Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leaders & Desperados

I am saddened by what has happened to PKR Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong. If her pictures were taken without her permission, it is a clear violation of her privacy.

However, I am disgusted with low-class politicians who are trying to score cheap shots on her misfortune. These politicians are desperados.

Read some of the reactions:

Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister:

"PKR has a lot of problematic people and they should settle their problems first before deciding to become the people's representatives in Parliament or even in the state assembly.Well, if she is the victim... I do not know... she is entitled to make a police report and the police will investigate.You may take naked photos in your private home, but you have to make sure the the public will not get it. In this case it is too early to say who is responsible." (A desperado?)

Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister in Prime Minister's Department:

"I sympathise with the executive councillor, this thing should have not happened as she the people's representative and she had been performing her duties.Therefore, to foil what she has done for the community in this manner is not good. But I hope her spirits (remain strong) and she will not bother about what has happened." (A humane reaction)

More reactions here

The biggest desperado must be Khir Toyo urged state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong to resign following the circulation of her nude photographs. He said the Pakatan Rakyat leader should quit as state cabinet member as well as state assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjan."This is a moral issue. Previously, (former health minister and MCA deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek had also resigned over a similar incident."

Chua was asked to resign because he committed adultery and not because his private sex video was widely circulated in public. It is a shame that Khir Toyo cannot see the difference. Adultery is morally wrong. I would have defended Chua the same way if his private video with his legal lover was violated and circulated in public.

Of course the same set of standards must be applied to Elizabeth Wong. If she was found sleeping with another married man, then it is logical to ask her to vacate her positions.

Khir should try to answer a honest question; "does he believe that physical intimacy is something rare between couples?

There is another low-class desperado; the person who took the pictures and violated the trust of his former lover. Shame on you! You just have all men a bad name.


romerz said...

Unbelievably nauseating!


Anonymous said...

Despicable for Khir Toyol, a true desperado.
YB Eli, should just ignore this idiot call to resign.
No issue, anybody can go Bogel in their private room as long as they don't go Bogel walking along Petaling Street!!!
Lawan tetap Lawan YB Eli.

teohjitkhiam said...

I think it would be more productive for all of us, instead of cussing at political parties or politicians, to find out and reveal the former boyfriend's name to the public via the blogosphere so as to enable him to enjoy the Jelapang treatment.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that the moral of this country (in general) is declining and in fact plunging fast!

Many Malaysians just want to have easy way out - earning easy money (without sweating), corruption, taking advantage on others for own benefits (politically, economically or even morally)...........sigh!

Wizzerd said...

Comments made by Khir Toyo & Syed Hamid Albar are simply disgusting!!! They pretend as though they are SOO righteous and morally upright.
What crass behaviour, what if the same thing happening to their wife, daughter, sister or their loved ones.
Those in UMNO are the low class politicians giving Malaysia a bad name.
When the stakes are high, these drowning desperados will clutch at a straw to keep them afloat.

Looking at the bright side, people's contempt towards BN gets more intense. Bad news for Najib & co.

Antares said...

I hereby declare Khir Toyo, Syed Hamid Albar and Najib Razak (and his fat pushy wife) UNFIT TO EXIST (don't talk about holding public office!)

Anonymous said...

Strange that none of the corruption charges filed against Khir Toyo has come up for investigation to date. Why the needless delay?

ex-boyfriend said...

Yes, Clinton, Perfumo, Vijandran, CSL etc will like to have you by their side.

Of courselah it will be a political weapon, same like the gentleman above.

If EW was found sleeping with a married man, it's not ok but if the man is single, then go ahead madam, gang bang all you like.

But KP, how do you know that the man is single?

And you say you're independent political analyst!

Anonymous said...

As a candidate for umno youth chief, khir toyo doesn't even know how to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

Now we know what a deep shit we will all be in should he be chosen to lead.

What a disgrace to have such a low-class and immoral leader!!

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I am amused by your very sound logic. What Vijandran, CSL and Clinton have in common? Committed adultery.

I am going to ask u back the same thing. What make u think that her sex photos very revealed? What make u think that the man wasn't single?

I was trying to point out that both Syed Hamid and Khir Toyo must not try to score quick political points.

Then again, who is Elizabeth to you? What make u think that you can be a moral guardian to another single woman? Better do this on your own sister.

