Thursday, April 23, 2009

MACC - Why the Silence?

First, it was Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim's cows and car story. The MACC chairman said his agency had received solid evidence to charge Khalid. What happened?

Now it is Fairus' turn. The story goes like this: Fairus had accompanied Ramasamy for the trip last June to attend an international conference organised by Club de Madrid - an international organisation for all ex-ministers of governments across the globe. Ramasamy had attended the international conference as part of a state official trip.

However, it is learnt that Fairus had told top leaders of PKR a slightly different story - that the money, which was deposited via a bank account, was a loan from the quarry operator. (I am not going to ask why he had taken a loan from the quarry operator. He could have used his credit card for such a small amount and noted the importance of not to obtain loan from a quarry operator who is being investigated for fraud)

Fairus has consistently claimed he was a victim of an internal political conspiracy hatched by jealous rivals within PKR. (This is the part we want confirmation from Anwar Ibrahim.)

“The clearance by MACC exposed all the lies spread by unscrupulous and irresponsible people. God almighty will punish these people one day,” said Fairus.

Penang MACC director Latifah Md Yatim did not answer calls made to her despite numerous attempts by Malaysiakini to reach her.

Again, the MACC is keeping mum on a very important issue. Many Malaysians like myself are getting very suspicious of the anti-corruption agency. If Fairus is cleared, why just inform him and not the public?

Second, why still no official charge on Khalid?

I would like to remind the MACC to pull up their socks. On the Selangor MB's case, the MACC still owe the public an explanation. Talking about integrity, MACC must eat, talk, sleep and dream integrity and transparency. It does not even smell like it.


nckeat88 said...

I thought MACC is not suppose to declare their stand and findings to the public like the cow case of Khalid? They suppose to keep quiet and let the attorney general talk if there is a case. So now different standard for MACC?

The Penquin said...


Anonymous said...

Good old hantu Toyo also can run away under broad day light with millions of Selangor folks money and MACC keeping mum about it while making big hoohaa about Khalid, MACC where got credibility.

Even a 3 yr old kid also knows black and white.

Shame on Mana Ada Credibility Club.

Save taxpayers' money, just scrap the junk. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Ai ya Khoo, next time can you please ah don't write something which we all already know the answer/reason....wasting time one you know

Anonymous said...

Are you the person who is agaisnt the PR party ? If not then why are you asking only this question ? How about the CM who use the money politic to gain personality? Please think first before you write the comment.Do you know the meaning of UMNO ? U Must Not Object right?

Anonymous said...

One gets the feeling that the BN is going to use Fairus in the by-election. Is there a read-off here?

Anonymous said...

Yeah what is macc (malaysia anti cow and car) sounds reasonable isnt it.

Anonymous said...

Well, the MACC has spoken up and officially cleared Fairus.

To quote Malaysian Insider, "The MACC investigation found that Fairus’ duty and responsibility under his portfolio did not have any connection with the quarry business in Penang".

Well, I don't know about that. As Deputy CM, I should think there are ways he can help a quarry operator who is always looking for quarrying permits. As money has been transferred to his account, it looks like a pretty strong case.

One wonders whether Fairus would have been let off if he had not resigned his post as assemblyman.

Or did the MACC cleared Fairus to reduce PKR's chances in the Penanti by-election as it would appear that Fairus has been unnecessarily forced to resign?

One positive result of the MACC bias is to encourage opposition politicians to remain clean as the MACC goes after them at the faintest whiff of corruption while ignoring the stench of people like Khir Toyo.

amoker said...

Kay Peng,
Good article, on point.

MACC claims super efficiency with Khalid .. but nothing happens.

Nothing happens with Rustam or any UMNo chaps

And with Fairuz and the intervention of AG, something is up esp. that they are avoiding the people. No integrity la. From day 1, MACC has failed.

Anonymous said...

MACC has degenerated into a poltical disinformation agency. What do you expect when it is headed by a civil servant behaving like a cheap politician. No honour and no integrity.

An agency that started with great promise. Now it has become an institution of shame. I just dont understand how people can continue to work there. Those with integrity should leave.

Anonymous said...

MACC was set-up with pomp and fanfare to be another HK ACA.

the only similarity? both has As and Cs. thats where it ends. and MACC ends up as the tool for BN in just a short time.

It always baffles me. You mean those people in MACC has no shame?

Ghifari X said...

The laws of immunity must reciprocate after all these unworthy nature of man still are the operating mechanism of any civil structure hence there must be avenue for everyone to recourse. The laws are being sodomised -rape, there is unbridle promiscuity in our security safety legal and justice system by the elite government and top security and civil services personnel. The use and volunteering by the MACC bears no pride as they seek currency to blackmail- they are acting like the Israeli intelligence services, soon they will begin to disappear people much like the SAVAK and the rendition Stasi CIA NSA. We have entered a frightening chapter of the Gestapo and the Police MACC and the *alace aren’t far from it.

Eric said...

I guess one advantage of voting in PR candidates instead of BN's is much more scrutiny. That's assuming both candidates have same qualities.
I'll keep on voting PR for this reason.
Thank you BN and its various unofficial components:
- EC,
- AG,
- Judiciary,
- etc.