Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ridiculous Tengku Zainol of Kedah

Ridiculous is word to describe the call of the Kedah Association of Royalty to ban the entry of DAP chairman Karpal Singh to Perak for being rude to Sultan Azlan Shah.

Its president Tengku Zainol Tengku Yahya said the Malay Rulers are pillars (in the society) that have to be protected, so Karpal's outburst against the Sultan of Perak is unacceptable.

He described Karpal's outlandish remarks as uncivilised and could influence others to make seditious remarks against the Rulers and called on him to apologise to the Sultan.

Tengku Zainol would do the royalty good by keeping his mouth shut. His remark against Karpal might be perceived as the royalty efforts to restore feudalism and monarchy in Malaysia. He should be reminded that Malaysia is a constitutional democracy and the role of royalty is only symbolic in the constitution.

It has been given some role in the constitution but the execution of its responsibility must be consistent with the laws. Hence, any action taken by any party, if not consistent with the constitution, can be challenged in court. The judicial process allows for the necessary check-and-balance of the system.

The main pillars of the Malaysian democracy are the constitution, the parliament, the judiciary, the constitutional monarchy and the democratic process of elections. No one is above the law.

To ban Karpal from entering Perak runs contrary to his constitutional rights to move freely throughout the country. Tengku Zainol is ridiculing Malaysians' intelligence by assuming what we are brainless parrots who could be easily influenced to do something wrong. Most of the criticisms against the decision of the Perak Sultan to dismiss the MB and the popularly elected government are made independently, without the influence of Karpal.

Karpal should not even be credited as the person who started the criticism. Many constitutional experts have sounded the same alarm bell.

15 comments: said...

By mouthing such rubbish, Tengku Zainol has brought shame to the royalty whom he speaks for.

Mr. Smith said...

This is gutter politics and the lowest and most disgraceful depth one can descend to.

A Non issue, blown out of proportion.

Yet, the mainstream media is giving such extensive coverage to such imbecile statements.

Anonymous said...

A clown in the making. Sometime when the brain is wrongly placed, this is the outcome of such an irresponsible and imbecile statements.

Anonymous said...

These kind of Malays are so brainwashed! Don’t they remember how cruel the Malay Kings were, and they were the ones who first sold the country to the British! But one great thing I’m glad the British brought was, dynamic MULTICULTURALISM, with different ethnic groups and religion, voila! Or this country would have long ago been talebanized! So, unthinking Malays, wise up and get historical facts rights! REAL EDUCATED Malays are no more cows, to be pulled by the ring-in-the nose by these primtive and medieval Malay Sultans! DOWN WITH MONARCHY AND UMNO; AND LONG LIVE CONSTITUTIONAL SECULAR DEMOCRACY AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS IN MALAYSIA!

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

amoker said...

I remember another royale who tried to make the hay when the sun shines. Tengku Imran, in his 'capacity' as the acting sultan requested for personal immunity to be returned to royals. That is when people are daulating tuankus for Sultan's new found power and before he got sidestep.

Who is this Tengku anyway? He is just there because of priveledge but apparently, lacks the brainpower to be respected.

wandererAUS said...

Monarchists will always remain monarchists. living in a world of fantasy and arrogance. This bloke has the kampong mentality that have not matured with the time....still thinking the sultan rule supreme and
immune the the arm of the law. What a blooming fool he made of himself. I feel embarrassed even reading his comments, we still such numskull living among us.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is trying to show his brain is bigger than his head. Disgusting.


Anonymous said...

What pillar?
How to shore up the economy?
How to mitigate the sufferng? Where are the jobs?
How these Sultan help, anyone bring out their $$ to give to the citizens to lighten their economy problems?
Pillar for what?

Anonymous said...

This people who serve the Royalty does not know the LAW..just blurt out and making a fool of themselve..make people percieve they live on tree and jungle...

Anonymous said...

Here again, we have another stupid brainless idiot who spoke thru his ar_ehole. He thought the rakyat is stupid like him.
Hey, you dumb dumb so called Tengku, where are you when mamak kutty rook the royalties power away?? Perhaps flying kite. You are a real hypocrite. You should be tha bum that should be kick out of Perak. You brought shame to the Perakians. Next time, shut the f_ck up and dont whine like a pig.

telur dua said...

When Royalties play with certain dirty commoners and get smeared as a result, do not cry foul when the rakyat point out the dirt.

They should know better.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
A statement by M Bakri Musa about this topic in Din Merican's blog ( dated Feb 11 is directly related to yours (Bakri Musa on Perak & Politics)and is a must -read for all politikus following this episode. Happy reading !

Anonymous said...

Curse the Brits for bringing our fathers to this country. Lets do yhimgs right once and for all - go back from where we come from and leave the Malays and their way of life in this Malay land

K L said...

Ask him to have an audience with Ku Li 1st before opening the mouth !

Anonymous said...

Ah ha..another Mat Jenin!!!That shows how " cetek" the majority of the royalty are! he he. Tengku????tengkujuh lah