Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Arrogance of Power

The ongoing crisis in Middle East is a classic case of power arrogance. Despite serious global condemnation of the Israel military action against Gaza and its 1.5 million residents, the atrocities continue. Death toll is increasing.

Israel's demand for a permanent solution to stop pounding the densely populated area is mind boggling. How can the helpless 1.5 million residents of Gaza give them what they wanted?

Hamas militants numbered no more than thousands in the area and most of their top leaders have fled the area to take shelter before the pounding began. The ones suffering are normal citizens who have had enough of bloodshed and war.

We need to implore the arrogance of power shown by both Israel and Hamas. If Hamas truly cared the Palestinians, it should not act before thinking. What is truly needed is a permanent peace between the two neighbours. Both Israel and Palestine do not have to like each other but they must learn to coexist. Peace provides a better platform and condition for favourable human qualities to blossom than war and conflict.

It is also sad to see the disunity shown by the international community especially the UNSC on this matter. US should ask why it must continue to support a military response to this conflict. It should know better than to demand a permanent solution from the helpless Palestinians.

Hamas is partly responsible for the lost of lives. It has acted irresponsibly. I doubt majority of Palestinians support the stance taken by Hamas - which thrives on conflict. Hamas should stop its constant taunts of making Gaza a graveyard of Israelis.

Meanwhile, the international community must intervene and work together to bring a peaceful, well-informed and logical choice to the table for the Palestinians. Most, I believe, will support peace over war, responsible government over power arrogance and friendship over hatred.

Israel's disproportionate reaction to this crisis will not help achieve anything positive.

Do they truly desire peace?
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Anonymous said...

Pity the ordinary people (of both sides). Some people are making money from wars.

Anonymous said...

Rich, very rich coming from a person who had absolutely nothing to say when rockets were raining down from Gaza. Yeah, buy the Muslim narrative, the same blessed narrative that sends RM 1 Million to the Middle East when needs are so great in Malaysia...

shankar~selina said...

Eh? "Israel's disproportionate reaction to this crisis will not help achieve anything positive."

If I robbed your house, will you be only one after me or get a bunch to get me?

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I will call the police. Get a bunch after you if mob rule. It may happen to you but it has no place in a civilised society.

Anon 10.25pm,

You sound like an anti-muslim? I am pro-humanity. I did criticize Hamas in my post. Didn't you read that part?

Anonymous said...

KKP. the only way israel can keep a check on the attacks on its people is to whack the dogs if they ever raise their head to bite. Hamas is the provocateur, and for no reason.

I do not condone Israel's excessive force.

I pity the innocent civilian.

Until sanity prevail, force is the only means to keep a check on the situation.

Anonymous said...

must see: