Sunday, April 19, 2009

No to Politicized By-Election, But Snap Elections a Must in Perak

In the last few by-elections, the Election Commission just forked out less than RM3 million in expenses. However, the police had used more than RM31 million. This is really shocking and unacceptable. It is unacceptable because we have read of police unnecessary interference in the democratic process including the right and freedom to assemble and hold political rallies during the campaign period. The person(s) who authorised the expenses must be held accountable.

The fact that the police needed RM31 million or ten times more than what the EC needed to run the by-elections speaks volume of the authority mindset. Malaysian voters are not a wild and unruly lot unless provoked. The use of water canon, tear gas, dogs, helicopters etc are a waste of public fund. The attitude of the authorities must change if they want to keep down the cost of running a by-election. The next time the police thought of using the helicopter again they should really justify its uses. It is public money! Not BN's money.

I do agree that the Penanti by-election is waste of public fund is there was an underhand tactic to bring down Fairus. Hence, both the Chief Minister Lim and Anwar Ibrahim owe the public an explanation why Fairus was asked to quit. He was voted in by the people and held an important public office. The state government and his party are accountable and answerable to the people of Penang, including me.

Next, I hope the BN will not use the Penanti by-election and the waste of public fund as a reason to brush aside the need of quick and immediate snap elections in Perak to resolve the political and democratic quagmire there. The whole crisis is becoming too odd. Now, the federal court ruled that it has the jurisdiction to review the decision made by the legislative assembly. Ex-justice Chan said a decision that was made in blatant defiance of Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution which says, “The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court”.

If we have to spend scarce resources on a good cause such as preserving our democratic rights then it has to be done e.g. the power grab and illegitimate government in Perak. It is clear and without a doubt that the BN installed Menteri Besar and state government would lose a state wide election if one is called. Simply, this was not the government elected by the people. Hence, to ensure our democracy works, it is important to go back to the people.

Finally, the Sultan of Perak has spoken. He said, "Rulers are above politics and as such they cannot participate in open debate to answer allegations hurled against them by political groups." However, when a ruler has made a political decision he owes it to the people to explain his decision if it appears to be inconsistent with the highest law of the land - federal constitution. This is a binding and legal duty of a constitutional monarch.

He cannot claim a right to remain silence by saying that his monarchy is above politics. It was his decision to appoint a non-popularly elected Menteri Besar and to legitimize a government which is dependent on three dubious characters. He cannot claim to be above politics if he had made such a controversial and undemocratic decision.

He added, "It should be stressed that the constitutional monarchy has three rights - the right to give views and counsel, the right to encourage and motivate, and the right to remind and reprimand." As citizens of this country, the people are privy to the same rights to question, probe, criticize and take legal action against anyone including the royalty for bastardizing the federal constitution. The royalty is part of the society and not above it.

Sultan Azlan Shah has a lot to prove for his other statement, he said the rulers were neither blind nor deaf or mute.

Prove it! Action speaks louder than words. He appears not to know, see or hear the reaction, response and reception of his people towards the BN installed government.

Give us back our democratic rights!


Ni Pa Pa said...

you dont seem to talk straight. All the 31 state assembly persons are elected by the people in the march 2008 election. Now the form the government of Perak, why isnt it the peoples government? The highest law of the land protects the rights of free association of the citizentry. So what is legally wrong for these three honourable representatives of the people to change their association? Be professional and be fair .

Anonymous said...


if they are so honourable, let them go back to the electorate to validate what they are doing. by the way, two of them are being charged by MACC for corruption. sure, they are innocent until proven guilty provided they jump ship, aint it? ask Anwar why was he presumed guilty and he has to prove himself innocent.

oh, if they are so honourable, why do the powers-that-be have to compromise the institutions including the police and the judiciary to sustain the coup by the rogues?


You gotta be more circumspect on this subject coz the blogsphere needs more fair minded person around. Must admit I dont agree with some of your criticisms of LGE coz you seem to apply a highet standard on him than the previous regime but then lets agree that we can disagree.

bennyloh said...

