Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jeff Ooi's Motor Mouth

Jeff Ooi at the Penang Cultural Nite

CM Lim Guan Eng at the PCN

Penangites and Visitors Having a Good Time

At a dinner last night, I was alerted to statement made by Jeff Ooi in his latest interview with the Chinese edition of When asked about my last opinion piece on DAP in Penang, Jeff Ooi said this:


Translation: Jeff Ooi sarcastically said Khoo Kay Peng has tried every
tricks and even to the extent of launching offensive criticism, just to secure
funding from the state government for his Penang Cultural Festival.

Jeff Ooi is a member of parliament and a chief of staff in the chief minister's office. His statement is a yardstick of his leadership credibility. Surprisingly, Jeff cannot accept a constructive criticism about his and his party's performance.

At the recently concluded New Vision for Penang's conference, which I was a panel speaker, a number of DAP senior leaders approached me about the article and told me that they accepted majority of my views.

Most importantly, my intention was sincere. Like many Penangites, I abhor the state UMNO's leadership. I look forward to a new transformational leadership. I want a people oriented and responsible government.

However, this new leadership cannot be yet another mirror image of the old. UMNO's intolerance of criticism is a classic cause of the coalition's failure. To be fair, many of the CM personal assistants and DAP state leaders were very supportive and helpful to us.

I have referred Jeff Ooi's statement to a number of them and they were equally surprised by what he has said.

Those who had attended our event knew that the entire Penang Cultural Fest was well supported by the private sector and fellow Penangites. The organisers had wanted to inspire Penangites that they do not have to depend on the government to celebrate their own diversity and rich heritage.

Only days ago I met Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at the Komtar Pacific launch and we spoke briefly on the initiative to make next year's Penang Cultural Fest a truly regional event. He enthusiastically gave his approval.

Since Jeff Ooi is the chief of staff, I am surprised that he made such a malicious claim that I was pushing the state government to fund my event. It is obvious that the state government did not give us such financial backing and we did not push for it. We were thankful and happy when state leaders came with their family to participate in our programmes. Chow Kon Yeow and family came to our Korean Orchestra, CM's family was at the Penang Island Jazz Festival.
Penang Governor, Danny Law, Linda Ong, Abdul Malik, Liew Chin Tong, and many more came. Special Assistant Jeffrey Chew and family were at almost all programmes.

Did we look unhappy? Was the Penang Cultural Fest disrupted or affected?

I have said earlier that Jeff will be judged by his statement. It is odd as a chief of staff he was not in the loop. Perhaps he was too busy doing self-promotion. I was spot on that the Chief Minister needs a real chief of staff.

Guan Eng needs someone more sensible and responsible with his words and action. Jeff Ooi was quick to praise a failed event but was even quicker to maliciously put down a successful one. He was at one of our events.

I am giving him 72 hours to retract his allegation. With a member like Jeff, DAP does not need other talents.

An editor of just called me. I have asked him to do 3 things:
  1. I was disappointed his writer did not ask for my response before publishing Jeff's interview. He should publish my response by Monday.
  2. Contact the Chief Minister office to seek clarification on the matter
  3. Ask Jeff to provide a solid evidence on his allegation about me or retract his allegation

If Jeff can't take the heat, he should stay out of the kitchen. He did nothing for Penang Cultural Fest, got a free dinner cum entertainment and tossed us shit. Jeff's allegation is an insult to all our partners, sponsors, performers, state leaders who have helped and encouraged us and fellow Penangites.


Anonymous said...

Get a real job!. If you cannot take criticism, dont expect the same of others.
Your article speaks volume of nothing except a little dose childish complains. If you cannot take the heat, then dont organize the fest.
So simple as that.

Again. Get a job

Khoo Kay Peng said...

You know what anon, only a dick head like you think like that. Jeff can criticize the article all he wants but not to allege I blackmail the state government for funds.

Put your real name here if you are not a coward.

Jed Yoong said...

Jeff Ooi is like that lar.
He even slapped himself on stage to get elected.
Is he in the country?
So sick of reading of his overseas trips and different hotels...
I mean there are specialist, niche travel sites of better quality for such matters...

joshua said...

No politician is free of criticism.

No politician is indispensable.

A politician has to remember that the rakyat has sent him to the seat of power.

Jaswant Singh said...

Kay Peng

By calling Anon a dick head, Anon's opinion about you is justified. Calling names at the suingle comment on your blog shows how shallow your thinking is.

Anonymous said...

fight! fight! Jeff Ooi and KKP!

What can you expect when you have two ego heads in Penang?

Anonymous said...

