Monday, February 23, 2009

UMNO Turns to UK QC's Help

Reported in Malaysiakini, Umno is seeking the opinion of a Queen’s Counsel (QC) on the constitutional issues on the takeover of Perak state government from Pakatan Rakyat. It was reported that a senior constitutional lawyer left Kuala Lumpur yesterday for London to engage the services of a QC on behalf of Umno to advise the party on a host of questions that is roiling debate in the country.

I thought both Najib Razak and Zambry said the takeover was constitutional and legal. If they were so sure of their position why can't they trust a local constitutional lawyer to represent them?

A self-proclaimed Malay nationalist party running to its ex-colonial master's country to seek for a legal advice on the state government legitimacy is both shocking and silly. I am sure we have enough legal brains in the country to handle the constitutional issues. This action shows no difference from feudal Malay rulers running over to seek the advice of British residents and advisers in the past.

The last person UMNO should ask for an advice is a Queen's Council. They should really go back to ask the people of Perak by calling for snap elections. This is the best way to show us their patriotism.


Anonymous said...

Why ? The sultan's decision not strong enough ? Have to go back to the British for higher decision ? Shame la...

Anonymous said...

UMNO is conflicting itself. Who to blame?

Anonymous said...


Sekarang, under Najib, MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH!

Anonymous said...

So, they choose to listen to QC that are million miles away from Perak rather than Perakian's voice.

How interesting that is.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The rakyat is the QC..

Blur, Blur , Blur all I have to do is Blur..I am Blur becos I am Blur.

New version from the Oldie- All I have to do is dream...

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
You are so-right in your comments about UMNO's actions after its unconstitutional Perak coup.

This act of seeking advise from the QC shows how shallow is UMNO's understanding of Malaysia's constitution! My gosh, No wonder we have been seing abuses after abuses of the constitution!

egteh88 said...

Mr C4 and this mamak Zambry are real desperate now. Imagine they are now not only do not trust our very own lawyers but also insulted our Perak Royalties intelligence. Does it meant that Zombie "Z" appointment as MB by the Royalty is questionable??? If that is the case, have a snap election and see who the Perakians support. Its that simple. BUT, UMNO politicians dare not to lose further. otherwise they do not know how to hide their faces from the rakyat. How amazing these UMNO politicians are so desperate ans low as to resort to this type of stupid action.

amoker said...

Haha.... they think PErak people cannot think mah.. British more upscale for UMNO folks who like status and all

romerz said...

I had asked a friend what would happen if the QC advises that what UMNO did in Perak is unconstitutional? Would UMNO just admit its wrong or pretend otherwise?

He said, in all likelihood, feelers have been sent to this QC already and a favorable response had been received that's why they are sending this 'high-powered' team to London.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the perception of UMNO is so bad in the eyes of the public that even if they have serious and honest intentions now, nobody will believe them except for their pea-brained goons!

Hahaha serves the right!!!

telur dua said...

The two guys know bollocks about the Federal Constitution. Not only that, they also show utter contempt for the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Najib jolly well knows that to ask for power to be returned to the Perak voters would be akin to UMNO digging its own grave. This shows that UMNO numskulls don't know a thing about the law. They don't hesitate to run it down if it is against their interests. Now they are using the very same law they used to run down to help them regain power which they illegally seized and legally lost. Now how low can these UMNO scumbags go. They are even prepared to swallow the sputum they spit out, in their desperation to cling to power at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng,
Aiyah, you know what happen when they meet up with QC and his reply? Dissolve the state assembly lah......Hahaha!
Breaking news! Soi Lek was kenna investigated again. I don't have much faith on him except he is willing to take up responsibilities. Anyway, me thinks if Soi Lek doesn't do a "Hee". He would be damned stupid. Well, people have done it with much lesser reward.

Kay Peng,
I thought Zambry would learn some history. Know what happen to Lim Yew Hock. BN Perak kenna nailed and checkmated big time
Yew Hock and Labour Front lost big time when PAP swept to Power in 1959 bringing along LKY and his team. PAP, predecessor of DAP whom Devan Nair (NTUC supremo) has set up


Anonymous said...

UMNO believe in a kwailo Queen's counsel than in the people of Perak.

BN is afraid of holding an election. They spent any money to avoid the day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Hi KP, All nicely put so no point to
add fuel to fire. What we Perakian's
want is a fair fight although when
faced with the mighty BN's bloated
coffer, it's unfair from the word 'GO' if they were to take up the
challenge of a snap election. With
all these $ powers plus the backing of His Royal Highness, The Sultan Of
Perak, they've got nothing to lose
but everything to gain from a snap
election if it is called. Go for it
DS Najib Razak.

Anonymous said...

Now, who is not respecting the decision of the Sultan and has to seek the QC advice ?

Next, the QC = The eligible and legal voters of Perak.

Anonymous said...

ha2, UMNO running to mat salleh for advice. dont even trust their own lawyers.
as an aside, terengganu by-election cost about 10% of the entire cost for march 8 national election. Can you beat that? no wonder, 6 million spent on tents renting.

LangChiaPek 三輪車伕 said...

eh, UiTM punya loya can not do the job meh ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
What a Jolly good idea from BN!

Me thinks its time that the BN gomen start hiring some British Resident Advisors to make peace among the rival political clans in Malaysia.
Hail the return of the White Rajas!

Jefus said...

will this open the door to use the QC in future disputes? have they opened a door they'd wished they have not?

i think they have shot themselves in the foot!

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
Why don't AMNO get advice from their purported "constitutional" law expert Rais Yatim who had lost White Rock Island to Singapore!!
What a shame AMNO for not going back to the Rakyats for a final decision!!


Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite Umno is by running to its former master. All these while, Umno has always feel superior to its former colonial master. I can visualise Dr Mahathir scowling now.

rainstorm said...

"They should really go back to ask the peopleof Perak by calling for snap elections.... " Of course the BN dare not do that coz' they know they're going to lose BIG time if snap election is held !