Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First Dude and Babe from Alaska

(Palin introduces her husband as the first dude from Alaska)

Sarah Palin, the first dude from Alaska and running mate of John McCain, was in top form today at Colorado Springs, Colorado. By now, the largely ten thousands white Republican crowd were already familiar with Palin's slogan and chanted "Drill, baby drill"...
Colorado Springs is one of the biggest US military bases in the country. It has about 50,000 serving personnel and thousands more ex-servicemen living in the county. It is a conservative republican area.
Palin said McCain and her are pro-business and pro-growth. She praised McCain as an experienced, strong and and a hero on his last mission to help America.

Like Obama, the Wall Street is also Palin's favourite punching bag. Are we going to see more government regulation and intervention of the financial sector regardless who prevails at the election tomorrow?

Under McCain-Palin, there will be belt tightening for US. There will be a curb of big spending. Palin promised to balance the national budget by end of their first term. A tall order for a country with an internal debt of more than USD10 trillion.
She then went on with the usual attacks on Obama's liberal voting in the senate especially on tax increases and bigger government. She stuck to her republican roots of keeping a smaller government.

Palin showed her sensitive and caring side when someone in the audience was finding it difficult to continue standing. She praised an officer who brought a chair over.

However, her last of speech gave me enough reasons to be concerned. She criticised the government for giving money to foreign regimes who do not like US through billions of investment put into oil exploration. She wanted to save the earth through the creation of "green coal technology". This is totally misleading. Can coal really become 'green'?

Palin vowed not to retreat from Iraq, a war the US is winning. This sounded chilly especially when it comes from a leader who has not met any real top leader or visited the Middle East. This is the most distinct position taken by McCain-Palin compared to Obama-Biden who are anti-war.

But Sandra Russell and Chris Ryan - both from Colorado Springs - think otherwise. Sandra is confident the fate of her children serving with the US military will be better protected under a Republican leadership in Whitehouse. One of her children is serving in Iraq

Chris thought Palin has the mark of Ronald Reagan especially her aura, strength and charisma. It is undeniable that Palin has a huge star attraction.

On 4th November, her critics will either eat their words on Palin and make her their case study for poor political decision.


Anonymous said...

I think the city name is spelled

Colorado Springs not Spring

Maybe you will want to do an edit.

Anonymous said...

We watched a documentary recently here in scandinavia abot the families of soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. WOW was this mother so gung-ho and pro war, since her son was fighting in IRAQ, the story follows her through a few months till there is one scene where she tells of her son's dissilusionment with the war and that it was another quigmire of unclear strategies and actually a rape of iraq by the highest in office of the USA govt, for big business, i.e. corporate America. American soldiers were dying defending the massive raping of the IRAQI OIL FIELDS and lopsided contracts for the corporate tycoons. than comes the day where she is devastated with the news of the death of her only offspring. Later scenes show her going to protest at the white house. That is what America is all about, If you look at American history, they need to get involved in a war or a conflict, within every 20 years. WHY?, THE INDUSTRIAL MILITRY COMPLEX. They need their weapons tested. The biggest producer of armaMents PRE & post cold war is AMERICA. What is America's biggest exports.... DEATH.

Nordin said...

When you mention Palin, Medusa came to my mind.

Douglas said...

Great article. I've expressed my views on these two as well, and posted my prediction of the election outcome: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92457

God help us if McCain become's President.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin belong to the right wing extremist wing of the Republican. I dont know why McCain went to the right wing. That cost him the votes of the moderates of his party such as Colin Power,and the independents.

You can compare the Republican right wing to the ultra in UMNO.

So how can anyone support McCain and Palin.

Anonymous said...

Could she have said "clean" cold technology? There is such a thing.