Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mid-term Review for Both Coalitions

I will take the next few months to compile feedback and reports on the performance of the BN federal government and the PR's Penang state government which will be released by March 2010.

I hope to write a comprehensive report on their mid-term review. Us, the public, cannot rely on internal mechanism of these ruling coalitions to perform the check-and-balance duty. We need to hold these governments responsible for their election pledges.

So, if you have any feedback or input please do write to me directly.


Anonymous said...

Ah Khoo,
I am absolutely sure you are going to make comparison between a state government under PR & state government under BN.

How can you have objective review on state government's when the federal government is at logger head with the any opposition held state government? I can bet with any hair in my body even if you run the government now, you would fail mesirably.
A state government does not have much control civil services? No much liberty in raising taxes! Let alone limited jurisdiction. Save your breath lah & do something more useful.
I would very much focus bringing down BN. They have been in power for 50 years. Enough is enough!

People like you in the 60s has made scarcastic remark on PAP & Singapore. They say how could english educated leadership with chinese educated grassroot. How could a country survive without a hinterland? Wisenius proposes common market. Nothing happen, instead racial violent every now & then with Tunku hounding in to bring down LKY's government. That also Singapore at that time general revenue of 1 billion USD. How much revenue Penang collect? How much reserve? Forget it lah!


Khoo Kay Peng said...


First, you have underestimated by research ability. What make you so sure I am going to make a comparison between a state government under PR & BN. Wrong.

I will study each government based on what they have promised to the voters. There should not be any excuse why the two coalitions cannot perform. Do not promise what they cannot deliver. Both should know better.

I am doing a review of Penang because it is close to my heart.

Looes, if you really want to bring down the government stop wasting your time in Singapore. Come back, join the DAP and fight for justice

balan said...

Just a simple comment as a resident of Selayang Selangor.

Have been to MB Khalid and MP William Leong ceramah twice over the last year at the Selayang Stadium.

It was full of political rhetorics and promises of improved governance.

The truth on the ground, there has been not much or rather no changes at all to layman like me.

The roads, infrastructure, MPS etc are still as bad as before. You just need to go the Selayang Baru and see, it is still a third world country as it ws before.

As a real rate/tax payer, I am dissapointed with promises after promises by Pakatan Government.

I know it takes time, but a year is enough to at least keep an eye on basic things like roads. The way to Selayang stadium has a big poth hole for more than 6 months now, a period where both MB and MP at least pass the road twice.

Talking about opening eyes to Rakyat's needs and accountability!


chong said...


do you do the little effort to make the complain to your local council & your representative??? or you just keep to yourself and hope they will read your mind???

i don't know... to me MPSJ has improved a lot. they took action upon my complaint within 2 weeks and reply to me in email the full details what action they have taken and what are the plans they gonna take in future. it's very satisfying and it has never happened before previously under BN governed. (in which i have made the complaint more than 5 times, where i gotta renew/refile my complaints again and again).

Hate Gerakan said...

Khoo, for ur info, I just read that even Lim Si Pin is complaining Koh Tsu Koon should not take up the Minister post.
See his comment at


See his comment at the bottom of the page

"My honest (personal) opinion. No, I do not agree that Dr KTK takes up the Minister post. Firstly, he has already served 4 years as an MP and later 18 years as the CM of Penang. I think its time that he concentrates on rebuilding the party and work towards rebranding a healthier image for the party. In that respect, he should delegate the Cabinet position to a younger and dynamic person within the ranks. Perhaps somebody who is in the CWC of the Party.

And knowing that once I have said that, you might be thinking that I’m also eyeing for that position. Let me then state my position clearly - anybody within the party ranks is eligible, except me"

Hate Gerakan said...

I suggest u also make comparison between KTK and Lim Guan Eng. Even KTK own youth Chief Lim Si Pin feels KTK did nothing for Penang.

Btw I saw at www.limsipin.com that Lim Si Pin is now fighting with Huan Cheng Guan. Good for them. Any views bro?

Anonymous said...

Lim Si Pin's views on KTK is no revelation. It is an opinion that we, Penangites share.

KTK is useless, period. Just look at the contempt that the Umno boys meted out to him.

His cabinet appointment reflects badly on Najib, rewarding a piece of proven deadwood instead of setting it adrift.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how good you are. By the way, wanna get a well balanced view, if you are really good enough, get it through the top echolen of Penang civil service

I would suggest you guys watching the whole series of Yes, Ministers & Yes, Prime Ministers. Good, educational on real politics


balan said...


The MPS (selayang) headquarters is just 500 meters away from the stadium. MPS employees takes the same route to MPS building and yet no one, including the President appears to have their eyes open.

Have complained to MPS 5 times now. Local elected representatives, hmm..mm have tried and they do not pick up your call.Local councillor, I have no clue who!

That's why i am frustrated. As a layman, our problems are usually due to ineffective local authorities.

The first thing all Pakatan states should focus is on improving respective local councils and remove ineffective officials. This is where the rakyat has direct contact with and would feel the difference.

As far as I am concerned, there are absolutely no difference between BN and Pakatan state governements in Selangor although have been paying assessment and tax without fail.