Saturday, April 04, 2009

Najib Hits the Right Note

I was one of those who received a private email from the newly minted Prime Minister Najib Razak. It was a cordial reminder to check on his blog, I was told Najib has assembled a team of PR and media consultants to work on leadership image since a few months ago. Several media big-wigs had lobbied hard to be part of his media team.

Najib's succession of Abdullah was criticized by the opposition as inappropriate and unsuitable for Malaysia. He was blamed as the main person who architected the fall of PR state government, the ban of opposition newspapers and the use of other hard handed tactics on his political opponents.

His former colleague, ex-minister Zaid Ibrahim, had asked the monarch not to appoint Najib as the next premier. It was followed by a petition signed by 81 PR MPs which was submitted to the palace requesting for the same.

His team of advisers had hit the first home run for Najib. More to come (full article).


vinnan said...

Balls carrying. Personal problems?

Khoo Kay Peng said...


You have not even read the whole article. Why the hurry to call someone name? Sad, if all Malaysians are like you. No wonder we are constantly staring at two extremes.

wandererAUS said...

Hitting the right note with a old piano...the tune is the same.

As for you Vinan, you seemed to have mastered this fine art of balls carrying...good on you dickhead!

Anonymous said...

The biggest blog supporting Nojib is RockyBru! He'll be back at NST soon... I hope you don join his one-sided reporting, no intergrity and no principle!


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous!!!! KKP go get a life!!!

russlei said...

Sorry KP, am i missing something here?

All you're saying is that Najib's PR team has sent you an email to read the blogsite. How does that qualify the new leader and his advisors as hitting "the right note"?

He hasn't done anything yet that is of real value. Freeing 15 ISA detainees should not earn him brownie points, as those are unfair detentions to begin with. And so is lifting the ban on Harakah & Suara Keadilan.

I'll consider him hitting "the right notes" when he kicks Syed Hamid Albar out of the Cabinet, for starters (but not replacing him with Zahid Hamidi, of course)

Anonymous said...

Simply because Najib has lost credibility. Of course, Singapore government straightaway send congulations to Najib. Perhaps, thinking Hsien Loong can "manhandle" Najib with all these bilateral issues.

Ya, Hsien Loong, one can be friends with everybody. But to a country seperated by 1 mile causeway with one pending WATER issue in which Najib can be tempted a Mahathir......Remember the Mahathir's antics cut!cut!cut! statements. Followed by Chok Tong showing NEWATER pointing their middle finger to Malaysia on water issue........Aiyaa.........Better at least stay neutral with Najib leh. Can spend less money on National Day preparations.....Those in stay Singapore knows what's for

OK,Coming back to the points.....Just as Dr Hsu saying....It's a deja vu feeling......

LKY said he released all ISA detainees when he took over the government in 1959. He released the detainees including Lim Chin Siong on the spot. CREDIBILITY is BERY IMPORTANT.Singapore government always challenged foreign papers in court when they paint bad picture on Singapore government
Najib.......Aiyaa........So for me, I am not going to give any damned hoot credibility to Najib till he is gone for good.....That's what Gandhi has done to the British. This is what I and believe many of us shall do to him.
Simply, Najib must go. UMNO must go. BN must go. 50 years is enough


Anonymous said...

Najib private email and you buy that?
Sad if all Malaysians are like you.
Next time when you write an analysis, just conclude wit the statement "it all depend" as it is a reflection of your value judgment.

XieAn said...

That's the problems with those PR people, every thing BN done is bad, they will called name to those they disagree with.That why Malaysian like us is coming out to deal with those doom stirrers.

nckeat88 said...

Malaysian generally do not have the brain to analyse the fact. They made their decision based on emotion. Many support the PR not because PR is better than BN. It is because they have to choice but to pick the better of 2 spoiled apples.

Though lots of controversies surrounding Najib. But whatever good done by Najib will be viewed as conspiracy. Whatever PR done will be seen as good. For these people even the fart from PR will be considered sweet.

Wizzerd said...

Black is black and white is white.
To me, no matter how much media repackaging, it will not be sufficient to convince that Najib is not linked to murder of Altantuya and host of other scandals.

The only way he can clear his name and gain the trust is through a Royal Commission.

chong said...

i guess we have to temporarily forget on his past. he has reached the top. it would be devastating to still talk on them.

we should just judge his performance as PM. if he did good for the nation, praise must be given. if he did bad, show him recommendation & alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
Najib may have hire some hot-shot spin doctors to bolster his image but they can only do so much trying to cover up his many misdeeds.
Up to now, Najib is still at it; banning reporters from attending the UMNO elections; banning the opposition from unttering the name of a woman that could not be mentioned etc... etc...

Like they said, You can't lie to the people all the time. If Najib takes the rakyat for fools or simpletons he is damn wrong! The coming months will reveal what type of political creature this person is.

Anonymous said...

I would rather you take off the "liberal" fig leave and tell us you have always been an establishment man through and through. Ppl like you only believe reform can only come from within, and a dose of "freedom medication" by Najib is already making you dizzy and high. Sad, if all Malaysians think like you!