Don't get angry, Jeff ooi is an opportunist. He never will take anyone constructive opinion as he thought he is the greatest blogger in Malaysia. His ego is even fumed when he became the first blogger to become the MP. Leave him alone as person who can't take different opinion will eventually corrupt himself like the UMNO jokers.

Anonymous said...

KP, your response to anon has justified the point that you're throwing a little childish tantrum...calling someone dick head when he/she adressed you as dude? How uncouth....

Andrew said...

W'sup Khoo!

I envy the people of Penang. They have fantastic watchdogs like Anil, Organic (now in Dhaka), Mohd Idris and now... Ah Peng himself! Multiracial team too!

Jeff should not have said that he said, and Khoo should know how to say what was said. Khoo's response to Jeff is kinda similar to how Khoo responded to LKY - defensive and kinda antagonistic, yet they are words which need to be said.

Khoo could have just said, "Jeff got the facts wrong. These are the facts bla bla bla..." in two paragraphs and no need to attack Jeff again.

Being too defensive only reveals more holes for your opponents like Mr Anonymous to pick on. Lighten up! Hope this helps.

Brian Lee (Bayan) said...

Dear KKP,

I read your opinions with great interest. However your latest critisism was done in poor taste and hence thats why Jeff acted that way. You can critisise, but we are at the crucial point where the cruel and racist BN needs to be toppled and commentators like yourself have to be more responsible. Please bear in mind, there is no level playing field btw Pakatan and BN in Msia at the moment, therefore by you writing such stuff you are doing Pakatan unfair damage. THere are many more people like me who wish you can look at the bigger picture of racism and oppression, rather than personal tiff between you and Jeff. Yes Jeff's comments can be unfair and untrue yet you must think that hows frustrating can it be working as an opposition MP and a chief of staff for a state govt that is operating against federal bullies and still need to take crap from people like you. I am not saying dont do it ever, but please we are not at level playing and PR needs support more than whacking. Maybe one day where both sides are equally represented in mass media and finance, there is no longer police inequality and federal bullying, you can write your piece of mind even if it means bringing the state govt down. Until then please be more reasonable, lets look at the bigger picture and lets work together to improve human rights, multiracialism and equality. Please be a responsible Penangite and stop quarelling with our Jelutong MP.

zozdaniel said...

The Cultural Fest was a great success by any standards as compared to other activities undertaken by the state government. Penangites clamour for more of such events.

Having successfully dumped the previous lackey and arrogant government out we could ill afford to see the fall of the present government.

Frankly, this new government ( perceived to be infant inspite of 280 days of power) need to heed the basic art of public relation and public administration.

In my other post, I have also mentioned that these bunch of New Lords need to re-attend schooling on Public administration. I stated this because the EXCOs have fast lost touch with the sensitivities of the public by totally ignoring my appeal for assistance inspite of my several letters.

Mr Khoo Kay Peng, lets give these infants a few more months to grow up inspite of their weaknesses.

The public will judge them when time comes.

There are many NGP ( NON GOVERNMENTAL PERSON) like me watching on them.

A reader said...

It looks like Jeff Ooi is joking with you? Don't take it so seriously until like that....

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

When people have climbed up the ladder, they tend to forget where they are from. They do not look at the rungs that have helped them up. Success swells heads, they do not listen anymore. Anyway keep on speaking your mind even if they offend some. I want them to do a good job, people like you will keep them on their toes and make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I find your challenge in asking somebody to pen his/her name down as a mean of proving one;s bravery rather odd and obsfucating.
My other thought is why cant you simply accept people's preference to remain anon?. Isnt that what the opposition has been calling for ? -" people's power'? People 's freedom of choice?
Rather, I find your response to the first anon by calling him/her' dickhead' confirming one simple fact. You simply cannot accept critisim and response rationally rightfully or wrongfully.
Perhaps you should response rationally and factually rather than resorting to name calling. That again provided you are what you are capable of doing. Otherwise, you may just be what the first anon suggested.An intolerable individual. Simply because you cannot accept people's preference for anon and your name calling response just proved that.
I am signing off as anon too:)

Anonymous said...

it's true that jeff ooi cannot take criticism. he regularly deletes from his blog last time.

Anonymous said...

Based from my personal experience with Jeff Ooi website, I have found out that he tends to be very vindictive against dissenting opinion.

As an elected MP, I think he should try to learn to be an honorable gentleman and learn to live with dissenting views


Anonymous said...

I read Jeff's Blog from day one and I am from Sabah. I am sure Jeff has a strong reason for saying so. Who are you to tell other people to quit when they have hardly warmed their seats.

you are very rude. I don't see other bloggers behave like you even when they have been hantam left and right.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Oh wow, now you want me to act polite. Say nice things to Jeff? You guys must be out of your mind. Alleging me of blackmailing the government for money to fund my event and yet you want me me to be nice to Jeff.

