Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coup D'etat in Perak

A take on the Constitution by another royalty politician, Tengku Razaleigh,: "The Constitution is the highest law of the land. It is the foundation and source of legal authority, and the Rulers are sworn to protect and uphold it."

"Acording to the Constitution, Dato’ Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is Menteri Besar until he resigns of his own accord, or is removed by a vote of no-confidence in a formal sitting of the assembly. The Constitution makes no provision for his removal by any other means, including by petitions or instructions from any other authority."

He added, " [a] legitimate constitutional government draws all its authority from the consent of the people and only from that consent. The people consent because it is their government formed according to their constitution, whose leaders they have chosen through free and fair elections."

The present government was brought down through none of the above - not through a vote of no confidence or elections. Yet, the state secretary has asked the MB and his executive councillors to vacate their office and make use of the police FRU to barricade the administrative building.

If this is not a coup d'etat, what it is? Coup d'etat is the sudden unconstitutional overthrow of a government.

Today is a shameful day for Malaysians. I urge any Perakians, who are willing, to sue the BN government for breaching their Constitutional rights.

Can BN, UMNO, PR, the monarch and the rest of us respect the rule of law? Malaysia is turning into a Banana republic.

I would like to urge Malaysians to stay united to overcome the serious economic challenges ahead. We must first survive this downturn to fight another day. Stay calm because these unscrupulous politicians will have to come back to us to renew their mandate.

When the time comes, we will show them the real MAYHEM!


romerz said...

Kay Peng, my thoughts exactly!

Coup D'etat.

Anonymous said...

The best is yet to come, they will see the true colours of the rakyat on the next GE!

People said...

We shall always look at the bright sight!

Perakian will never allow the BN government to breah the Constitutional rights.

Tomorrow, the swearing of new BN MB can be seen as an illegal if it happen.

Therefore, the PR Govt will take the case to Court and apply for injunction.

The odd will be with PR govt and MB Nizar.

Trust me!!!

sp lim said...

Talk is cheap. Learn this from my sultan today.

So what's is he doing in a party that overthrows a democratically elected govt by unconstitutional means. He should just resign from UMNO and become an independent.

Lone said...

Today will be long remembered as a "Day of Infamy in Perak". Imagine the one you have sworn loyalty and allegiance to stabbing you in the back. There was so much sweet and sugared talk by him and his son on the supremacy of the constitution, the need for an independent judiciary blah blah blah. When he had the golden opportunity to do right by his Rakyat, he gave them a right royal letdown. He forgot his righteous and join the 'brigands' out to seize the government of his state. He refused to answer his rakyat calls and cries and to say that he greatly disappointed his rakyat, that would be the understatement on this "Day of Infamy in Perak".
His Rakyat had such high hopes, after his talk, and that this righteous ruler would stand by his Rakyat but what did we get in return. He is now willing to offer the governance of his Rakyat to a band of men, amongst whom are katak and allegedly corrupted ones.
Why has this "Day of Infamy in Perak" been allowed to happen? Is there something that the Rakyat is unaware? Will His Royal Highness enlighten the Rakyat.
There is a higher power than His Royal Highness who will abjucate on this "Day of Infamy in Perak" and the day of reckoning will be upon those who have allowed it to take place. Justice will be done then. Rakyat keep your eyes open and see.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Is ‘democracy’ technically dead when there’s no longer any meaningful rule of the people by the people directly themselves?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

Julian Chin said...

Err.. one thing I don't understand, which Constitution are talking abuot here?

Anonymous said...

How can those frogs call themselves "independent MPs" if they support BN?

These frogs can support BN's policies and NOT making up the numbers for BN.

It is unbelieveable that UMNO can still trust Nasaruddin after his infamous U-turn!!

perakian said...

Can someone tell the whole picture? Otherwise we cannot simply trust.

The Sultan Perak's statement says these based on the Constitution:--

"..His Royal Highness had used his discretion under Article XVIII (2)(b) of the Perak Darul Ridzuan State Constitution and did not consent to the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly.

YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was summoned to an audience with the Sultan to be informed of his Royal Highness’s decision not to dissolve the State Assembly, and in accordance with the provisions of Article XVI (6) of the Perak Darul Ridzuan State Constitution, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak ordered YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to resign from his post as Perak Mentri Besar together with the members of the state executive council with immediate effect...."

Anonymous said...

Perak...Land of Hopping

Anonymous said...

I think Perakians should do something about their situation. Boycott all functions and activities of all BN's reps including the new something and let them feel unwelcomed. Especially those frogs!

From Sitiawan fella

Anonymous said...

Today is a sad day for all Perakians.
Never have I feel so ashamed of being a Perakian. A legitimate government being bought down by dubious means. I wish to apologize to all Malaysians for what has happened here. Sorry!

justicenequality said...

The Saddest Day in the history of modern Perak.

With his Impeccable & Illustrious Reputation, HRH fail the Perakians MISERABLY in their HOURS of NEED viz to dissolve the State Assembly and call for a fresh Election.

All his past "Holy than Thou" talks here there and everywhere on "Constitutional Laws, etc" comes to NOUGHT when the RIGHT Decision was not made for the best reason known to himself. Disgrace.

In the days, months, weeks and years ahead, Perak will be embroil over unnecessary politiking instead of focussing on the financial turmoil which is now griping the world and Msia.

ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS your Majesty.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH but when the opportune moment arrive for you to prove words into deeds, what did you DO??

Anonymous said...

Subject: BN Politics 101
What lessons will the younger and up-coming politikus in BN learned from this political coup in Perak?

Yes, it is morally right to accept criminals and people of low character into your party if it is in your party's favour.

Yes, criminals who joined the party would be set free and all charges will be dropped as these dubious characters have sacrificed for the party and the party is indebted to these heroes who defected.

Yes, money politics is acceptable and legally right if you can grab hold of power by whatever means to get the job done.

Yes, you can grab control of power to rule via money and under the table deals, and not caring a damn about the rakyat choice of elected reps, as long as power is yours.

Yes this will set a precedent for all up-coming BN politikus on how to wheel and deal their way up the ladder to win bigger posts in BN.
Yes, you can throw Moral and character out of the window when you join BN. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Anonymous said...

Kong "Hee" Fatt Choy, get it!

Anonymous said...

The woman responsible in this Perak fiasco

Over to you Sultan Azlan. I hope bloggers will pick this up and investigate into news that NTR use her to broker the collapse of PRK