So what is legally wrong for these three honourable representatives of the people to change their association?They will only be honorable representative if they go back to the people to find out if they are still being backed by them now. As a Perakian, they screwed us deep, that I know.STRAIGHT TALK STILL IT IS!

Anonymous said...

What policised by election not allowed, not encouraged or slammed? You need explanation from LGE & Anwar, what not the best way of doing it through By - Election in Penanti? Accountability of one government can best to be tested through elections.

You mean you are smarter than all the 14000 odd voters hah? It's really insulting to Penanti folks! Penangites! Malaysians! Lets the people of Penanti decide if by elections are waste of time or money. Khoo, there is such thing called SPOILT VOTES, you know. Hmm.....I have EDUCATE my Singaporean folks of showing displeasure to PAP without the need of voting in dump dump MPs such as SDP folks especially the CHEEs by Spoiling votes

On contrary of having lesser elections, well, I believe we need more elections. Come on, in the private sector monitor the performance of workers for a period of 1/2 to 1 year. WHY the hell these MPs, Excos, CMs, MBs, Ministers and even PMs can get away just because it's a waste of money. My Gosh! Not happy with PM, ask for referendum from PM. PM must be held accountable for all his/her actions.

You want accountability & transparency from LGE. I suggest that you put down your M$8000 & stand as an independent. Come on! Stand for election like Jeff Ooi did. During ceramah sessions,you yell for accountabilities & total explanations from LGE & Anwar Ibrahim. Lets see if you are elected & never jump to BN later.


Anonymous said...

Remember that the 3 "honourable" representatives had pledged before the Sultan and in writing that they will support a PR govt of PAS, DAP and PKR.

10 months later, before the same ruler they did a U-turn now pledging their support for BN.

How can a govt formed by the defection of 3 unreliable frogs, two of whom are charged for corruption be stable and above the contempt of the public?

Under the circumstances isn't dissolving the Assembly and holding fresh elections the best way forward without being seen to be political and partisan by giving the govt to BN?

Anonymous said...

My dear Friend,What are you talking about and telling me that you are the Penangise ? You want to know the reason by asking the CM or Anwar to give you the reason? You should think first before you ask cos I am the Penangise and also agreed with the resign as what the PR government si doing the right thing.If you are not fit to be in the team it is better that you resign and don't smear the good name of the PR.People who vote you in also hope that you come clean and not like the Perak 3 donkeys who does not know what is right,they should resigned themselves so that people will give more morale should they found to be corrupted.Now I think you should understand what I am telling you.PR is a strsight forward team if you do wrong with the rakyat money just leave.

troubadour said...

Good day,

Same tactics were used against this Fairus guy. Najib tried through his SB unit to force this guy to join UMNO just like the Perak trio but he was disturbed not by his party PKR but more by his own conscience.

Finally he quit. This is a lot better than jumping to the other side. Those internal PKR people that hounded him did so out of ignorance and also influenced by SB that infiltrated PKR.

On the Sultan of Perak, he is an ultra Malay and so is his son Raja Nazrin. They are Malays first and second Muslim. Whether or not they practice Islam, we only have to observe their daily conducts and dealings to ascertain for sure. I am sure Perakians know a lot more. Don't tell me you guys never meet them in their clubs around KK or Ipoh or KL? Come on... give us some input!


Antares said...

These BN flers must be descended from a cross between the rhinoceros and the crocodile - extraordinarily THICK SKIN! Anyone with even one brain cell can figure out why not only Perakians but all DECENT Malaysians are TOTALLY PISSED OFF with that slimeball Najib & his badly bungled BN powergrab.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who where at the Bkt Gantang by-election would know that the presence of law enforcement help calm the situation down alot. BN and PR supporters from all over the peninsula came out in full force and tension were running high. To say that the police didn't need to be there and didn't need to be prepared is not accurate. There were small reported incidences of clashes and god knows how many unreported ones.