What if I call your dad a thief for stealing to feed you?

This is Straight Talk. This is the way I talk. Be it to Keng Yaik or Jeff if this is the way these two politicians behave.

Get the fact right. This is what he should do in the first place.

Please stop acting like you are a saint. Yes, I am pissed at a person who came out of the blue and dropped an accusation on me.

How would you react if I were to go over and slap you on your face out of the blue?

Jaswant Singh, don't read my blog.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Some of you guys said the first anon calls me a dude? Oh ya, are you not blind to read his entire post?

I cannot take criticism? Where is the criticism? There is only baseless accusation.

Some of you are equally dick heads. Yes, I am pissed!

Scorpion said...

Whatever! Both are bloated with ego. I am still waiting for Pakatan government to deliver "moving" achievement! The last 8-9 months have been a waste!

WIELMAJA said...

I had a very unpleasant experience with Jeff one year ago. I used to read his blog and was foolish enough one day to send him some photos and report of a plane incident involving Air Asia. I received the photos and report via email and thought it might be news worthy. I received a reply from him:

"Stop it! This is almost 3 years old, and I have received it a dozen times since 2004!"

"Sorry, I thought it was recent as I had just received in my email. Anyway, I hope you could be a bit more polite with your fellow bloggers. Your tone was reprimanding and intimidating, especially when we are just trying to provide you with good leads for your articles. "

"You should know I am a no nonsense person. If you start spreading via email materials that are unsubstantiated with current evidence, you may be reprimanded by law, and I am not willing to be associated in anyway with you as I don't solicit rubbish like the one you sent me.

I ask in not uncertain terms to stop. You can take it as a frank but stern advice -- I don't give a damn if you say it's rude -- and feeling your ego is bruised. Your choice.

Rgds, but you are wasting my time."

In my 20 years of working life, I have yet to encounter someone as arrogant and rude as him! He might be a popular blogger then, but that did not give him the right to be rude and downright abusive!

I have stopped reading his blog ever since!


Anonymous said...

Remove yourself from writing and get a day job. You deserve better than this frustration. After all, you should at least convey your dissatisfaction directly to the man himself rather than on this blog. Sure - I can be a dick head but at least I am not here to hear your rattling away. I suggest you go back to Gerakan and dismantle them physically. There are many NGPs mind you. Your blogs attract folks like that tat claim they are NGPs- I say this Kay Peng is a dick head and NGPs on these comments are bastards. Okay? I rest my case

Anonymous said...

Tsk,tsk,tsk, KKP,after reading your responses, i find you, very childish and acting like a spoilt brat! Take a breather..go get some fresh air.. it will do you good!

Tan Eu Chin said...

Haiyah KKP,

You can critisize people but people cannot critisise you huh!

You are so arrogant whilst only being a organiser of some event, just imagine you become MP - surely 100 times worst than Jeff.

Anyway Gerakan people tell me how you are an opportunist - you are a loyal Gerakan soldier until March 7 and from March 8, betrayed Gerakan. So we dont trust you much!

Just because you write a stupid book, you think you are hell of an intellectual huh?

Whatever said and done, Jeff is our MP who represent us, if you mess with him is like messing with Jelutong and Penang alike.

James Ong said...

The author of this blog is a desperate wannabe MP who has been rejected by Gerakan and is now jealous of Jeff!

Get a life KKP and stop attacking PR when you didnt get money!

Anonymous said...



get a translator and read the full jeff response. Dont let your cool off your head. stay cool man~

Anonymous said...

GOD save the Queen! Lots of sick mother-fuckers around! Bukit Antarabangsa landslides is just the tip of the iceberg! Corrupted bastards & the Rich & Mighty rules Boleh-land!!!

amoker said...

Kay Peng, cool it. I respect yourself and Jeff Ooi. Both of you can disagree .. move on and work for the best. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Khoo Kay Peng ... keep up the good work and continue to say what u want. This is your blog. You make good sense.

Don't let the bunch of wanking idiotic cowards who are too paranoid to disclose their names, get to you. They can piss off and write their own blogs instead of read yours.


Anonymous said...

First off, it is widely acknowledged that JO can be ever so intolerant of dissenting views and quite quick to be offensive.

But KKP, your responses, both to JO's comments and those of commenters on this post are no less intolerant and offensive. Both of you flame your critics.

Dickhead?. This reflects so poorly on you, KKP.

