of the Vietcongs (who are no walk in the park), he opted to stay put with his other captured brothers

Now where on earth do you find such a man?

But What's the choice for America?

Vote for a
young inexperienced candidate with an old experienced VP (HE picked the right dude even if I woulda preferred Hillary)

or Vote for
an old experienced candidate with a young inexpereienced VP?
(Man..he sure picked the wrong person!)

That's what it's down to
Methinks Americans still hold dear too much faith in smooth talking & artificial intelligence.

That's why they will pick Obama

veon said...

My vote for McCain cos Obama is simply too good to be true. Period.