Sunday, February 15, 2009

BN Should Consider Being More Reasonable

Frankly, I have counted a few top BN leaders as my friends. In person, they are humble, decent and can be quite engaging on various topics. One of them even agreed with my observation that the Perak power snatch is a short term victory. Won a battle but losing the war.

But there is one problem. Most of them have refused to speak up in the coalition or in public. Some even made public statements, which ran contrary to their own belief. Until and unless these leaders speak up and start to call a spade a spade, there is very little they can do to change the fate of BN.

Whether it is naivete or not, they should not hope for a one-man miracle to help restore the popularity of the coalition. Not when the man, himself, is not that popular. When the people start to wake to the fact that they can flex their muscle in a democratic system and choose the right government to represent them, they can bring down even the most autocratic and vicious government.

The right to choose must be protected and respected in a true democracy. On this same breath, I was critical of the power grab in Perak, called it illegal and undemocratic because a true democracy cannot be perverted by mere 3 individuals. Thousands of voices cannot be muted and ignored.

In a democracy, every citizen has the same rights and legal status promised under the constitution. The rights to live, to work, to be educated, to profess a religion, to mobility and to be protected and to seek justice. These rights are given the same to prime ministers, ministers, parliamentarians, royalty, rich or poor.

A ruling government in a democratic system must understand, respect and practice these democratic doctrines.

This is where BN problems lie. Its unwillingness to observe and respect the rights of its opponents and voters has created a strong negative perception of its ability to rule fairly. It is odd to hear calls within the coalition to change, repent and reinvent since its shocking electoral losses in the 12th general election and to find out that it has remained pretty much the same - an arrogant bully.

What has BN got to lose for being reasonable? What has it got to lose for being sensitive to the needs of this multiracial society? What has it got to lose for embracing change?

Nothing. Perhaps some members might not like it and want it to stay the same way, continue to practice race-centric, loud and aggressive, rule by law and corrupt politics. Then, being reasonable is actually good for the coalition. It can lose these members and retain those who are and can be reasonable.

Similarly, what can BN gain by being unreasonable? The coalition has plenty of examples here; using the draconian ISA against political dissidents and demonstrators, hurling threats against opponents, making racial slurs, using legal coercive forces illegally and others.

Not much. Some short term gains, perhaps. History has never been kind to oppressors e.g. Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and others.

Hence, component parties in BN should wake up to a new reality. No amount of party restructuring or reorganisation is going to help restore the coalition support level if they are not willing to tell UMNO leaders in the face to stop acting like these oppressors. Another problem is UMNO's thinking as a party and not as part of a multiracial coalition. Hence, it is willing to play both race and religious sentiments with impunity.

MCA should not grab on floating straws to keep itself afloat. Most Chinese Malaysian voters cannot digest the idea of voting for a MCA candidate if the party continue to stay at the periphery of Malaysian politics. How many Indian Malaysians can throw their support for MIC despite being fully aware that their community leaders, Hindraf 5, have remained behind bars without a possibility of fair trial?

How many right-minded UMNO leaders can do what Zaid Ibrahim did to defend the rule of law and individual liberty? How many UMNO leaders are willing to spare the same opportunities, privileges and rights to the poor in their own community despite claiming to champion their supremacy? How many Malay leaders are willing to risk condemnation for informing their own community that race supremacy is not skin deep but knowledge driven?

Some BN leaders may accuse me of being an instigator. No one likes to have his sweet dream bubble being pricked. Unfortunately, I like calling a spade a spade. They should stop cheering the break-up of Pakatan Rakyat and hoping to make a technical rebound. It will not happen. Politics has never been that easy. The break-up of Pakatan does not mean the end of opposition against their unreasonable rule. Afterall, didn't both Gagasan Rakyat and Barisan Alternatif went under?

