Wednesday, February 04, 2009

BN True Colours

Gerakan deputy president and Perak Gerakan chairperson Chang Ko Youn said although Gerakan did not win any state seat in Perak in the general election last year, the party fully supported the formation of a new state government.

"Although we prefer a fresh election, we don't want to burden the people and strain any resources in view of the current economic situation."

Chang, this is precisely my point. How can we allow your coalition to govern when your party did not even win any seat?

Straining resources? Malaysians must protect our democratic process regardless of the price. If the democracy is allowed to be trampled by 3 people who can decide the fall of a state government regardless what the millions of voters think, isn't it more expensive than any price we are made to pay for snap elections?

Chang, what about millions of development funds allocated to BN representatives/proxies in states which BN lost? These are public resources. Not from UMNO's piggie bank or the rentals collected from your Menara PGRM.

Gerakan Youth Chief Lim Si Pin's stand against defections should be lauded. Is he willing to resign to oppose his party stand?

MCA Kong Cho Ha said "BN has the numbers. It is only natural for the coalition to offer itself to form the state government. However, for detailed arrangement, we prefer it to be discussed behind closed doors."

Kong still hasn't learned the lesson of 308. Still behind closed doors. You have robbed off Perakians' democratic voice.

MIC president S Samy Vellu, in welcoming the change in the Perak government, congratulated BN leaders who led the change.

Samy, what change? You are the last person who is fit to talk about change.

Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein said with the latest development in Perak, BN should now get closer to the people and learn from past mistakes. Hishammuddin, what didn't the coalition get closer the people it governed since independence?

In Kuching, the four BN component parties - Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP), Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) - described the latest political development in Perak as a good sign for the coalition.

BN has shown its true colours. At least there were leaders from DAP and PAS who were against defections and had asked for an anti-hopping legislation to be passed.

What has changed in Perak? Three more individuals decided to support the BN. These three unscrupulous individuals have made a mockery of our democratic process. BN should expect to lose big in the next general election.

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Julian Chin said...

Strained what? How come? This month's expenditure has exceeded that allocated for the year?

Like those defectors, these turds give stupid excuses. Khoo, they never learn and never will learn.

Stop speaking for us, the people, your boss; for three or four people don't speak for us.

If you love using the word mandate so much, call for election. Give us our voice and don't rope us into your puppet shows.
We employed you cows to work and not to monkey around.
Chang, what burden are you talking about? Stand up right you imbecilic spineless creature, the same goes to your fellow party members and counterparts.

Did you even open that gap of yours when you're supposed to? When our money isn't accounted for? You and your kind were kicked out and now you expect to be given some kind of post now without our approval? said...

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. They were big and ugly and did whatever they pleased.

Then one day, they were wiped out. Completely.

Researchers have found that amazingly, for their massive size, they had surprisingly small brains. They didn't know what hit them.

romerz said...

Wait a minute Najib!

Lone said...

These leaders of the BN component parties are unprincipled and have not learn anything from the 12th election and is still unaware of what the Rakyat wants, ie to have elected representatives who can serve well for the good of the Rakyat.
Come the 13th election and the Rakyat must bury them completely. I am waiting for the response from the Gerakan President.

Malaysian said...

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Anonymous said...


for a couple of million, the polio lady is prepared to sell out the entire, she will answer to God and i am sure of karma.
Believe me, she wont even dare to step into Jelapang again. Go back to Penang, where you are from. LGE, never forget how she sold out the nation.
Frankly, If i see her, i spit on her face and there will be no apologies for that for a scroudel.

Anonymous said...

Penang - maybe Pulau Jerejak will be good. At least you will live your life clearing up the bushes .... Miss Hee - you are a disgrace. You sold out everyone who voted for you. Suggest I send you a rope to hang your principles - that will be better.

clearwater said...

I share your indignation at this turn of events. BN/Umno will pay for this act of political expediency and their immorality. Perak is my home state but harbors immoral politicians. Let the people decide who they want for their government. Not some small time turncoat politicians bought with silver.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about BN's true colors. It's more appropriate about Najib's true colors.

If you think Mahathir's bad, Pak Lah's useless, well Najib is both bad and useless. But what do you expect from one who was used to a life of luxury as provided by his father?

Malaysians are going to wake up soon to the fact that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Don't talk about toppling the BN in next GE. Once Najib is entrenched, next GE will not be a fair one and the troops will be mobilized if the BN is seen to be losing. This one is certainly not as gentke as Pak Lah.

Those who complained about Pak Lah will now not have any chance to complain. And you, KKP, better watch out because if you carry on being vocal like this, you too may have to join other intellect to migrate. The climate is going to change from Pak Lah's soft spring to Najib's bitter winter.

Anonymous said...

This is a case of DAP giving out Malay land to comunist in the new village

Anonymous said...


sad to say that. jelapang people will be lining up to spit at the turncoat who sold her soul for a Camry ( and of course untold millions too).
you think she cares about what we think?