Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gov't Drops Bumi Quota for Services Sector

The government has removed the 30% bumiputra equity condition in 27 services sub-sectors, with immediate effect. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said that the Government would progressively undertake the liberalisation of other services sub-sectors on an ongoing basis.

Among the services sub-sectors immediately liberalised were health and social, tourism, business and computer related services.

This is a much anticipated move and should be lauded as a good first step forward to unfreeze the private sector from making meaningful investment in these areas.

I hope that the liberalisation is followed by a directive to all governmental departments, ministries and GLCs to support the liberalisation. All Malaysian listed companies should be allowed to do business with the government.

I would like to see similar move being made for the manufacturing and financial sectors. Next, the government should focus on helping Malaysians to improve their earning power. Malaysia should create more knowledge centric and higher value opportunities to attract knowledge workers to come back to serve the local economy. We must lose our dependence on cheap foreign labour.


kopitelp16 said...

This is a good move forward to create a positive atmosphere and a truly big step forward towards realizing his 1Malaysia vision.

Just hope it's a true and sincere effort to have all Malaysians regardless of race and religion to contribute to this lovely country and not a political ploy to garner brownie points for the Penanti by-election.

Set Malaysia free form quotas and unfair protective policies and we'll see Malaysia become a economy power house in no time!

Anonymous said...

I would like it apply to financial institute.

Cant see why would 2 banker assign to do the job a banker. Overstaff bcoz of quota?

Sinner Rakyat

Anonymous said...

But then the civil service is manned by 90 or more percent of bumis and the little napoleans there will thwart whatever good intentions the Government may have. From experience we have to see it happening before we believe what these UMNO morons say, whether it be the PM or otherwise. Basically the Government has very very very very little credibility with us ordinary citizens, especially us non-bumis. I would not hold my breadth.

Anonymous said...

hi khoo,

I don't know this liberation of 30% stand for how long unless it's irrevocably stated.
If any body can remember RPGT was abolished and came back again then off again.
i don't have much faith on the goverment.

Anonymous said...

Let the end results speak for itself.

The KPI Minister should measure the relative wealth with and without liberalisation... end of the day, if the results support liberalisation, the government should find the courage to admit it and make the changes permanent.

Anonymous said...

Kay Peng,

much like a premature ejaculation, the govt tenders may still have 'Bumiputra company' prefered.

C4 punya syoik sendiri act again ?

Malaysian said...

This is a good step!

keep on moving for Malaysian's Malaysia...

no perkauman here!



Anonymous said...

How about a true reflection of Malaysia population's percentage in all the Director General posts in all the Ministries ?

Anonymous said...

What about engineering consultancy?
What should the company be 100% bumi?
What incentive this would give to our children to become an engineer?
Every country needs engineers to built and grow. With such policy, how could progress made?
If PM is serious, he should instruct the Treasury that every registered consultancy firm be given at least one job this year! Just one job! Mind you not the lop-sided practice of concntrating on a few close to the power.
Will this be done?
I cross my fingers and wait with wide open eyes wide to see if anything fallen down from the sky.