A matured response to criticism, even offensive ones, would contrast their level of civility. You have put much effort into promoting the Cultural Fest. Some of your criticisms have been acknowledged as valid by DAP leaders. As such it serves you better to rise above JO's attitude. Your own response here is also a yardstick for your own maturity, thus credibility. Otherwise it's just pot calling the kettle black.

Everyone wants better governance for Penang and Malaysia. Both JO and yourself should put your ego and pettiness aside for the larger good.

Grow up please.

btw, I'm posting as anon, what's relevant in my comments are the rationality of my words. If you are going to label me as coward, please do justify what exactly in my words reflect cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Ooi is just transplant. Like the CM.

General said...


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Romerz wants his post to be taken off. So, duly deleted.

I do not need to hide my ability to be angry. Criticize but don't accuse. It is important to know the difference.

Jeff should ask himself why make more enemies when he can have more friends. He used to call before he stood for election. Got elected and his calls stopped. So be it.

Being an elected MP does not give him the right to make wild allegations.

I have received a number of personal emails on Jeff. But I politely told them that I do not wish to drag them into this issue. I don't need these issues to paint him negatively.

He is a honourable MP and a smart man. I leave it to him to reconsider what he had said about me and the PCF.

Remember, criticise not accuse.

I respect your right to be angry. Just like you should respect mine. I want to stay true to how I feel.

romerz said...


Thank you for acceding to my request. The comment I made was made in haste and whilst under the influence of alcohol. And you are right, I mixed-up 2 unrelated issues.

As I said on the phone, I was still sore with your sarcasm at me over the heritage issue and when I saw you were being attacked for your posting here, I jumped on the bandwagon and let loose a few harsh words of mine.

This is wrong (I realized this as soon as the alcohol wore off this morning) and for that I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Jeff should not have accused something of blackmailing the govt. When he was in the "opposition" camp, he always said that he was being accused by this and that. Now that he thought that he was already the govt, so he starts accusing people - I guess this is his logic.

Anonymous said...

The real test of being a cultured person are the words and actions we manifest... and be responsible towards our words and actions esp.
as a public figure - both politians and bloggers alike.

KKP I like your straight talk which is quite revealing and informative. Keep on doing what is true and right... just a bit more accomodating will not hurt.

Quite rightly, as we dare to criticize others we would also expect the same but do not accuse without any substantation.

True, this is your blog, speak as you desire but only if you can have readers to read and comment, both consenting or dissenting views, take it as feedback and be more accomodating and you will be a better blogger. You need more friends than enemies, right?

Keep it coming - the straight one.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2.55pm made a personal attack and not a constructive feedback regarding the article.

Can't understand why anonymous @2.55pm wrote in such a manner. If there was anyone who should be very angry with KKP and needs to defend himself it should be Jeff Ooi. Perhaps, that is why KKP asked that the "anonymous @2.55pm identified himself /herself.

KKP has a right to get angry but not resort to name calling because it would reflect badly on oneself, however noted that the said anonymous @2.55 pm replied at 1.56am
"I say this Kay Peng is a dick head and NGPs on these comments are bastards. "

Well, what can I say...they're EVEN ?

Anonymous said...


If Jeff Ooi is arrogant and quick to take offense,and he is LGE chief of Staff. Then he will offend the whole of Penang.

If no one control him. DAP is gone in the next election.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

JEFF ooi may be the most talented guy in the penang govt., sad to say this guy's ego is his stumbling block. He has far to go, but if he does not watch it he will fall hard.(The higher u go, the harder u fall)

Kian Ming said...

Regardless of what you think of this issue, I have to commend Kay Peng for allowing the many negative comments targeted at him on this blog. Freedom of speech is certainly something that he believes in even if it comes at his own expense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo,
Whatever it may be, one thing different between you and Mr Jeff Ooi. Jeff Ooi stood for PARLIAMENT and WIN.(Just like Lee Kuan Yew and his lieutenants. Oh heck, DAP's predecessor is PAP. Singapore reserve worth more than 100 Billions.) What about you?
For goodness sake, you have high opinion of your capability and competences, may I humbly suggest this:

1) You can make it to Gerakan's party list, good. Then Stand for Parliament as MP or better still, stand for Penang state assembly as State assemblyman


Stand for parliament or state assembly as an independent ticket. Just like Tan Chee Koon


Set up another political party such as MDP of Wee Choo Keong with you being the Secretary General. With your candidacy for Parliament or State Assembly

2) If you ever make it to parliament or better still to the Penang state assembly, make yourself available as follows:

1) Minister of Malaysian cabinet if UMNO allows you to be in. That's if you are still with BN

2) Exco member of Penang cabinet or Better still, become The Chief Minister of Penang

3) Do whatever you deem necessary. Enact policies. Overturn bad policies. Run the ministry. At the same,you got to battle with

1) Federal government
2) Civil service (Top echolen)
3) Above all keeping ALL people happy

The million dollar question is

Will you do it? Will you take the first step as an MP or Adun? Be like Jeyaratnam or Wee Choo Keong or even Tan Chee Khoon.