You are against me not her. Too bad, I speak from my conscious. You don't.

Independent does not mean pro BN or PR. It has to be logical.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


MCA Women Chief Chew and a number of their leaders did come out to defend Wong's privacy and modesty. What happened to Gerakan?

Why the silence? Do you happen to know any of their leaders? A by-election is imminent and it is a seat the party lost.

Maybe you should try to get the party leaders to state their stand. Let us hear it loud and clear.

I would support Dr Tan Kee Kwong candidacy if PKR fields him. He was a committed MP.

ex-boyfriend said...

Refresh your memory on the DP Vijandran's video which was unearthed by Karpal Singh. Vijandran was (and still is single), the lady was single and was engaged in to quote you "physical intimacy".

Why was Vijandran hounded by the DAP (opposition) then and now when it happened to their own, suddenly there are rules on immorality. Sleeping nude with boyfriend is okay, on singles please, not adultery ....

Does that smack double standard or to quote you gain "logical"?

Khoo Kay Peng said...


It is you who brought up about DP Vijandran. Very convinient of you to drag our discussion over to DP Vijandran and how he was hounded by DAP. What has that got to do with my post?

My blog did even exist during DP's time and I did not comment on it. How can that be double standards on my part? Unless you are trying to drag politics into it.

You know what, the bottom line you cannot differentiate between what is being victimised and what is consentual party. DP and her lover was taped by himself - 11 of them. I did not and would not question DP's right to sleep with many women, did I. Okay, I was not sure if he was married at that time or not. But the other two examples, Clinton and CSL?

Did Wong agree to have her pics taken?

Don't run away from your own examples. I am used to debates and I know what diversion means when you are caught with your own inconsistency.

looes74 said...

By the way, to add on to the point. Though Vijindran finally resigned. The tape was destroyed. No further investigation being conducted.

Hmm......How about the molest charges by one former minister.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. If this is indeed the acts of her ex-boyfriend, it must have been a blow to her for being betrayed by someone whom she once shared her life with. Hope she'll get back on her feet and move on. As for the culprit, life has a way of dealing with those who hurt others intentionally.

Anonymous said...

khoo, this is gonna be very rough.

Hamid, idiot. You dare to swear on the Quran that you have not make love to anybody except your wife? I dare challenge you, Hypocrite. Dont be a effeminate by hiding behind the cops.

Anonymous said...


dont bother about this ex-bf.
readers can differentiate. low lifes like him are in the same class as Hamid and Toyo. To him, uMNO is world class in ethics and moral. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Niamah hai to hamid and tempeh toyol.

sansiro said...


What happened to EW is unfortunate, can’t u see? It is as if you were showering naked in your own bathroom and someone sneakily took pictures of you and posted them on the web.
It must be embarrassing but it is not your fault because (1) the pictures were taken without your consent (2) being naked is ok since you do it in your private space - you can practically do anything that turns you on, and (3) no one has the legal rights to post your private pictures without your consent.
Technically, no one has the right to blame you let alone to ask you to stop what you are doing, but in Malaysia some idiots (synonym for politicians) will make a big deal out of it like there is no other important issues - corruption, poor education system, government inefficiencies, economic slump, bias judicial system and bijillion other matters that make our country still a 3rd world country even after a few decades of independence – that they should be more worried about.
If you can’t see it still, wait until it happens to someone close to you. Then you know.

K L said...

What to expect from this bunch of jokers/clowns leading the country !
It is time for a total change now !

kc said...

hi khoo, the fact that EW resigned made me felt that there could be more intimate pictures of her which may be against the law (e.g. performing oral sex?) if she wouldn't stop the damage from going further. she must not resigned because of the only few pictures people are talking about. to me those pictures as desribed doesn't carry any weight at all to make her resign.

Anonymous said...


If internet was just as common those days during D.P Vijandran's case back in 1988 and the video spread across instead of turning being admittedly destroyed by the authorities. EW's case is just ho-hum. How low hypocrite politician's are able to stoop nowadays truly amazes me when they have much more important issues at task. It is a shame that with Malaysia's population of 25 million, instead of getting less than 1% of the brightest and smartest people to manage the country, we let a bunch of bright-butt & smart-ass monkeys do the job. Just vote them out in the coming GE.