Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Nation in Distress

I am beginning to feel sick reading news on our political development. Our politicians talk about everything; from morality to ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) but nothing on how to steer this nation toward economic recovery. Debates in the parliament are a good measurement of our lawmakers' priority.

It is a shame that these politicians continue to bicker on petty issues. It is a shame that we are made to pay for their salary and perks and yet have to put up with their silly behaviour and time wasting remarks. I am sick listening to cat calls and dog howls in the parliament. These politicians should feel ashamed of themselves.

They are a privileged lot to be elected to the august house. They should take their responsibility seriously because this nation is looking up to them for solution and direction. But is this what we got from the politicians?

A politician who accused a lady of immorality in the nude picture controversy finds himself embroiled in another controversy. A pot should not call a kettle black.

Another politician wants to discuss how Malaysia should be made a republic. For goodness sake, there are better times for such a question.

Politicians from both sides of the house should work together to think of the best solution to get our nation out of the global economic slump. The global economic crisis appeared to be a serious one. Bill Gates gave his prediction that we may need 9 years to recover fully. NTV7 reported that 100,000 Malaysians will lose their job by the end of 2009. This is a conservative projection.

I have spoken to a number of people. Hotel lobbies are getting quieter. Factories less busy. Manufacturing companies are slashing jobs. When jobs are lost, consumer demand will be affected and this will lead to eventual contraction in the economic growth.

Where is our focus? By-elections, snap elections, illegitimate government, scandals etc.

This nation is suffering from a serious illness. We have got all our priorities wrong. We continue to bask in mediocrity and petty politics.

To recover, the society must wake up to a serious reality that unless we change our mindset and set higher standards for everything we are not going to make much progress. Elsewhere, recovery may take 9 years but Malaysia may not recover from this slump.

My friends, whether you are a Malay, Indian, Chinese or Kadazan, it is time for us to wake up. Wake up me must to ensure this nation does not slip into perpetual distress.

You can keep your race supremacy, I will keep my job and opportunities. Which is more important? Pride or survival?

Kick these silly politicians right at where it hurts the most. Do it sooner the better.


sp lim said...

'Kick these silly politicians right at where it hurts the most'

How my friend? Please tell me.

Anonymous said...

Thank for reminding

Anonymous said...

Hi Khoo,

I totally and fully agree with your comments. I for one am a small time entrepenuer and we have around 17 staff in our company. We have been doing business for 7 years already, but never once depended on any local support as we have managed to stand on our own feet all this while. Our clients range from local companies to foreign companies as far as Europe.
Last year when the crisis began to take shape we have already started to take contingency measures in our company. Our forecast shows that the economy is only going to get worse this year and mainly after the Chinese New Year season. And it is happening.
However, we have the same opinion throughout the whole management team of the company on how the government is handling this crisis and its simply bollocks. When we compare the policies taken by the Singaporean government to help local busineses, our local government seems to be so far away in dreamland with their policies. Its simply ridiculous and these goes both for Pakatan Rakyat and ruling Barisan Nasional.
The way we look at it, things are going to get worse and unfortunately the politicians are just taking it lightly. Its so selfish of them and I guess that what matters most are that their source of income are more important than the citizens of this country.
I guess that by the time these guys get to formulate a workable policy or strategy, its just too late for any remedy to take effect!!
Just for your guidance, we had a 70% drop in business for the month of February 08' compared to the same period last year. That is not a good sign at all!

Disgruntled Citizen

amoker said...

Oh, you forgot about sex....

Correct... too much politics and under table money happening.

Anonymous said...

Correction! That politician is merely asking if the Prime Minister should be chosen directly from the people. Nothing wrong in asking this question. Heck this question being asked in Singapore Parliment.
The point is if the present BN leadership does not exert credibility. No point talking about saving the economy. If the system is not even trusted by the system, you think the foreign investors would come in
That politician has asked a legitimate question. With all the scandals happenning around some prominent politicians, heck not sure how we can get away from the mess.
You know Devan Nair was asked to leave for far less scandal than these BN politicians that we have seen.

I tell you. This is a repeat of Lim Yew Hock's government who has legitimacy especially seen going against the masses while kowtowing to British and most probably Malaysia


K L said...

Where has the so-called 1st stimulus package gone to, nobody knows ? Where is the so-called 2nd stimulus package going into, God knows !

Anonymous said...

Check out today's Star (Feb 26). There is a full page plea put up by a training company, Zubedy to the political parties. I have the privilege of attending one of the training conducted by the principal, Anas and I share his sentiments. Enough is enough!

SH Tan

fedup said...

The gov is letting politics take up the real issues of the day. With the constant bickering, did no one pick up on the fact that little is done on preparing the country for the recession?

All the attention is on the politicking. People prefer to stop reading the news because it's all about scandals. Where are the real issues?
What are real gov actions?

The gov is a big coward hiding behind a screen of subterfuge while letting the econ slowly go down the drain.
Ironically, people will only react once it hurts their pockets, and believe me, it will hurt.

European countries are already coming up with statistics on upcoming unemployment in the next 2 years.
What has the Malaysian government done?
Answer: Raise the toll.

KE said...

It is a real distress seeing the politic scenario in the country. What kind of rubbish leaders we are having now, selfishness, highly corrupted, act like gangster, in the any future for the Malaysian if we let the Najis & UNNOoooooo rule the country. Are they really think about their next generations. Parhaps we RAKYAT may not able to sweep these Nais and Rubbish away. God will, let wait till the judgement day....

Anonymous said...

Ketuanan Melayu means to do away with materialism