Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Karpal Needs the DAP Support

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has confirmed that no ISA would be used against Karpal.

"When the investigation is completed, the report will be submitted to the Attorney-General for whatever action he deems fit," the prime minister told reporters when asked to comment on calls from various parties for immediate action to be taken against Karpal Singh, including under the ISA, to maintain public peace in the country.

I would like to advise the Prime Minister to stop wasting the time of his Attorney-General on such flimsy allegations against Karpal Singh. The AG office should spend more time to investigate custodial deaths and corruption charges against several politicians.

Bar Council has taken a stand to support Karpal's right to sue the Sultan of Perak. The suit is not a personal attack against the Sultan. It is not a defamation suit but to challenge the Sultan's interpretation of the constitution. All of us agree that the constitution is the highest law of the nation and any right minded Malaysian should stand firm to defend the sanctity of the constitution.

We agree that the Sultan's decision to sack the MB and to install the new government despite some serious democratic and moral flaws in the appointment has created constitutional crisis in Perak.

What Karpal need is, at least, support from his own party. He is, afterall, the Chairman of DAP. His criticism of Anwar Ibrahim is another matter. But on this ground, the feisty politician needs support from his own comrades.

Are they abandoning him to fight his own battle against those who wanted to use the ISA against him or threatening his safety?

If DAP cannot stand up for its own chairman, can we expect the party to stand up for us?


Anonymous said...

this is the right time for DAP to show that its united within its party members. what Karpal has unleashed are the facts of the constitution and there is nothin wrong with it. Only a narrow minded person would go around carrying flimsy banner asking for Karpal to retract his words of wanting to take constitutional action againts the sultan of perak. if we do not support Karpal in this agenda, then i can foresee that the constitution will be bended like rubber and plasticine by anyone who thinks they are above the law, including even including some clowns in the BN/UMNO based parties.Now is the right time to stand united againts the misintepretation of the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Please wake up to the political reality. We, non-Malays can never make any adverse comment on the Sultanate or Islam. DAP cannot be seen to be supporting Karpal. Otherwise, it will be committing hara-kiri among the Malay electorate.

Jed Yoong said...

"If DAP cannot stand up for its own chairman, can we expect the party to stand up for us? "

Look at the fate of those who oppose the Lim's. In Selangor, we have Teng Chang Kim to remind us the consequences of asking Kit Siang to resign...

In DAP, are ppl also in "yes men" mode to safeguard their positions?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kay Peng,

You're so right. He needs the support of his own Party! Via va Karpal!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, now we know what UMNO Youth members' mentality is like.

Anonymous said...

DAP and Pakatan Rakyat should support Karpal and stand united against UMNO.
At the same time, Karpal should also stand united with his colleagues in DAP and Pakatan Rakyat on other issues. Karpal also need to be a team player himself.

Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh towers above all the others. He is truly a lion. I have always felt that his hands were tied, even though he is Chairman. Everytime he wants to do something right, LKS or LGE would persuade him to accommodate Anwar and let it go. I can understand how frustrating it must be for him to stand by his principles. Unfortunately, this is how Malaysia works.

I have alway felt it unfair that the party do not listen to this wise man, and only make use of his expertise when they get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

With the by-elections in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau coming up, Karpal will make peace with Anwar,Kit Siang and others over the Perak crisis issue. I think Karpal is rational enough to bury the hatchet with them and they likewise with him. The urgent task of both sides is to do battle with the common UMNO/BN enemy with the by-elections round the corner.

Anonymous said...

I wholy agree with the article and comments.

I have always been a DAP supporter but now it looks like the PR is turning into another BN .

It seems like their only goal now is to take hold of power and ousting BN.

And it looks like they're now willing to forgo the party's principles to achieve that. Even to the extent to leaving their chairman out in the cold when he was protecting those principles.

Im still a supporter, albeit a disappointed one and hope that things start getting better.

Anonymous said...

OK, no ISA will be used....but maybe only the SA (Seditions Act)?

Anonymous said...

Kapal should just go to sri langka and help his people there.

Did Guan Eng lied? said...

Look at these 2 statements reported on Feb 10 and Jan 28.

The one made on Feb 10, he says he "We'have always opposed.."

But the statement on Jan 28 , he welcome the BOTA assemblyman.

"Always" but in 13 days you flip flop!!!!

What are your trying to mispresent us, Lim Guan Eng? "


Guan Eng: We’ve always opposed hopping

PENANG, Feb 10 — The DAP today made its stand clear that it was against party-hopping by elected representatives.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the party had never ceased asking for an ‘anti-hopping’ law — even when Pakatan Rakyat (PR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced the supposed crossover of Barisan Nasional (BN) members of parliaments on Sept 16 last year.


Wednesday January 28, 2009
Guan Eng lauds Bota rep’s move to PKR

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng lauded Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim’s defection to PKR, saying the move would strengthen the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak.

“The situation in Perak is not like Penang where the Pakatan has a big majority.

“With one more assemblyman (for the Pakatan government), we hope their situation will be strengthened and give them a boost to continue striving and working for the people,” Lim said after hosting a state Chinese New Year open house at his residence on Jalan Macalister on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Karpal speaks from a wealth of knowledge, experience, commitment and certainly unshaken principles. His life has been one of walking the talk. Why go to that extent and at his age too? What is there for him to gain personally as others have gained corruptibly? He is a leader who serves.

castello34 said...

Any decision made on behalf of a party should be a mutual one. I'm sure all DAP members will support Karpal on this - but who will support him openly?

Anonymous said...

To stand up for its chairman and to stand up for us are two different things. I admired Karpal's stands on many issues he brought up but I do not think that he needs the party open support for the remark he made. His opinion of the right to sue the sultan is within the constitution.

Anonymous said...

karpal is a master lawyer. At this stature a person just can't help but being academic and technical.
So, how come none of you anti-umno and prokarpal wise people ever explore that karpal and the whole gang are just sore losers or power crazy like your condemned umno people. so you all and umno people are ONE and the SAME. KEEP SQUABBLING.. YOU WILL ACHIEVE A LOT.