Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fickle Minded or Opportunist?

Bota representative Nasarudin Hashim has to be the most fickle minded politician of the year. He left UMNO days ago claiming he is able to serve the interest of his constituency better under the Pakatan Rakyat government and went back again to UMNO.

The truth is Nasarudin is not serving the interest of his constituency but his alone. I had asked Nasarudin to resign and seek a fresh by-election to prove that his voters are supportive of his earlier decision. He even hosted a ceramah to explain to the voters his decision.

What about now?

This is an expensive lesson for PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim. He should leave UMNO political tactics behind when he left the party. PKR cannot claim to be the new face of Malaysian politics which is clean and responsible if its paramount leader has been talking about defections since the March 8, 2008 general election. I have been waiting for him to talk about governance and new ideas for the country.

Assemblymen Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong should be ashamed of themselves. They were lying through their teeth and giving all sorts of reasons to justify their disappearance. Perakians who wanted a better Malaysia should ensure they end the political career of the 3 politicians.

Next time, vote for the quality of a candidate. There are good people in PR and there are a few good men in BN too. Malaysians should make their elected representatives work for them and not the other way round.

A number of us, independent observers, had warned the PR state governments to pull up their socks. What did I get from a few constructive articles I wrote about PR state governments e.g. Penang? I was maliciously accused by a DAP MP Jeff Ooi in Penang for blackmailing the state government for fund as a reason of my criticism. This self-proclaimed blogger activist did not even bother to apologize when he was not able to come out with any concrete evidence after the 72 hours deadline given to him.

Sometimes criticism is meant to be constructive and helpful. We criticize because we care and want the two-party system to work. The end results is always for a better Malaysia.

PR needs to handle their own "little Napoleons".

For the sake of the nation, I hope the Perak Sultan will allow for a snap election to be called. It is not for the politicians to decide who should rule. In a real democracy, it is all about the people's choice. By allowing BN to take power via the backdoor, the monarch may actually help to perpetuate corruption and unscrupulous practices in politics.

Let the people decide!


Anonymous said...

Jeff Ooi, do the responsible thing, apologise.

I'm a DAP supporter, however, it looks like they are human after all and bound to self-interest and ego.

Personally, only know the Ngeh and Nga cousins closely, as they represent my constituency and member of my church. I can only vouch for them.


Sentinel said...

Nasarudin Hashim is a shameless opportunist! The worst kind. Since Najb believes everyone has a price, the question now is - How many millions did accept for the his performing a volte face?

I think the Electorate's voice which is very loud now is - "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!"

All those shameless opportunist be prepared to be voted out! We do no want self serving scums pretending to be sincere people's representatives.

I trust Raja Nazrin is hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
It is indeed a sad day for the decent rakyat of Perak who have been betrayed by the reps they voted into office.

We sincerely hope that the Sultan of Perak heard the pleas of his subjects and let them decide who should be their choice of government in Perak.

Letting BN take over by state government with underhand tactics only shows that democracy is dead and buried and dirty politics is the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

fickle minded or opportunist? neither!

najib said - we didn't start this - and hence it sounds more like a script from a made-in-malaysia big budget grade e comedy movie that consumes MILLIONSSS to film but will not be marketable.

it is a shame and it is a sad day for malaysia whereby elected reps cost a dime a dozen.

finally, i'm afraid all of us have something negative to say about some of the pr 'little napoleons'. i do agree that some of them have gotten goddamn arrogant thinking that the electorate voted for them when in reality, the majority of them simply VOTED AGAINT BN!

with such 'a dime a dozen' cheapo reps, even if a snappoll is called in Perak, who cares anymore? another vote aganst bn resulting in pr winning will make the little napoleons becoming more arrogant and at the same time not guaranteeing that the cheapo pr rep will again lompat sikatak lompat all in the name of bounty.


-Freddy Toh-

Engleong said...

Mr. Khoo,

I can't agree with you more!! People, whoever they are, must walk the talk.

