Thursday, February 05, 2009

MCA President Should Reconsider His Stand on Defections

MCA President Ong Tee Keat is well respected as a principled man. During the last party election, Ong was critical of leaders who have no moral standing. He was against leaders with sex scandals seeking public office. I supported his stand and opined that MCA needed a leader with high moral standing to chart a return of the party.

Hence, I would like to advise Ong to reconsider his full support to the formation of the new Perak Government through the most despicable and undemocratic way. Morality has a standard and it must be applied consistently.

Ong added, “This is a very good development. The people of Perak, by large, yearn for a change for betterment and good governance." Fair enough, but don't he think the best way is to ask the people themselves? Why speak for them? In a healthy democracy, we should let the people voices be heard. That is why a general election is held every five years to measure their voices.

Since the March 8 general election, there is no clear indication that Chinese support has returned to MCA and this stand will not encourage any more gains in the future.

I understand Ong has to be a good team player but it is important to observe fair play. I criticised Anwar's intention in the past and I will continue to speak out against any illegal intrusions of our democracy. This is the responsibility of every citizen.


Jed Yoong said...

MCA has no mandate to speak for the Chinese, so I assume he is just speaking for erm, MCA members who elected him.
Anyway, who is gonna vote for them at this rate?

Anonymous said...

Who is Ong Tee Keat to speak out against leaders with sex scandals? Just look who is the guy standing next to him and you will know it's all double talk.

Like a sultan's high-principled message to the rakyat but when it comes to actual delivery, well...

This is Bolehland where anything is boleh since cakap is cheap. Just like the King of Frogs' Sept 16, 2008 deadline...also talking through the backside.

And we might as well forget about the next GE since an entrenched Najib backed by the rulers will mean "rakyat go to hell".

Anonymous said...

What has chinese to do with Malysia?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia and Malaysians deserve the politics you get. One half of you are rotten to the core and the other lesser half apathetic. A tiny fraction try to do the best but you guys are a lost cause.

Blind Freddy could see what needs to be done but your Perak Sultan takes the easy path and succumbs to the evil and corrupted actions of a few. The moral and right thing to do is to give the people the right to choose their government.

Sad sad sad day for you. What a joke.!!!!!!

Aussie Joe

Anonymous said...

Only money talks...
This will be a true UMNO govt, no Indians and almost disappearing Chinese rep in the BN side. Sama-sama mati!


Anonymous said...

Not all are bad in curent Perak situation. The bright sides are:-

- we know who has zero intergrity and loyalty;
- bitter lesson on intergrity and loyalty;
- what a person can do because of greed and lust;
- what humility can achieve (just ask Tok Guru how he survived a term on 1 seat majority). Hint hint to DAP Perak chief;
- bitter lesson on political game.

To DAP/PKR and PAS, get on with life and do better in next election. Meanwhile be good opposition.

Anak Perelih said...

Some compared this BN coup with Anwar... but...

Anwar Sept 16 claim was a bluff to save Perak PR government... The best defense is to attack... If there was no Sept 16 claim, Perak should fell earlier... maybe by August 31 as claimed by tajol Rosli... Why I called it as a bluff??? because to get 30 people is a huge tasks.... That's 21% of BN MPs... Impossible la... He did so just to make BN busy with MP and left Perak alone as Perak has the slimmest majority of all state government... BN only need to get 3 people to hop... so which is more easier.. 3 Adun or 30 MPs???

We all got brains.. so use it la...

Anonymous said...

My advice to the BN is to go to the Sultan and get the damm state assembly resolve and get fresh mandate from the rakyat. If you bull dose through, you only have 4 years left and next GE I will bet you will be gone forever bo matter haw good you perform. Listen to the rakyat okay. You have betray the rakyat too much already. Listen for once.

Anonymous said...

Next GE? Is there such a thing as GE after today? I don't think so. If got, also tak adil lah.

Anonymous said...

Oh Khoo, Come on!! you think OTK dare to say a word against his political master. He is so scare that he may lost his post.

Anonymous said...


you are absolutely wrong about this man.
he spent anothe few hundred thousand to engage professionals to draw up a report to cover-up the PKFA fiasco which cost the taxpayer RM4.7 billion. That was his priority upon being appointed as the Transport Minister in saying thank you. He aint no different from his predecessors in MCA.
No, clean and upright personalities wont survive in MCA. In the first place, if he is truly sincere in wanting to serve the people, MCA should be the last party he should join. Afterall, MCA is known to be a towkay party and its for those who want to get rich at the expense of the rakyat (euphemism for corrupt practices).
by the way, if Chua Soi Lek is needed for his political survival, he will tell you a different story. So much for OKT's leadership.

justicenequality said...

Fully Agree with you!

Mr Ong Tee Keat-the ball is now at your feet-
"WALK the TALK".