Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Defensive New Perak "Menteri Besar"

The Malaysian Insider reported that Zambry Abdul Kadir snapped at awkward questions from reporters at his first press conference, that he has been feeling the strain of defending what has been an obviously unpopular and possibly unconstitutional takeover of the state from Pakatan Rakyat.

Also reported:

When asked today if he thought he has the support of a majority of the public in Perak, Zambry said: "That is why we are here."

When it was pointed out that he did not gain his position as menteri besar via an election, he grew visibly defensive and snapped back: "What do you mean? This is a democratic process.

"Do you understand democracy? I am asking you, do you understand the political philosophy of democracy?

"I am asking you back. Why are you not asking them (Pakatan Rakyat) back when they are
talking about the party hopping? "When they triggered everything right from the very beginning. You should ask yourself about that."

I am not surprised that Zambry feel awkward trying to defend the BN takeover in Perak. But I am amused by his lack of understanding of democracy. If democracy to Zambry means UMNO can do whatever it likes because Anwar is doing the same then this is perverted understanding of democracy. Two wrongs do make a right.

Zambry should be reminded that democracy is about the people. If he thinks democracy can be dictated by the three controversial "independent" assemblymen then we should not raise our hopes on his administration. A leader who does not want to accept reality and trying to distort the notion of democracy is not worth his salt.

If Zambry is so sure that he has the support of the majority, he should do the right thing - get their mandate.

On another note, if Zambry claimed to serve all why would be need to appoint two advisors with state exco status to assist him on Indian and Chinese issues. MIC S. Veerasingam will be his advisor for Indian affairs while Chang Ko Youn will be Chinese advisor. Ironically, the two had lost their seats in the last general election.

How can they represent the the two communities when they did not even receive the mandate of the people to serve?

Unfortunately, Zambry's government is not consistent with his claim - that he serves all. There is no need for both Indian and Chinese advisors if he is really close to the grassroots. Another headache for him, whether or not to continue with the 999 years land lease.


Anonymous said...

The government of the day should set the examplary moral and ethics of this beautiful nation! By taking over like that, it fails the nation! Sin will find you out!

Anonymous said...

it's simple, they are not the LEGITIMATE government at all. I cant see how they could ever convince the RAYKAY with such a lame arguement.

Basically, THE SULTAN screw up on this one.

Anonymous said...

Good one, keep it coming !

Mr. Smith said...

He is not only an illegal MB but uncivil as well.
Snapping at the press conference, the first one at that, is not going to win him favour with the disgusted Perakians.
Sice Zamry looks like a full fledged Indian, she should represent Indian interest.

Antares said...

Zambry is a typical Umno dickhead lah - postures & pontificates just like our brilliant & beloved home minister. Too much testosterone, not enough braincells. One look at his dismal performance during his maiden speech at Yuk Choy school & nobody would vote for this puffed-up, self- serving poltroon. Only in an outright mediocracy dominated by BN for 51 years can such a low-calibre person get to be Mentri Besar!

Anonymous said...

UMNO's favorite phrase

Melayu Pantang dicabar ...

in Zamry's case

Mamak also pantang dicabar

Anonymous said...

I thought he has a very good education credential but he don't understand what is the meaning of democracy..mamak..oh mamak..their root is like this uncivil..

sinnerconman said...

Only Menteri Besar Haram understands democracy - democracy of corruption and coup leaving another 4 excos for more defectors.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

I'm against party-hopping whether it is done by BN or PR.

Nevertheless, Zambry Abdul Kadir should call for a snap election on 'stealing' the MB post and Perak State Govt. - just like what AI said he would do if PR takes over the Federal Govt., i.e. call for a snap election for Parliament!

A snap election would give the rakyat to endorse him as a bona fide MB!!

jimmy teh said...

Zamry is just another chess piece selected by the DPM to be the new MB in Perak. He doesn't know his new role except being Santa Claus as witnessed at the two functions he attended: The Thaipusam event at Gunung Cheroh and the CNY dinner at Yuk Choy. I doubt he could be a good MB if he doesn't even understand what DEMOCRACY IS. Money is no doubt important but it is not everything. Give the mandate back to the RAKYAT. They will tell you what they want. That is DEMOCRACY!

Anonymous said...

Is it true Zambry is a mamak? Then he must be the first ever Indian mentri Besar. Mahathir was the first ever mamak prime minister.
A chinese MB in Perak not OK but an Indian OK. What kind of logic is this? How far can this country go with such racist mindsets?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Perak state constitution stated that a non-Malay cannot be MB. Umno didn't approve Indian-Muslim to become a Malay. So how can Zambry as an Indian-Muslim became MB. Seemed that either Sultan was blackmailed or Umno will change the laws to suit them.

Anonymous said...

When asked whether the new BN would continue Pakatan policy of giving land to the poor chinese, he could not answer and tried to evade it. Why? Because he was afraid of Ahmad Ismails of UMNO! Nak jadi MB for all konon.

castello34 said...

Typical BN !

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Well, all Zan Zan Ali KeZam thinks that with a magic wane, he expects us to believe everything he says.

I simply don't give a damn on his doctorate. By the way,I can get a nuch better doctorate than he could