Monday, March 23, 2009

Racist Ibrahim Ali the Next Katak

Folks, do not be surprised. There is potentially another defector from PAS to UMNO. This man has shown his last card. Using the platform of a racist organisation, Ibrahim Ali is shadow boxing. If there is justice and fairness, Ibrahim should have been hauled up for stirring up racial sentiments.

The Perkasa President Ibrahim Ali said that for the sake of "the country, race and religion, I am willing to be detained under the Internal Security Act" should Malay rights be challenged.

He warned non-Malays to behave, if not then Malays would repay in kind. "If they are polite, we will be polite. But if they are not, neither will we. If they are kurang ajar (ill-mannered), we too can be kurang ajar."

This recalcitrant politician has submitted a list of demands to pressure incoming Umno president Najib Razak to adopt a more active stance in promoting Malay rights and privileges. What a show! Bravo, Ibrahim Ali. The stage is now set for his return to UMNO.

PAS should review its candidate selection process in the next general election. A candidate such as Ibrahim Ali is a time bomb for the PR coalition.

Take him on in Pasir Mas. This man should lose his deposit. A racist is a racist. He can never change his spots.

Remember this face. SAY NO TO RACISM!


jlshyang said...

I thought he's an Independent MP of Pasir Mas?

Anonymous said...

This Katak is not only a Racist but also an Opportunist who will do and say anything to promote himself.

Ghifari X said...

May Allah throw it back to their faces!
There is a growing sense that UMNO’s new regime will be intolerant of not only opposition but any thing anyone not being UMNO.
I have a strong feeling MCA MIC PPP and even Gerakan will suffer the arrogance and state of vengeance that await us.
UMNO at this moment isn’t and is incapable of straight thinking.
UMNO have taken cue from Myanmar Thailand Cambodia and possibly Singapore in which they feel that they can still come out looking better than the rest ASIAN style.
Its hook line and sinker and they taking prisoners to boot.
Once the Malay Chinese and Indians believe in the relevance of retaining their racist preference then they will never be free of UMNO’s extreme racist excuse. Racism is an excuse which breeds protectionism that necessitates hatred jalousie and avarice.
The people must not be afraid! rather we must qualify ourselves for change.
Our racism is atrocious out of step and illiterate. We are regressing not progressing and all the modern structures around us reveal our falsehood and our insecurity.
We are in a state of Zionism yet the good part is we have no big brother to prop us up. We have liberals and conservatives we have extremist too, where the latter holds the reign.
Indeed Malaysia can change.

Anonymous said...

This is a blatant act of intimidation. BN is trying to portray PAS as a racist party with a view of alienating PR supporters PR to BN.

BN is desperate with the 3 by-elections approaching. so, all gloves are off and all sleeping cells/agents are activated and called to arms.

This is his (or rather BN's) strategy before he makes a move to join BN. A last ditch attempt......all will be revealed!

Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali should realise that he would not be in parliament if he had not stood on a PAS ticket....

when he stood as "Ibrahim Ali" the last time he lost miserably

this is Ibrahim Ali's last term in Parliament, so he wants to be remembered for something i.e a Racist as most UMNO bastards would want to be remembered as

Anonymous said...

If you count the number of times he jump, I think he hop the most. So I ask him, what is his principle and his stand? And I think he only fear one man and that is Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


How can any person still show his face
Being strictly a 'champion' along race
Having lost the understanding of grace
Barking up the wrong tree will be his craze

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240309
Tue. 24th Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

This gutter moron is a loser all the way. Unwanted and disrespected by all in Malaysian politics he is so dumb that he does not realize that he is being used. Unfortunately today in Malaysia there still exists individuals like him and until these garbage and sewage are all washed away there will NEVER be a truly Malaysian Malaysia.

ramzi said...


ramzi said...


Katak Puru - (sejenis katak yang tak guna, buat umpan pancing pun ikan tak makan. Kalau ular tengok pun tak nak makan, takut muntah)

Anonymous said...

Trying to destroy the Malay race and Malay institution is also racist

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng

This amphibian (IA) s not from PAS. Please correct your info. TQ

Kenny Gan said...

This katak Ibrahim Ali is not from PAS. He was an independent whom Nik Aziz graciously allowed to stand on a PAS ticket in Pasir Mas but now he bites the hand that supported him. If he had stood as an independent, he would have lost his deposit.

This is certainly the katak's last term. Even if he hops over to Umno, he will not be fielded next G.E. as he is also hated in Umno.

Anonymous said...

DOn't forget the Zul Nordin fella...he is another trojan horse from umno.

Anonymous said...

why ah when they got no more excuses to explain for their own failures, we are used as the bogeyman again, and again, and again...?
i mean, please lah...stop making excuses and start learning how to make a living like everyone else in this world..
tell me mr ibrahim, who is challenging malay rights??? let's just not simply create phantom fears to justify your insecurities and inadequacies...

so disgusting...!!

Anonymous said...

He is true nationalist upholding the Constitution and Social Contract. Those against r racist and should be shipped out

doinkers said...

I hope he leaves and leaves soon. Now would be preferable.

He was useful while he lasted. Gave a valuable lesson to PAS to vet their candidates properly, or get screwed in the behind.

Sharma59 said...

Bodoh punya orang...
Who run the country now?
From the King, the Sultans, Government, Judiciary, Army and Police - which race is controling?

Bodoh punya orang....

eddie said...

To all fair minded Malaysian please ignore this lunatic aka IBRAHIM KATAK. He is representative of the Malays.

Anonymous said...

The katak brahim ali is a bloody racist. Claiming to fight for pribumi but if he is really, why not fight for the orang asli who is the true pribumi of malaysia. Ibrahim ali, we don't need you as a politician cause you are stupid bastard from pasir mas. they should call you ibrahim ali babi instead of ibrahim ali katak because you have a short neck, you a fat asshole
and indeed you look like a pig!!sch