Would you prefer the bare bones contingent of police and have another May 13 on our hands? If someone got injured seriously at the by-election i'm sure you wouldn't be so quick to criticise the police.

A Voter from Perak said...

31 Million riggit on police expenses is way over the top. It's business oportunities to BN-linked companies providing all the logistic. Again, on the ground majority of Perakians want a fresh state election!

elizabeth said...

Have u wondered why the MACC is in no hurry to press charges against the penanti adun? Could it be to give more time for this adun to be neutralised or brought into the Be-End's fold?

At which point would a by-election in your opinion is not 'politicised'? Only dropped dead ones? Or wait till the adun become katak like our famous perak duo?

vinnan said...

It is for the people to decide not politicians. You have conveniently forgotten this rule in a democracy. The vote is central to the existence of a democracy. To say that one election should not be held while another should be due to perceive levels of politicking betrays your political immaturity. All dictators in history have used this excuse to keep themselves in power.

Kenny Gan said...

If Umno can assure Anwar that it will not try to lure the Penanti assemblyman to defect or become ‘BN friendly independent’ by levering on his (coming) corruption charge and/or offering money then there is no need for a by-election at all.

Fairus can keep his seat and Anwar can appoint someone else through the senatorship way.

It’s this fear of Umno dirty tricks that PKR has to ask Fairus to quit even before he is charged. Waiting till he’s charged may be too late.

Anonymous said...

Throw the three arsehole kataks under the bus. There is knowledge that the rakyat's money was spent frivolously in renovating the palace with expensive lighting from the UK. The local guys couldnt configure the lights and switching equipment that they abandoned millions of dollars worth of electricals. THey went again and bought even more stuff that couldnt work. All because someone out there wanted to celebrate his jubilee with extravaganza and have the big wigs and dignitaries attend. So why the big noise.. becos BN the bushit national party was pumping in money and other fukschit....

at the end of the day the gomen in Perak is illigitimate under BN and has to be fucked out of the assembly by having a snap election and call it a day...
fucked up BN and Zambry....

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you!! Well said indeed!
Everyone makes mistakes. No one is exempt. But some cannot admit that they are mere humans. Some blame the press (the latest is our mistake proof DPM), the rest blame language and misinterpretation (but today's wired world has exposed all that). We had kings, emperors, maharajas, tzars by the dozens before..but they all made mistakes big time and we now have a few left, most of them concentrated in our beloved Malaysia. We love them and we want them to be around for a long time. Lets pray that humility and wisdom will prevail. Long live the Sultans and the Agong!

Eric said...

Ni Pa Pa, the problem is not with the ADUN changing allegiances. The issue is with the sultan and the federal arms of power (executive and judiciary) desecrating the constitution.

looes74, please do not lose it. Khoo is just playing his role as a neutral political analyst. LGE et al. should heed his free advice to ensure they serve the Rakyat. That's where is supposed to be better than BN, right? looes74, we need to keep a cool head if we want to remove sleaze and incompetence from the top echelons of this country.

People said...

Fairus's resignation show PKR is a responsible party and if their elected YB can't serve the people well, the best thing for them is to quit!

Or are you hoping PKR have the same culture like BN whereby the YB/MP who found corrupted still can hold the office and treat it as their asset?!

Therefore, I don't think anyone should used the excuse of wasting public fund for not having a by election. This will be unfair to the Penanti voters.

Remember, the by election is part of the democracy process!

Therefore, Fairus's resignation to path a by election in Penanti is inevitable!

On the other hand, I believe if DSAI have a choice, I don't think he also want to see a by election in Penanti.

Don't be naive to think PKR has no risk in the by election?
BN have strong electiom machinary -money, police, media, SPR etc,

Anonymous said...

Bottomline is the rakyat of Perak are still hoping for an explanation from the Sultan of Perak on why he did not favored dissolving the state assembly and called for a fresh election? An answer from HRH might clear the air right? In this case silence is not golden!