Thursday, January 01, 2009

Malaysians Must Make a Firm Choice in 2009

2008 was an eventful year. New milestones were set. We saw the unthinkable happened - a shift in the political spectrum. Malaysiakini proudly declares that its Newsmaker of the Year is the rakyat (people).

I hope this is a fundamental change. Not a change clouded by temporary disappointment and delusion. But a change that comes from the conscience of the people wanting a better society, nation and future for themselves and their children.

Looking at the situation after the historical 12th general election, I am cautious enough not to rejoice the coming of a new era. Malaysia is still in transition. This year, 2009, we have to make a firm choice to move forward or to retreat backward to embrace back the same old.

Politically, the race based model is still not completely dismantled. Race based political parties are still in power. Communal politics, where skin colour precedes over reason, is still alive and kicking. Nothing has changed. BN component parties which suffered huge electoral losses in the last general election are still doing business as usual. Forgotten are the reactionary rhetorics of supporting multiracialism as the new way forward.

This year, Malaysians must make a decisive choice. We must decide if the continuation race based politics is healthy for us. We must decide if it is time to put reason and logic before race.

Entering 2009, we are still confronted with a hard fact that it is difficult to employ reason and logic in decision making. Try imagine getting street hawker stalls, wet market operators and retail shops to help clean up their vicinity and practice better hygiene quality. Many will push this responsibility to the government.

The recent Klang bus station fiasco is another example of inept governance. It is a pity that the PR state government has allowed the issue to affect into its own unity. Why can't both bus stations be allowed to run through load sharing - each catering for specific routes?

Remember the closure of SJKC Damansara? It has been reopened. It should not have been closed down in the first place if the BN government has employed reason and logic in their decision making.

Similarly, Malaysians must make a firm decision on the economy, education and others. We can continue to choose mediocrity or opt for excellence. It is still not too late. It is time to make a firm choice.

We cannot allow this country to go through a perpetual transition.

Happy New Year!!


Surind Raj said...

Well said bro... well said :)

Wishing you a fantastic 2009 and all the best.

Take Care.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When any language is strictly used as a political tool
We may end up in the eyes of the whole world as fools
When we fail to be really rational and don't keep our cool
We'll end up with more mess and may need to jump inside a pool

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020109
Fri. 2nd Jan. 2009.

thebigsoalan said...

Unfortunately it is a hard and painful process to transform our beloved country but the fight must go on!
Hope that the politicians in this country will grow up soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, but Malaysians have very poor reason and logic.


Because no training in philosophy.

That's why Malaysians can embrace lousy politicians (from both sides BN and PR).

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

One way to overcome racebased party is to just have one race like in US or Australia, Japan , China where population is homogeneous, with a minority so insignificant in number, like less than 2%

Anonymous said...

US and Australia is as much multi-cultural as us. It's more of nationhood value. said...

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