Thursday, March 19, 2009

Najib: Efficiency is Key

The Deputy Prime Minister said it was not a matter of “doing too much” but rather the efficient implementation of the stimulus package.

Najib said a technical committee had been set up to regularly meet and monitor the implementation. This committee would then report to a steering committee chaired by him.

I agree with Najib that implementation is key. So far, the last stimulus package was hampered by implementation. While I applaud his effort to measure implementation, there are several issues which must be addressed very quickly. There are additional steps which must be taken by his administration and ministry.

  1. Make public details of the first stimulus and its results;
  2. Provide details of the second stimulus package and explain how it will be able to create jobs, enhance domestic demand and ensure the domestic economy does not shrink drastically;
  3. Give us a weekly job creation data and other details on the real economy;
  4. Make public public on GLCs' transformation and how the government intends to deal with unprofitable ones;
  5. Details on how to improve the implementation system;
  6. Who are in the technical committee and how it intends to function;
  7. Make the findings of the technical committee public during a weekly ministerial press conference on the economy;
  8. Details on how the government intends to combat corruption;

It is pertinent for the Finance Minister not to just show us the shadow of his plan. We need concrete details. The government owes it to the people to be accountable fully on the economy and the stimulus plan. Afterall, it is public's money.


Anonymous said...

My gosh,
You are making rhetoric statements. Hahaha! Reminds me of Hitler's economy when he took over Germany..........
Anybody can make statements. Even Ah Chee from Singapore can make statements. During 2006 GE in Singapore, he said if elected, he would send trade delegations including himself to Taiwan
We are dealing with an incorrigible lier. I agree with Zaid, get rid of Najib. Better still have a CLEAN SWEEP. Then, we talk policies.
The problem is that fella! That fella!


Anonymous said...

Doctors can only save a patient if medical science can help the patient to resolve his problems and the body can take over to function normally.

Malaysian economic structure depends on foreign trade to help her earn some leftovers of profit from the labours of foreign workers. The game can continue if there are continued demands to keep the work force fully employed. No amount of stimulus would ever increase exports because the same old staff Malaysia sells does not create new takers.

Where have the stimulus funds gone to? The trained manpower that could have created SMEs or service industries had remained overseas because of Ketuanan Melayu policy. The economic structure in Malaysia would never change if that policy under NEP umbrella does not change. The racist sentiment of the incoming President of UMNO tells us that that would not change over his dead body. So the only hope is that if they can convert pieces of NEP papers into food on the table and financial resources like magic.

There is no law to say that Cabinet minister including the Prime Minister is required to make Malaysia his home. In the name of the crisis, as during emergency, the powers-that-be is free to use money the way he wishes. It might even be used for buying more submarines so that friends can get commissions. Commissions can be shared, like food and girlfriend.

When a person who spoke under the privilege granted as MP had to be suspended for a year and lose his pay and allowance he is entitled, it shows that police-state mentality has gone inside the parliament. MPs might also be suspended for asking too much detail into the stimulus package. We are not witnessing the destruction of the country when the baton has not even been passed. After the confirmation of the UMNO election, more examples of parliamentary dictatorship would be displayed.