Sunday, January 18, 2009

Denial! Denial! Denial!

After the stunning defeat in Kuala Trengganu, Deputy Prime Minister and in-coming premier Najib Razak has shown the way for the continuation of BN denial syndrome.

He told the press, "Barisan Nasional’s loss in the by-election is only a setback and has no impact on the national political landscape."

He said the coalition was still relevant and was confident of regaining the support of the people very quickly. Najib felt the mood of the people would be different in the next general election.

The problem is UMNO's coalition partner MCA is blowing its own trumpet. "I was told that Chinese support for Barisan actually increased" - Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. “In fact, I was told that Chinese support for Barisan Nasional actually increased, compared with the last general election.

In Petaling Jaya, MCA political analyst Chua Goh Tong said the swing of Chinese votes towards Barisan was a reflection of the service they enjoyed under the Barisan state and federal government.

“We have 8,735 Chinese voters in Kuala Terengganu, and 63% to 65% of them voted for Barisan compared to 58% to 63% in March 2008,” he said.

He said the increase in Chinese support could be attributed to concern over PAS’ proposal to introduce hudud laws, and their experience under PAS rule from 1999 to 2004.

“Unfortunately, the Malay votes swung the other way. Even with a full turnout of the Chinese community, I don’t think we could have turned the result around because of the large majority this time,” he said.

Like Najib, MCA strategist Chua is inflicted by the same sense of denial. The Chinese support did not return to MCA. Being a smaller community in KT, coupled with numerous threats from MB Ahmad Said and the looming economic gloom, they were more intimidated with the lose of TOL (some renewable annually) and being targetted if seen to have voted for the opposition.

Thousands of youths are working outside of KT and may find it difficult to return twice to vote in a short period of a week. Most had probably made plans to return next week to usher in the Chinese New Year.

What did MCA do to ensure the return of Chinese support nationally?

Has the issue of NEP being resolved? Is MCA still a second class party? Has the issue of teaching of maths and science in English being resolved? Is UMNO finally admitting that all Malaysians are equal and drop their "ketuanan Melayu" tagline? Has Ahmad Ismail, Mukhriz Mahathir, Khairy Jamaluddin and a host of other racist leaders apologized for their remarks?

None of the above.

This sense of denial will ensure many other stunning defeats by the coalition. Najib has shown that he is not a renaissance leader who will soon bring a change of fortune to the front.


Lrong said...

'None of the above'...
You are spot on with that.

I am one who is hoping to see these people shown the door, the sooner the better.

Antares said...

Exactly right, Kay Peng. Lucid & succinct analysis. It appears DENIAL is the only emotional location with which Najib feels comfortable. Must have spent many lifetimes in Egypt in the embalming business :-)

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng,

But then again, what do you expect the PM/DPM to say? Say that the ship is sinking? Surely not right? What would you say if you were them?

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprise at all with the KT result. As before I wish for them to continue to be their usual arrogant self,as if they own the country.What I like most about it is that there are plenty of them in BN and they never stop amaze the country with what they do or say. There will be more of KT type of results. Please BN don't think rakyat is ignorant anymore.

Anonymous said...

MCA uses its infamous tactics. No vote BN, no give TOL.

Threatening the Chinese voters will come back to hit MCA oneday. That is the day of the super Tsunami.

Jed Yoong said...

I find it strange that they voted barisan.
that means they really dun like pas.
or were votes "topped-up" due to low turnout?
kian ming had predicted a much higher majority and he may have been right if the chinese swung a bit more to pas.
also according soi lek, barisan actually lost in parliament in march 8.
i wasn't there so....

Anonymous said...

leave the MCA fellas alone. they are more atune to corrupt projects such as Port Klang Fleece Trade Zone. Pempena not too far from their mind too. what else? remember the cooperatives?
everything else is incidental. only way to deal with these self-centred corrupts is to kick them out in GE 13.

wickwax said...

What? Is there a "Race" column in the ballot papers? Honestly, I'm interested to know how they'd know who's swinging.

And yeah, if BN were to win Najib will say, "Barisan Nasional’s win in the by-election is a stepping stone to success that will impact the national political landscape positively"

That's denial-lah.

sitopimerah -ein Team -ein Ziel said...

agree..denial syndrom cannot be take out from them even their heart and blood now is denial syndrom.

Now the time to ensure Sarawak people change to the better goverment from Pakatan Rakyat on the coming state election

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right on these. Umno still dreaming and if they still don't change. The rakyat will surely change them and the government in a very near time. MCA knew that but, they had voice up to Umno. Can Umno change or just ignore MCA ? Nevermind, hope they still keep dreaming and lets us change them with our vote. Becouse they let us don't support them.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 3.07pm,

Admit weaknesses, be humble and immediate announce serious intention to review and restructure BN.

Later, announce moving beyond race-centric politics. Give Malaysians what they wanted - less arrogant, people-oriented, incorruptible and a truly Bangsa Malaysia government

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


No need for unnecessary justification
When what's needed is clarification
No need for false pretending
When nothing worthwhile is still standing

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180109
Sun. 18th Jan, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said....

You can cheat the people for some time but fifty years of plundering and cheating the coffers of the nation is too much. It looks like the coffers of the nation is their own kitty bank and therefore UMNO must be removed otherwise nothing would be left for our Children’s Children as the riches of Malaysia will be syphoned off by all these UMNO thieves, robbers & goons.

Look at the Billions in Wang Ehsan from Petronas for Terengganu State that were squandered by the present PeeM and his SIL Khairy on the Crystal Mosque and the Mariner Yacht Club and the other many Billions of the Federal Government are lost through the expensive purchasing of Helicopters, Aircrafts and Submarines by DeePM Narjis the most greedy of the lot who selected the most expensive so that he can receive kickbacks and bribes and resulting in the murdering of Altantuya for uneven split distribution of the loot. Do you think you can trust him to be the next PeeM, probably he would have sold off Malaysia including his mother for some gravy.

Anonymous said...

i am just did the MCA know immediately after the poll that the chinese in KT actually voted them? i thought the ballot boxes are all kept under tight security and i do not believe there were any cross referencing done during the vote counting to determine which race voted for which party? unless of course, MCA already knew in advance how many chinese non-returnees votes to top up...

hmmm..does anybody have any information? to me, it is like, if someone keeps saying something, then soon enough, everyone will think it is really what happened. from ground zero..i seriously doubt the chinese in KT supported the BN candidate..