Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Low Class TV3

My brother had asked me several times to subscribe to Astro TV. I told him my common staple is news and I would try to stick to the several free TV channels, among them TV3. Tonight's prime time news, Bulletin Utama, has convinced me that I should sign up for Astro TV.

As usual, today's news report has devoted more than 10 minutes on Elizabeth Wong. A TV3 reporter has taken an extra effort to interview several parliamentarians on the controversy.

I was taken aback by Ibrahim Ali's remark. He accused Pakatan Rakyat for practising double standards when its leaders, chiefly Anwar Ibrahim, have asked Elizabeth to reconsider her quit decision. He said BN leaders who were caught in similar situation would have been asked to resign immediately.

Categorically, I don't think its right for Elizabeth, Anwar or PKR to blame the entire BN. Many BN leaders, from MCA, UMNO and Gerakan, have spoken up in defence of Elizabeth. In fact, politicians from both coalitions should unite to speak up against any invasion of privacy. It may have happened to Elizabeth today and it could be someone else next. We must stop this silly game to bring down politicians.

Hence, it is important for us to know the difference - between what is moral and what is not. It is not wrong for her to sleep semi-naked. It is not wrong for a couple to be intimate. Khir Toyo's question on morality borders hypocrisy. A simple survey sample done by a local university had shown that our sexuality patterns have changed.

She did not attempt to exhibit her sexuality. It was personal to her. How many top leaders dare say that they have their moral compass pointing to the right place?

She did not commit adultery -which is not acceptable by Buddhist, Christian and others.

Hence, Ibrahim Ali's argument of double standards is both misguided and mischievous. We should condemn the action and not the victim. There are times when we can leave partisan politics aside.

It is the same in the case of Chua Soi Lek. Both the culprit and the victim were wrong. Chua was wrong to commit adultery and he had to pay for his immoral action. Similarly, the culprit who invaded his privacy was wrong to do so. If caught, he/she should face a stern punishment. This is what we can agree on.

If there is anything PAS Kelantan has done wrong in the last general election, it is to make way for 'katak' Ibrahim Ali to stand as an independent candidate on PAS banner. On his own steam, he did not stand a chance to even come to keep his deposit.

Back to TV3, the news producer should be ashamed of herself/himself for such low and cheap shots aimed at a helpless victim.

It is so unfortunate that both our politics and TV production quality have gone the way similar to our football team. Worthless, low quality and boring.


Anonymous said...

U very slow la, UMNO-controlled newsroom have been reporting one-sided news for so many years now!

Anyway, it's good that u have come to some senses. When you subscribe to Astro, do watch other channels, but not Bernama. The news is the same quality as TV3!


romerz said...

You should have seen yesterday's Buletin Utama! 18 mins on Eli Wong's unfortunate incident!

I had to switch channels after 20 mins.

Tonight, I could only manage something like 8 mins before I wanted to throw up! The fat bastard Ibrahim Ali talking shit brought the bile to my mouth and I had to switch channels before I messed up the living room carpet!


Khoo Kay Peng said...

Not being slow, its about free and paid. Need extra cash

Jeffrey Chew said...

KP - why watch trashy news where you can watch BBC, AlJaherra, CNN and others to see news of better reporting. You heard of Katak di bawah tempurung? I guess TV3 tends to do that kind of reporting. Otherwise, why do you think there were 3 frogs that jumped out? Inspiration from a low down gutter reporting. I have no respect for this kind of reporting. Stick on with them and I will probably checking into Hospital Bahagia one day. So, I will save myself from this kind of reporting and move on with life.

Anonymous said...

Anything to do with Ibrahim Ali the frog, just ignore that rubbish idiot.

Jefus said...

No need to pay to Astro haven't you been reading BBC Al Jazeera DW News over the internet? And all the International Newspapers there? Take a look at how Malaysia is described.

KKP, we have been a laughing stock for years. TV3 and many Msian News Media just don't cut it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you are still watching TV3. Are you still living in the dinosaur age or what? RTM and TV3 have been dishing out a lot of crap for donkey years. Don't even waste the electricity to turn on the TV to watch their programs.

Eric said...

Dear Kay Peng;

remember our childhood days? TV3 had the best cartoons.
It still applies now. They have just moved in the grid from holiday and weekend mornings to Buletin Utama.

Akiko said...

It's best to check out this to find out what TV3 really is

Anonymous said...

u know what i did, my bro in ipoh got astro, so use his a/c to get
2nd decoder and pasang at my haouse in kajang, save a lot oooo.
i only watch awani channel 501, the analysis and news at 11pm not so bias la.

cari makan maa

Anonymous said...


If you dont want to waste your hard earned cash, dont subsribe Astro, you can wtach so many free to air channels on broadband, stuff like Al-Jazeera, BBC etc.

For local news, go for a channel like CNA from Singapore.

get all these from Braodband.

You should know by now , TV3, RTM and Awani, they are not news stations, they are propaganda stations.


Anonymous said...

Why should she resign ?

Her photos did not showed her in the nude.