BN should seriously consider being more reasonable. This looks like the only viable choice.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, BN you just cement my support for PR.

so what, you penalise me for voting for PR. Your MPs may get millions of funds, while MPs from PR are denied the essential funds to serve. But, are we voters going to grovel to such intimidation? NO, this only serves to cement my dislike for BN, which doesnt know how to grow up but behave like a bully.
Worse, I am sure your MPs will pocket the millions instead on spending to serve their constituency, typical of the corrupt culture of BN.
BN, thanks, you have not just cement my dislike for your distasetful behaviour. It makes my whole family feel more for PR. YOu may won the battle now, but when the war comes, I can see you drowning in yoru own corrupt ways. Go on, more C4s and immigration deletion. Karma will catch up with you all.

Anonymous said...

You must have had a beautiful dream. Wake up!

Mr. Smith said...

This article comes from your heart, with emotions and a tinge of anger. This is the same feeling within ALL peace and justice loving Malaysians, except those power crazy BN leaders.

You spoke for all of us. In fact we are more angry than you are. Nay, we are mad!!!

Anonymous said...

All those who are hoping for a change of heart in the BN or rather UMNO, better stop wasting their time. UMNO by its actions has time and again convinced us that it would never, never change. Just like a leopard would never change its spots or the tiger its stripes. But what is extremely repugnant and nauseatic about UMNO is that it is forcing the people to change to its old style of katak di bawah tempurung politics when we, including the Malays, are in the 21st century subscribing to globalization and the borderless world. In short all are equal. But UMNO insists, indeed even uses force, to that we live in the 50s and tolerate all their nonsense about ketuanan Melayu and that we continue to be overseas Chinese and Indians who should be packed off to China and India if we don't like the hated ketuanan Melayu, never mind even if our great-grandfathers are born here. And what is even more despicable is MCA, Gerakan and MIC continuing to support UMNO to allow it to continue bullying everyone - Malays, Indians and Chinese - who do not accept its racist policies. MCA, Gerakan and MIC have reached a stage where even if UMNO spits on them, they will still continue to support UMNO, never mind even if the Chinese and Indians don't support them anymore. UMNO is the mother of all evils in this country, and the sooner PR kicks out UMNO from KL, whether by fair means or foul, the better for all of us.

Anonymous said...

The critical difference between BN and PR is the fear to speak up. PR leaders are true leaders and speak up for what they believe. MCA, MIC and others DARE NOT speak up. On occasions when they have done so, they were severely rebuked. Clear they had to kowtow to whatever the "senior" partner is saying! So they have become "yes man" out of habit. Thus all civil service posts have been monopolized by one race, the Army and Police by one race, completely under the thumb when it comes to religion and when Mahathir declared Islamic State....oh we settle our differences behind doors, like husband and wife. So the pattern is set! Cannot talk anymore. Only UMNO can talk.

johnny cheah said...

People must not forget that UMNO is filthy rich. How it can become so rich I think no need for me to elaborate. They have so much cash they can easily offer money to any opposition assembly person to cross over to their side. More so if the majority is slim in the Pakatan rule states. For the recent Perak debacle the answer is there for all to see. Anytime UMNO needs money, one phone call to Petronas is all it takes. Don't you all remember, up to now who have actually seen Petronas financialreports. On a different topic, I understand somebody mentioned that the traitor who sold Perak to UMNO is staying at the Casuarina Hotel. If true how come she got so much cash to pay her hotel bills. You should know lah where the money comes from

reshmann said...

