Thursday, April 09, 2009

Najib's New Team - Neither Mean nor Lean

New Cabinet line-up:

Prime Minister and Finance Minister 1 - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
Deputy PM and Education Minister - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

Finance Minister 2 - Ahmad Husni
Ministers in PM dept - Nazri, Nor Yaakob, Koh Tsu Koon and Jamil
Transport - Ong Tee Keat
Maximus Ongkili - Science and Technology
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - Defence
Hishammuddin - Home
Shafie Apdal - Rural Development
Kong Cho Ha - Housing and Local Govt
Liow Tiong Lai - Health
Ng Yen Yen - Tourism
S. Subramaniam - Human Resource
Douglas Uggah - Natural Resources and Environment
Shahrizat - Women, Family and Community Development
Mustapa Mohamed - International Trade and Industry
Khaled Nordin - Higher Education
Rais Yatim - Information, Unity, Culture and Arts
Noh Omar - Agriculture
Shahziman Mansor - Works
Ismail Sabri - Domestic Trade
Ahmad Shabery Cheek - Sports
Anifah Aman - Foreign
Raja Nong Chik - Federal Territories

Najib has reduced the number of ministers to 28 from 31 ministers. It is important for the PM's PR team to take note. DO NOT OVERSELL. 80% of his cabinet members were old faces. Notably, he dropped Syed Hamid Albar, Azalina Othman and Muhd Taib. They are the most controversial ministers in the last administration.

My initial reaction to the cabinet line-up:
1) There is no WOW factor. It is a predictable team.
2) Like previous administrations, Najib has to give in to compromises with other component parties
3) The exclusion of Khairy and the inclusion of Mukhriz is the most controversial decision made by Najib. It will be difficult for Najib to justify that this decision is made on merit. His decision will be linked to a compromise with Mahathir. He intends to neutralise Mahathir's criticism of his administration if he choose to follow convention by appointing UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin into the cabinet. This decision will create unease amongst some UMNO youth members, Abdullah's faction and Khairy's faction.
4) The inclusion of Gerakan President Koh Tsu Koon as a minister in the PM's department taking charge of unity is interesting. By accepting the appointment, Koh has gone back on his words not to accept a senatorship and a ministerial position if he was defeated at the Batu Kawan parliamentary contest.


amoker said...

Azalina and Taib is AAB supported. Syed hamid causes his own downfall.

Agree on the rest. No WOW factor.. nothing on reform. Same old... wonder how is the spin tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

tsu koon-is number one ball carrier.
his famous slogan.
pucuk pimpinan yang amat disayangi and dicintai....

Anonymous said...

Ai ya, no surprise and very predictable la... Muhkriz in, SIL out = scared shit of Madey. No balls, now there'll be more in-fighting among UMNO Youth. Opposition all waiting at the sidelines to watch a good show. Taib Mahmud's son also in, another crony. A military man in, hmmm... Mohideen for education? A waste of his experience, can do better. Nojib should not hold finance, but he will, to strengthen his hold on the money. MCA also mo liew to! Ai ya, cannot help them la... wait for next GE, send them all to South China Sea!!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

nevermind-lah since this will be the last cabinet for BN.

next general election will see a new govt by Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

The Health Ministry is lead by pigs! LTL has grown so fat since taking office, how to preach about obesity?? Now Nojib has to add a piggy Rosnah as his deputy? What has the woman even done for healthcare?? Ai ya, don tell me to shield the QE hosp problem?? Halo, just build those poor fellas a new hospital la.. Ismail Merican will have a wild time leading the MOH by his little finger...

Rosnah, chih!!

chong said...

lol. pathetic Koh Tsu Koon is appointed. what you say Penang UMNO & ahmad ismail??? lol

hey, where is samy malu???

Anonymous said...

The military guy ever since he join the Armed Forces is a well known ball carrier of the defence minister.

Oil Gun said...

Real change? nope, nope at all. Same old faces with the same old problems and corruptions. What a joke - such an insult to our intelligence.Hopefully this is the last cabinet we would see from BN.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the virtual lack of brains in the line up...die lo Malaysia....Ministry of Health run by two fat ministers and one helluva playboy cum corupted DG....somemore quickly die lo....

rasupal said...

Bro, do you believe in Karma? It is not Najib but a divine intervention that is speeding up the process of banishment of UMNO. You see Najib for some reason as made certain parties really very unhappy. Khairy did not get his seat for money politics, fair. But how could he appoint Mukhriz as minister? This is total prejudice. And we all know Khairy is much more competent than TDM's son.
Another betrayal and backstabbing episode is about to start now.

Anonymous said...

kutuk, kutuk, kutuk. nothing will ever please you buggers.
do also die
don't do also die.

Najib is the PM.
He has named his cabinet.
Let them do their jobs.

You are not the PM
You are not in the cabinet.
Shut the f___ up!

- orang Taiping

Anonymous said...

Mustapa Mohamed - International Trade and Industry


this bloke gonna have a hard time at this ministry! mahathir said that his son mukhriz will do a good job tackling the ap issue.

who's the real boss at this ministry? mustapa or mukhriz?

well,, anybody's guess is just as good as mine ....

-Freddy Toh

doinkers said...

Have to disagree on your 1st reaction... 1) There is no WOW factor. It is a predictable team.

There is some WOW in this 'dream' team. Political has-beens are living the dream. The lost the elections but won a seat.

Wonder if anyone will give an inkling on what KTK will be offering to the cabinet. Does he have anything to contribute especially on such a sensitive topic... Unity? Gerakan could use some unity before they brand it to Msia.

Anonymous said...

no outstanding cabinet nothing to celebrate or shout about maybe can give some information about their education background and achievements to the nation.Some of them should not be included cos they have expired.

Oil Gun said...

anony 1.40 am, or orang taiping

"let them do their jobs" ??

see that is one thing that you didnt get

They have been their jobs for the past 50 years, look where they got us into. Arent you blind.

No we will not shut up, as long as they are spending MY tax payer money and need MY vote to get to where they are - i will not shut up.