I just saw the photos myself.

She was lying down on her sofa and exposing her panties. That's all.

Actually I did not see anything immoral with thoes photos.

I really do not know what's the big fuss about.

Anonymous said...

Why do Katak Ali get to become MPs in this country.....it is because they get to con the very people to vote him in....and how do these simpletons get so easily influenced ...partly because of RTM and TV3....the price of being free and paid????

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
Its no surprise that the BN gomen owns all major MSM media for the fact that they wanted to control the news to make themselves look/sound politically correct and righteous.

My only concern is that these 'edited' news are being lapped-up by the rakyat that live in rural areas which depended upon MSMs as the only source for their daily dose of news. As what they see/hear on TV and what they read in the papers are the same spin, they presumed its the real deal.

Could anyone out there think of a way to break this news monopoly so that people can see both sides of the coin for them to make their own judgement rather than having this forced down their throats by these morally righteous MSMs?

This is not the case in Thailand and Indonesia where freedom of speech is actually practiced.

yatim said...

There is no news in Malaysia, except UMNO news. So, do not bothered to read the local mainstream newspapers and tv channels. Everyday they come up with bullshit materials only. It is their so called "Ketuanan Melayu" tactic to keep the majority with bullshit in their brain.

thebigsoalan said...

TV3 coverage on Perak issue was much worse, i wonder why nobody has sued them or get the producer detained under Sedition Act or ISA for provoking the Rakyat.

Really hope that someone will run a campaign to boycott TV3 news!

Anak Perelih said...

TV3's Bulletin Utama is called Bullshit Utama... Hiburan Terkini, Berita sensasi.... pure propaganda at its best...

True-Leaders.com said...

TV3's news reports has been shameful for a long time. Their coverage is always blatantly and disgustingly biased. Instead of reporting the news, those people fancy themselves as 'gods' telling the rest of us mortals what is right and wrong with the world.
I purposely wanted to tune in to TV3 to see how their take on the Liz Wong case. And I got my answer when the news reader said: "Tanpa perasaan malu, YB Elizabeth Wong..."

Libby's said...

I agree that PAS should not have allowed katak Ibrahim Ali into their fold. He's proving to be a liability to the Pakatan now, in more ways than those you mention in your article above. Of course, you had to confine yourself to the unfortunate events concerning an excellent lady politician in your article, and it's certainly not worth devoting an entire article on Ibrahim Ali, a politician who is not of the same class and intellectual level as Elizabeth Wong!

As for Malaysian tv, have you forgotten Mahathir's homosexual tales on the small screen? It's a good thing that children are not normally interested in the news! Of course, the news should be factual, and should not have given way to the sexual fantasies of an old man - but that's Malaysian tv for you! At any rate, the way bad storytellers like Mahathir and TV3 deal with sex, we are either bored or sympathise with those who are supposed to be the sexual "villains."

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from TV3, RTM or other low class TV channels in cahoots with UMNO to run down political opponents? And what can you expect a low down katak politician like Ibrahim Ali to say, except to bite the hand (ie. Pakatan Rakyat) that feeds him? Notice that all this stinking business started the minute Najib announced he would take over from Pak Lah in Mar. Beginning with the illegal power grab in Perak, a lot of dirty under hand tactics have been targeted at the PR, with Elizabeth Wong being the latest victim. Expect more dirty underhand tactics to come PR's way. Najib does not care about public opinion, only UMNO racist opinion, and what is sad, indeed very sad is that MCA, Gerakan and MIC are supporting him to the hilt, all because they are greedy for the crumbs he throws down at them as if he was feeding starving dogs. The people must all vote for PR in the coming 2 Bukits (expect even more( by-elections along the way with one PR MP/adun after another being forced to resign on "moral" issues caused by Najib and his hated clique in UMNO

Anonymous said...

Stopped watching all the free TV long time ago - make my blood pressure go up and have to spen more $$ on medicine.

Also save money by not reading the local newspapers.

Have gone totally online.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

I don't watch TV3 news, too one sided and every news is meant to either make the ruling party looks good or make the opposition looks bad and dirt cheap. This kind of journalism is no brainer, but then what can we expect from a bunch of low class broadcasting graduates.

Bernama news is also another TV3 news. Same thing, no class reporting. They still treat us as no brainer rakyat who is so gullible for everything they throw at us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Khoo

i am truly sad & ashamed of TV3's 'antics'. At one point of time in my life, i was part of the group. That was about 15 years ago. TV3 has gone from bad to worst. It is crystal clear beyond doubt that TV3 and other media, be it electronic or mainstream are still being controlled by certain politicians. As for Ms Elizabeth Wong, i can offer this - take a good break. When you are ready, come back and serve the rakyat. We surely do need leaders like you.

Muhammad S.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo, allow me to add TV1 TV2, NTV7 and don't know what else that you get for free. Don't even start on the newspapers again. But online information is getting more mainstream now. Momentum is gathering and hopefully soon, majority of the public don't have to depend on such classless production/news. As for now, a big sigh!

People said...