Anyway, not publishing my message would definitely prove that you can't take criticism yourself

By the way, I would stood for parliament if I do not have too many skeleton in the cupboards myself. This is not an excuse!Well, our dear Chua Soi Lek with much lesser skeleton got to lossen of his ministry. Hmm.......


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Looes 74,

People make sense when they criticize. The problem is you don't and neither you know much what you are saying. Would I stand for a seat? Would I get a seat? If you are as informed as you claimed to be you would already have the answer.

Throwing your gaunlet? Why should I not publish your post? The problem with a supporter like you is being too naive.

I suggest you keep closer contacts with DAP leaders. Yes, Jeff stood for parliament. Big deal. Your close one eye MP won many terms. Can Jeff repeat that with the way he is behaving?

As an ardent supporter of Jeff, you should help to knock some senses into his head. He is facing an election. Not you. You can say anything but not him.

You have skeletons in your cupboard. Mine oh mine, you should keep it to yourself and use the advice you gave me yourself. I don't have skeletons in my cupboard. That is why I find Jeff's allegation mischievious and malicious.

Would I sue him? I will not follow the foot step of his colleague in Selangor. No I will not drag the court into this issue. Jeff and I will have to square it off like adults. I am waiting.

Jeffrey Chew said...

Kay Peng,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
Me no ardent supporter. Me just being a realist. If you wanna square it up with Mr Jeff Ooi. Do so....
Anyway, he does not bother that much by the way

So Khoo,
You really wanna stand for Parliament. Please do so. Read through what I say and Do it. No point be an armchair critics
I am no DAP member. Just a discerned citizen


Khoo Kay Peng said...


This is my final reply to you. Our conversation is not going anywhere.

Yes, Jeff is not bothered. I did not ask for him to bother me but to be responsible.

Show proof I had blackmailed the state government or retract his allegation.

As an elected MP, he should lead by example.

Not bothered is being arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo,
My apologies of being off the targent in this topic. However, I don't think that Mr Ooi would give a damn about you and his statement of you backmailing the state government.
I don't think you can do anything of getting him to retract his statement. That's why there is such thing called defamation suits. I suggest you should sue him.
Frankly, in the court of public opinion, his reputation is not affected through such commments. If Dr Khir Toyol gets away, what's this?

Dear Mr Khoo,
Consider the options clearly for yourself and decide to pursue next course of action. I believe a smart fellow like you should know what to do.
No hard feelings, hey

Best Regards,

By the way, as tomorrow is Christmas, Have a blessed Christmas. If any of my comments might offend you, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Looes 74,
U busy body and very kay por chee, if you say you are no ardent suportter, but a realist, the way what you comments, you are like those still in the tempurung. I don't write to comments in the blogs but reading what you throw to KKP, you are another a..e hole and having the same shit on different day. KKP keep up the good work of you and don't waste time replying this a.... hole

jararaca said...

my experience with yb jeff- i donated generously to jeff's funds for parliament when he asked for it in

He promised to publish d account. After 3 months. I raised the issues in the same website. I didnt get any reponses from him. Instead his cronies come to his defence. They buried the issues and i got suspended permenently by his crony kwchang.

Jeff? just another politicain lah.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I sympathize with you but please take this grouse of you elsewhere or directly to Jeff Ooi. I allow freedom of speech but I do not welcome off topic comments.


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Read this:

Online, diplomacy is the tool of the scoundrel, the troll, the coward who hates to state his position clearly, the commentator who fears exposure on simple points of fact. Here, clarity is king, "free and frank" discussions are the way to proceed, here we not only call a spade a spade, but we pick it up and decapitate our inept enemies with it. True, plenty of people find that offputting, alarming, disturbing even.

Luckily those people can put the mouse down, and step away from the keyboard. Or they can toughen up a little, and engage – not with abuse or flaming, but with clear and direct arguments, precise language, honest emotion. The exact opposite of diplomacy in fact.

Keep it for summits, the dinner table, skirmishing with the boss – but keep the frilly language and obfuscations away from Cif. Here, let's keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Going by the many newspapers reports and citizens of Penang comments on their new CM and his team, we in Sabah are really very jealous.

How about borrowing your New Govt to us for say two years. We will be very grateful.