This is one of the reasons the rakyat has such low opinions of Pollies!

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your overall post here, you and many who put the blame entirely on Anwar for the defection game conveniently ignored that former Perak MB Tajol openly declared right after March 8 of last year that he and his BN government would topple the government by the end of March. Ignoring that suggests that Anwar and his PR were the only ones working to get BN defectors. Ignoring that suggests you were not interested in BN using money to woo PR Perak reps. This is straight talk?

Anonymous said...

You are right about "Little Napoleons" because a little power (from being voted into office) can prove to be quite heady, e.g. in the case of Jeff Ooi.

There is also another newly-elected State Assemblyman in Penang. Not contented with declaration of his new position on his name card, he even put YANG BERHORMAT in front of his name. And whether he wants to serve his constituency or not, just guess if I were to tell you that there is no cellular phone number given on his card.

Today, we still get unscrupulous men and women like the IGNOBLE FOUR because we are not choosing quality. Just imagine a clerk, a postman, an army captain, and a what-not.

Can they really sit down to think ways and means to help us get out of our economic woes? No, they are far more interested in how to use their offices to enrich themselves. A good lesson for both BN and PR - choose wisely next time.

Anonymous said...

Money is not the root of everything,humans are. These reps will be anwserable to their future generations.I sincerely believe that the Sultan will allow the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly and this time, I believe "they" will be wipe out. Those guys at PR are voted in not so much as the Rakyat want them, the Rakyat just don't want umno, period. BE HUMBLE.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


While some politicians play their games like 'ghosts'
The ordinary folks are the people who suffer the most
Does it matter now which party is playing the 'host'
When ultimately everybody needs to consider the cost

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040209
Wed. 4th Feb. 2009.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 10.03pm,

This blog did not suggest that Tajol was right. If you bother to check my earlier post, I have spoken against defections since march 2008.

You should accept the part where Anwar was talking about defections and giving deadline after deadline. We have lost a year as a result.

Do I need to repeat that on UMNO? Duh...we all know its true colours

Anonymous said...

Hope the sultan of Perak listen to the ppl's view.Citizen's vote based on the party not based on the personalty.A state election must b called to put a stop of BN dirty tactic.Those ADUN's won bcos rakyat needed them based on the party, how they can leave the rakyat in delima for thiers person greeds?Do v malaysian need this type of wakil rakyats?No faces la. pls b more matured in ur dicisions YB's.

Anonymous said...

Fucking DAP Traitor Bitch! Curse her and her whole family! She will never have peace!

Anonymous said...

Sure, Khoo, you have said that in the past, just as you said many, many other things before as well. But shouldn't the point be that you said it when it most matters?

As to your last point about not having to repeat what UMNO has been doing, well, I advise that you reread my post before shooting off your DUH!

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 8.30am,

I re-read your earlier post and found it disgusting for to claim that "you and many who put the blame entirely on Anwar for the defection game". This is obvious that you did not read my previous posts too. Which one of them blamed Anwar entirely?

The point is I oppose defections regardless if it comes from Anwar or BN.

And because many Malaysians are putting their hope on Anwar, they wanted the coalition to be different.

Am I not saying it when it matters? What about you? Still hiding under the veil of denial?

By the way, I have a pay job and no one is paying me to keep my blog real time.

TheWhisperer said...

You can't be more right. Their political is considered dead from the moment the crossover.

To confirm their death, HRH Sultan Azlan Shah only need to agree to a snap poll for his subject.

Looking at the signs available, chance of a snap poll remains high. Anything less would create more suspicion. Lets not go back in history and dwell on this.

RaymonD said...

i just feel that Nasarudin is a defect planted by BN to show that crossover is possible and accepted by all. Hence, PR's members crossover are acceptable too. If PR had accepted Nasarudin earlier, they should've shouldered the blame too for defections all along. Don't be mistaken, I am for PR to govern the nation too. But, this is the wrong step in chess.