Nowadays, many Malay do not watch TV 3 Buletin Utama especially when come to politic news.
They rather watch Sports channel.

Johnny Ong said...

saw that news clipping too and aghast at the way tv3, as a national tv, to broadcast such one-sided news

meaning to say people at the tv3news centre has no value in life?

Anonymous said...

hi khoo,
much has been said about tv3 biased reporting over the years, but never change though. wats new?
all reports of the opposition are lop sided, whilst bn are glorified. at ntv7 slightly better.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Has anything changed comparing pre- and post- March 8 GE?

Let the main mass media, TV channels and newspapers, continue the oblique news, twists and turns and spins! The people are wiser and more discerning now. Let them continue shooting their foot and realisation may come post 13 GE.

The rakyat will teach these media and more so their masters a lesson that will see the demise of more component parties, the 'big brother' included!

laimun said...

Well, what can we expect from all government news agencies. It's a black day for media when they start showing indiscriminating images for all to oggle. I believe that UMNO (not BN) has missed an opportunity to radically restore their battered public perception when instead of showing solidarity against decaying moral injustice they smirked and mouthed cheap comments bordering on insensitive jibes. I applaud those (among UMNO and BN) who showed good leadership in condeming such acts. For so called national leaders like Ibrahim Ali and Khir Toyo, I wonder where you guys were educated.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god,how could a person like you tolerate watching such a rubbish news for years.Just watch other news channel in Astro at least can earn some general knowledge and can avoid unnecessary mental stress.I watch TV1,TV2 and TV3 and ended up breaking flower pots and so on.End of the day get scolding from my husband and mental stress by watching the idiotic news.

Anonymous said...

Never read any local produced newspaper or TV (even from astro) since 2 years ago. It has been a clear sign that they are very very bias. Now I have to make my own research via internet to see both sides for the real truth.

amoker said...

It is surely, mostly crap. YOu should watch RTM and Bernama. All also one sided.

Richguy said...

I'm surprised. Not because of TV3 but you. I don't think most urban educated Malaysians rely on TV3 anymore for fair news and so surprising it is to me when you say you do.

I give you one good example. Try placing two TVs side by side. Switch to NTV7 English news at prime time on one TV and TV3 on another. You would see both channels contradict with each other with the news contents. The reason is simple. It's is called BN strategy. NTV7 is to take care of English educated and Non-Malay viewers to portray the government does not restrict negative news while TV3's role to influence majority Malay viewers at all cost and therefore their only goal is to discredit opposition leaders and anyone who is not supportive of government. The funny thing is both channels owned by Media Prima.
If this happens in other country, it would be called as unethical journalism. Unfortunately this is Malaysia where ethics and ethical journalism are alienated.

Anonymous said...

Watch Awani... usually quite fair.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so lucky to have Astro. I've been stuck with free channels for years. (Yes, after sending my two sons to private u, I am broke). You cannot imagine the amount of propaganda and half news that they spew. Thanks to the internet. That is where I get my news from.

Nick Chan Abdullah said...

keep up with the good postings

but one thing to learn. NOBODY listens to Ibrahim Ali. even his votes, even Kelantanese, even PAS members.

Anonymous said...

Wahh only you and your blogger wathcrs r right, all others r wrong. So I suggest go back to yr right country of the slit eyes

Anonymous said...

Sorry to repeat what others had said. You are slow man. My family, relatives, freinds had all stop viewing TV3 and subscribe to Astro for more than a year

nckeat88 said...

The problem is her boyfriend is a MUSLIM. If her ex boyfriend is a Chinese, all these would not happen.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream TV and newspapers are now so skewed and biased in their reporting nowadays. I've given up watching news on them whenever I can. I've even stop buying local daily when I can.

I pity the people who still have no other avenue information aside from the mainstream media. How can we liberate them ?

Anonymous said...

For years I have never turned on to All these rubbish junk TV stations for their biased and have no professionlism in bring the people with truth fact, but one sided story. They are just wasting people money. It will be ashamed if these kampong TVs never be shut down one day....Najis

Anonymous said...

When I first landed in JB a year ago, I wonder why are the local turn to Singapore channels. After a programme produced by RTM about Thailand political chaos because being governed by "non-Bumi". And someone called in to support that all non-Bumi in Malaysia should not be given citizenship. I stopped watching TV1, TV2 and TV3.

Just have a check in Wikipedia and search Thailand prime ministers, most of them have Chinese blood and even Chinese names. I pity Jessica Ong who had to lead the programme.

Subscribed to Astro also not really good because they asked money from subscribers and also get money from advertisers. You will be disturbed by ever 15 minutes of long and unwanted advertisement.

My Indonesian colleugues asked me to bring them to Jom Heboh. After coming back from that event, they wonders why they could not see non-Bumi there.

I said, dramas, reality TV shows etc are more attracted to them.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with a comment by richguy. ntv7 tries to do more balanced reporting because it wants to, not because it is a strategy. both stations are bound to their master, but we try to squeeze in fairer coverage when the owner's not looking!

MSM employee