What about Najib's connection with the altantunya case? What about all the draconian laws? What about the illegal takeover of Perak? What about the ban on even mentioning Altantunya and the Perak coup? What about all the dodgy defence deals when Najib was Defence Minister? What about... I can go on and on, can't I?

Had you not fallen out with the Gerakan leadership, would you have found your "conscience"?

simply, Najib cannot hope the public will forget all the above by making some tokens of openness. If he was earnestly just and fair, why doesn't he set up a royal commission to look into who had sanctioned the use of C4 explosives?

You can continue to carry his balls, and I am entilted to my right to ridicule you. Grow up, the establishment man.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


The more you continue the more idiotic it will make you look like.

I have said that I have not posted the full article here yet. You are judging me from the title of the post. So, who is the lowly human being here?

I cannot post the full article here until it is published by Malaysiakini. The editor and I have an understanding that my article will have to first see the light there before it can be fully posted on this blog.

This is as simple as that. Read the full article and make your judgement. I am entitled to my own analysis. But I am not going to engage with an unreasonable person like you.

You sound like Anwar's ball carrier. Too bad, this is my perception of you. My previous articles speak volume of my work.

Anonymous said...


Won't come here no more.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 2.33pm,

I won't sleep over it.

rahsia said...

Why are you guys jumping on KKP based on just a slightly positive title for Najib?

If he's as bad as you guys said he is, then it will be a liability to BN. Then the chances of PR winning futures elections just got better.

Aren't you guys supposed to show that as PR supporter, you're more civilised?

Anonymous said...

Hi Khoo,

I read this and the corresponding full article in mkini and then I read the comments and your responses to the comments...

You came across as real defensive and indignant for what you perceive to be unfair judgement on you based on your track record.

This reminds me of what happened to Anilnetto once... he's been writing many critical articles which are well received then one day, on one particular occassion, he happened to wrote one which was perceived negatively and he got much more negative feedback than you did over this 'incomplete article'. I think it was the time he cut & pasted 2 versions of LGE's statements from the mainstream media for his readers to compare.

The point here is, Anil published all the remarks about him no matter how negative and let his readers debate about it, he doesn't get defensive and get harsh on his readers like you did, that is the mark of a mature person, not a self righeous person who posted an 'incomplete article' then proceeded to bang and argue with anyone who so-called misinterpreted what you wrote and then you proceed to justify your track record.

Learn from Anil. You do not have to be harsh to those who are harsh to you if you believe in what you do. Grow up and take responsibility for the fact that you published prematurely and published something incomplete that lead others to conclude what they conclude, you are responsible for the outcome, not your critiques.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Dear Anon 3.58pm,

I am not Anil Netto. Make this point clear. The initial post was to promote my upcoming article in Malaysiakini. The post has clearly stated that ..."More to come."

You have unfairly asked me to take responsibility for responses who have chosen to call me names and get personal. The lesson for all of us is to focus our debate on the issue not the person. Did you read what this Vinnan guy wrote?

Remarks were published except for those that are vulgar - you expect me to publish that too?

What is wrong with my right to defend myself?

Growing up is a two-way process. Then again, what can I expect from someone like you to come out with an independent judgement?

I expect my readers to be able to read and understand English. I had made a clarification that the article must come out in Mkini first before being fully posted here.

Give me a critical comment and not a personal attack, and I will post that comment. But do not expect me NOT to defend my own dignity.

Anonymous said...

Your response to previous anom is interesting. Are you saying if someone misinterprets you they have bad English? The fact that you have to clarify about it not being a full article and a promotion illustrates the point clearly that you have only yourself to blame for not being clear earlier on. Instead of taking the feedback on good faith, you feel the need to justify to everyone who posted the same thing over and over again from your point of view:

1. You posted a promotion for an upcoming article in Malaysiakini, which is not mentioned until you responded to some comments.

2. Those who read what you wrote and did not interpret it as you intended them to have bad English.

3. You cannot accept the possibility that based on the responses you are getting; it might be that you have actually not gotten your point across well enough.

There's a saying I've heard from a training once: "Feedback is just information, it's up to you how you wish to use it, but if enough people call you an ass, it might be time to get yourself a saddle."

So go ahead, get defensive and call this a personal attack and see your ratings continue to drop as readers make their own judgement as to whether you were misinterpreted or whether you were not clear. Opps, I forgot, you said to someone earlier you won’t lose sleep over it, which makes one wonder why vigorous defence if that really is the case…

Radin Maricar

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Damn Radin,

You should seriously focus on the issue since my article has been published by Mkini.

I am seriously getting very tired to responding to posts like yours. Need I explain every detail since at the end of the post reads..More to come (full article)?

Rating? What rating? I don't write a blog to get a rating from readers. Just to share some views.

Yes, expect me to defend myself if attacked personally on this blog. I believe most Malaysians are civilised enough to judge the post based on the issues.

You are expecting me to accept graciously people who called me some obscene names just to prove to you that I can take criticism? You must be kidding. What did you learn from your training?