Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fresh Elections in Perak Needed

PAS Nizar's victory in Bukit Gantang is the clearest signal to the BN to call for snap elections immediately to return the right to the people of Perak to choose their legitimate government.

The coup MUST end now. There are still recalcitrants among the UMNO state leadership. Perak Umno secretary Ramly Zahari insisted that the outcome of the polls did not justify the call for state elections. He said the non-Malays voted strongly for PAS because of the populist policies of the PR-led state government including awarding permanent land titles to new villagers.

Ramly does not speak for all Perakians. Leaders like will ensure the slide of an UMNO led government in the country.

There are several reasons for PR's bigger victory:
1) The choice of candidate. I had opined that Nizar was the best choice for PAS. Nizar's selection has turned this election into a referendum on Perak's power grab.
2) BN is not yet on the mend. Najib's premiership does not enjoy the immediate goodwill like Abdullah's
3) The harsh underhand tactics used by the BN government to grab power were not well received by the people
4) It was a referendum on Nizar's performance as the MB. He had served well. This track record has ensured his victory.
5) Non-UMNO component parties cannot rely on Najib alone to reverse their fortune. Their influence on the non-Malay communities is limited and weak.

The most significant implication of this victory is the desire of the people for REAL change. They have voted for a real and permanent change. This is something no spin doctors in Najib's administration can provide. Najib should sack all his spin doctors including a popular blogger. Get real reformists and anak Malaysia to do the work.

Bukit Gantang is the most significant of the 3 by-elections. It does not augur well for Najib.


aiyomanaboleh said...

It was really a sad day for the TUN who felt that HE could turn the tide.

Will he follow the path of irrelevance laid down by Mr Samy?

romerz said...

Good call Kay Peng. A simple return to Perakians to resolve this impasse is the best option.

But NO, these thick skinned buffoons thinks that they know best and will find all kind of excuses to justify this loss.

Let them continue to insult our intelligence. Let them keep this nonsense up. It will be us and not them who will benefit.

They are their worst enemies!!!

Personally, I don't mind that much if they steal from me within acceptable sums but I draw the line when they steal from me and treat me like an idiot too!

And most fair minded Malaysians are no idiots!

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir legacy is history for now

wandererAUS said...

Where UMNO-BN got the guts to call for a snap election...using the Old mamak also tak jadi, no more spark la.
Let them time to lick their wounds and reflect on their evil ways....

Anonymous said...

Actually TDM, Samy and Hamidi's loudmouth all play a part in BN's loss. Their mere presence is enough to swing some votes to the opposition. To this the people of Perak and Kedah are forever in gratitude.

Anonymous said...

U said: Najib should sack all his spin doctors including a popular blogger.

Got one more who calls himself a writer also??

Anyway, u peddling for a job kah??

Anonymous said...

Is the popular blogger you refer to Rocky Bru?

I have noticed a 180 degree turn in his stance which would win him an Olympic gymnastics gold medal (and no I am not trying to take the piss).

He is the only one I can think of since he thinks Najib is the best thing while Khairy is the "Judas" of the Malays.

Anonymous said...

aiya khoo kay peng

why teach them bn effers so much? let them rot...

i mean it.

stop giving wake-up calls.



Anonymous said...

TUN, Samy, don't go... malaysia still needs you. malaysians need to see justice prevails and both of you in jail. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Barisan Nasional will appoint an independent body to carry out a post-mortem on its defeats in the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections."

If UMNO has not understood the reasons for its losses since the last GE more than a year ago, then UMNO has an extremely weak and incapable leadership. Why pay another person to do your job? Please do not abuse public funds.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


People can see further on the hills
They can recognise those with skills
Not so easily fooled by entertaining thrills
They want those responsible to pay their bills

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080409
Wed. 8th Apr. 2009.

amoker said...

I have no sympathy for for Tun who simply refused to think that he could have done more wrongs.

And to Zamry and gang, please resign from your illegal power grab. All those who helped in this coup will need to be brought to justice.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

Aiya, how can that idiot Rocky be considered a popular blogger. He is a chameleon. He is on his way to a fat salaried job to serve UMNO interest.
The popular blogger Khoo refers to is no other than the old goat called Mahathir Mohamad A/L Naina Kutty.

Kenny Gan said...

Umno will be the last party in the world to call for snap elections in Perak knowing they will lose miserably.

They will still continue with their "might is right" power grab.

The champion of U-turns is none other than Dr. Mahathir who first condemn but now supports the illegal power grab.

Nevertheless, Bn will pay the price in the next G.E.