Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Perak UMNO Would Be Foolish To Admit Duo

Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Osman Jailu are PKR state executive councillors in Perak and yet their decision to go AWOL in the last week exposes their guilty conscious.

Today, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi has resigned from PKR over Pakatan Rakyat’s move to declare his seat vacant, saying he will remain an independent in the 59-seat Perak state assembly. It is mind boggling for Jamaluddin not to respond to the relentless phone calls from his party's leaders even if he is nursing his backache.

He pleaded his innocence and yet fully knowing that the whole nation is looking for him. As state excos, both Jamaluddin and Osman are supposed to act responsibly.

Jamal said he did not contact anyone to defect but one is curious to find out how did the Prime Minister came up with the idea that some PR assemblymen are defecting to his party soon?

As a top leader of the country, the prime minister should spend his waking hours on the nation's economic challenges than to speculate about who is defecting or not.

We should not be surprised if the duo will defect to UMNO in the near future. However, UMNO is accepting the duo at its own detriment. The mood and reception for UMNO and the controversial assemblymen is not positive.

UMNO may win a battle but lose the war in the future. The party should prove to Malaysians that it is willing to change its way. By accepting the two - who are facing corruption charges - into its fold only shows UMNO's grit to keep its old habits.

This episode should serve as a good lesson for PR component parties to focus on good governance instead of wresting power via the backdoor. They should be mindful of their own "little Napoleons". It is time for DAP's Ngeh and Nga cousins to reassess their leadership style in Perak.

For both Jamal and Osman, it is the end of their political journey. As an ancient Chinese proverb puts it, "To test a man's character, give him either wealth or power."

Amazing, our political scene is beginning to look like English Premier League. Our politicians and elected politicians can be bought over like footballers. They cost millions too. No wonder we suck at sports and good at politicking.


Anonymous said...

What can you say about UMNO except that it is a party which is out of date but not out of sight, and instead of adapting to changing circumstances, UMNO wants circumstances to adapt to its outmoded style! This is the 21st century and we are in the cyber and space age, but UMNO wants all of us to continue living under its tempurung where it talks down on us! Sadly MCA,MIC and Gerakan choose to support a bully like UMNO even when it continues to spit on them and humiliate them.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we seen it all before?
Parties like UMNO when in power for too long starts to lose its primary objectives, hegemonise others, abuse its power, widespread corruption, fascist tendencies and finally implodes. It happened in many countries where its ruling party had been in power for too long and I can't see why UMNO should be an exception.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100%. Yes, please let the 2 join UMNO. They win now but they will LOSE it all even faster later on. These are all desperate moves, very desperate. For the 2, except for what they have in their pockets now, they will have nothing else in the future. And I don't agree with party hoping, so I think Bota rep should resign and have fresh mandate.

Anonymous said...

when PR members cross over to / support BN you say it is wrong, but if BN members cross over to PR you say it is democracy.
what type of person are you?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 7.20pm,

"Ex-UMNO Bota assemblyman Nasarudin's reason to defect is not justified and petty. He defected because he was not happy with Tajol Rosli's leadership and lost in the divisional party's election. Being an UMNO man for over 20 years, Nasarudin should have known the real face of party politics. It's a dog eats dog world.

The Bota assemblyman announced that his decision was supported by his constituents. The best way to know that is to face a fresh by-election. General election is a sacred mean to allow the flourishing of a democracy. The focal point of an election is to allow the public to choose. In the case of defection, the public are mere by-standers. It is not democracy at work when the right to choose is no longer made available to them."

This was what I wrote in one of my posts.

You are putting words into my mouth. What kind of a human are you? Despicable!