Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Battle for Kuala Trengganu

MCA should forget about setting up a platform for feedback gathering and info dissemination. It should have received enough feedback from the last general election. So far, the political equation remains the same. UMNO is still the big brother. It is still adamant to perpetuate the ISA, NEP and other outdated and draconian legislations.

Old habits die hard. Until and unless, UMNO demonstrates its ability to govern fairly it will be difficult for the coalition to function. After the 8th March general election, BN suffers from a bad perception. It has a poor brand image.

So far, what transformation has taken place to right the wrong? Nothing much, nothing to shout about.

MCA wants to help the candidate from UMNO to secure the 11% Chinese votes (8000 voters) and this will be a tall order.

The political landscape has shifted and the voters will no longer be cowed by any fear tactic such as using the hudud law to scare them off.

Kuala Trengganu is still a place close to limbo despite it being the city of an oil rich state. Interestingly, the previous state government can invest hundreds of millions on the Monsoon Cup and a crystal mosque but not proper low cost houses for its people.

MCA vice-president Liow Tiong Lai said the Chinese voters here should give their votes to Barisan to ensure better service and continuous development in the area. What service? What development?

I have a niggling feeling that BN may have to pay for its past follies this time.

This by-election again shows that BN component parties such as MCA, Gerakan and MIC will still run to UMNO's defence regardless of the rot in the coalition. These parties have lost precious time in putting their house in order before the next storm.

With the economy reeling under pressure from global crisis, it will be a testing time politically for the politicians to prove that they can govern well.

The problem is it may be too difficult to tease a new trick out from an old dog.

This by-election may not be a significant one but it will be a yardstick of BN's revival.

So far, I don't see anything being done positively to restore the coalition's flagging fortune. Maybe they might just prove me wrong.


wandererAUS said...

You can forget about these MCA beggars. They are only in actions every four years when GE is on or in by-elections...and, they do what they do best, licking UMNO A*****
Kt non-malay voters no longer can be coned easily, they can feel the wind of change is blowing strongly...thanks again, to all rakyat bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Like UMNO, MCA continues to be in denial and people like Liow Tiong Lai are talking through their hats. Worse still, UMNO/MCA believes they can con the people despite receiving a bloody nose on 8 Mar 2008. Come 17 Jan, PAS will win. The Chinese voters will once again be the kingmakers. The majority of them will vote for PAS not because they like hudud (far from it), but because they hate Ketuanan Melayu even more. So long as MCA continues to support UMNO and accepts Ketuanan Melayu, it will always be rejected by the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Kampung Cina better vote BN coz a substantial part is sitting on TOL. Each time, MCA will threaten them to do the rigth thing to ensure TOL is renewed.
How long can MCA hold their balls?

Anonymous said...

This is Malaysia, not suitable for people like us immigs

Anonymous said...

The person who I wish can come out to give clarification is no other than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohahad a/l Iskandar Kutty.

The contracts were signed during his tenure and he is the best person to solve the misteries ...