BN is controlled by UMNO,and UMNO is malay.These malays in UMNO,will never work hard coz they do not have the word, work hard in their dictionary.And because of these UMNO corrupt and rascist scums all malays also get stereotyped unfortunately.But then again there are many malays willing to live under the tag of being lazy and users,just to support UMNO and make those UMNO fellas and their cronies richer and richer,in return for some crumbs at the expense of their self respect and dignity.WHY?Because UMNO scums tell those malays that,'pendatang'will take over tanah melayu.And the irony is those malays who are being taken for a ride by those UMNO scums beleive them.What a sad state of this race called 'malay'.I feel sorry for those poor and hard working malays.I dont understand what most malays see in UMNO?Corruption,nepotism,cronyism,a tainted judiciary,an abysmal police force which supports only the UMNO goons,a totally inefficeient public sector,a very poor education system,poor management of the economy,racial discrimination,religious oppression,and the list goes on.With all these,yet there are many malays are happy with UMNO.
TOGETHER'.Malay supremacy or ketuanan melayu,revolves around the above said facts.SHORT CUT,BACK DOOR,BELAKANG MASUK= DASAR EKONOMI BARU=NEP[Never ever perform}.And this is the race under UMNO shamelessly shouting 'KETUANAN MELAYU'.

sansiro said...

Umno is in dilemma. If they change and become transparent, they could not continue on benefiting of the system that makes them filthy rich, and there are chances that all their past misdeed being exposed and made public. If they remain as same as where they are right now, oh well, everyone knows what will happen, it’s a no brainer – extinct. And trust me, history will not be kind on them.

Facing this dilemma, Umno choose to ignore the brutal truth and cling on power as long as they can while hoarding rakyat wealth for their own good. It is not surprising why they came to this decision since most of them have no real talents to survive in this borderless world; politic-king is what they know all their lives and is the only way they know how to enrich themselves.

So what do they resort to remain in power? Scare and bully tactics. And this is unreasonable indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
Asking BN to change for the better is a waste of your time. These BN people are toxic to the bone.

Their politicians are insincere because they don't meant what they say; one of the main
reasons why BN was punished on last year's 12 general election.

After this tsunami they said 'we will change and listen to the rakyat'. Well what do you think? I say, better stay clear of such toxic life forms. They will 'con'taminate you if you mix in their company.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


We all know that respect must be earned
More importantly respect must be mutual
But first of all respect must be learned
To ensure that respect still has a future

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150209
Sun. 15th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

In the past most reasonable Malaysians, including myself would have read the mainstream newspapers and believed all their lies, spin and half turths about our opposition parties. Thankfully, we now have the internet and bloggers to tell us the full story without fear. In the past I cannot see myself voting for PAS because of the fear put into me by the government controlled media. I have changed my mind to vote PAS and so have a lot of smart thinking Malaysians Chinese. Down BN, Down UMNO and Down Najib. We want change.

IbnAbdHalim said...

...... but then UMNO never learn, so BN will drift,... and drift until ....... to a point of no return .... and that the people had finally won....and we are waiting for that very moment.....

ManUdiver said...

BN will never change. Umno will be more demanding and arrogant; MCA will talk cock more whilst MIC will be lost in woods. What u r wishing for will not happen. What we can only hope is a new reviatlized government to replace the one that have setback our country in the last 50 years.

Another Khoo said...

How can one give up power, money and self interest?? All politicians around the world does just that save a few...No matter the outcome....BN will not give up easily even if it has to create another 2..3..or more may will just to stay in power....for change to will be at a heavy price...are Malaysians prepared for it??? Are we ready to give up everything for change... TALK IS CHEAP.....Can we be another RPK who does it without Fear or Favour?? Are we prepared to make Kamunting our home for mthe sake of change...Look at the vigils held?? How many really turn up?? Look at the MT support for many really signs the petition...esp when your name and IC is required?? Are we really ready.....

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng,

Got to give it to you, you do call a spade a spade. But I suppose to each its own. They have their fears about the backlash.

Anonymous said...

No, UMNO/BN should keep on doing their evil and immoral deeds. They are doing a fine job of disgracing/destroying themselves, without any help from PR. BN/UMNO must be encouraged to be badder. No one can destroy UMNO/BN except UMNO, and UMNO is doing a great job. Carry on with your evil deeds, UMNo. Great job!!!

Exactly like Bush, when on his 2nd re-election, I hope Bush will win cuz no one can destroy US as well as Bush. Bush won, and look how he destroyed whatever good US had then.