Monday, April 20, 2009

Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob's Expensive Folly

Chief Ministers are paid handsomely. Adnan could easily pocket more than RM30k a month for his state position including perks and allowances. This is a public position. A person holding a chief minister position must be super efficient, clean and accountable to the public.

However, looking at responses on my posts which were critical of men in public office showed that some segments of Malaysians are treating these men very generously.

In the real world, the working world, a person earning RM800 or RM8000 is equally subjected to some form of performance measurement. It is granted that your boss may not be so lenient and generous if you have found to have slacked or underperformed.

Worse, if you had entered into some controversial contract to allow a company to capitalize on your company's asset. In the end, you changed your mind and did not honour the agreement. Although the agreement may not be commercially viable to your company but it is LEGALLY BINDING.

This is the case of Adnan Yaakob's expensive folly:

On Dec 9, 2002, the company filed a suit against the Pahang government and State Forestry director for a breach of agreement pertaining to the extraction of timber from a 4,000-hectare concession area in Mukim Bebar, Pekan, and won.

"On Sept 17 last year, the Pahang government was ordered to pay RM60 million to the company after it failed in its final effort at the Federal Court to obtain leave to appeal.With this, the Federal Court reaffirmed the original decision of the Kuantan High Court on May 25, 2007 that the Pahang government was to pay the company RM37,127,471.60 with eight percent interest per annum from Dec 31, 2000.

The logging company filed the mandamus application on Oct 15 last year, saying that it had demanded the judgment sum with interest through a solicitor's letter on Aug 27 last year and had furnished an endorsement letter under Section 33 of the Government Proceedings Act 1956 on April 7 the same year, but did not receive any payment."

Adnan Yaakob's salary, perks and allowances are paid by the public. If a man earning RM800 a month can be subjected to the most demanding probation period and performance measure, why should we be lenient and generous to a man earning RM30k a month???

The right thing for PM Najib to do is to suspend him from his job, call for an internal probe on this case, and get to the bottom of the matter. Why must the public pay RM63 million for an irresponsible decision and crap leadership?

Now, you know why I am tough on all chief ministers.


giam2020 said...

It is high time that public servant
and government officials are made to
account for their actions and folly
that result in losses to the tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Who are made to pay when these fools made a stupid mistakes???

The Rakyat.....

Ghifari X said...

The true folly are with us, suddenly we think that the courts are up-right in delivering judgement against a State held firmly in UMNO hands. No way! something stinks and the Rakyat are the loosers once again. Our courts dare ere in the right direction.

telur dua said...

This HP6 Public servant is costing us taxpayers plenty.

Check out who are those in the timber company we are paying the money to. Maybe we can find sonme interesting characters.

Oil Gun said...

the court rules against BN government? i smell rotten eggs here. Either way, the CM has to pay for this debacle.

Anonymous said...

“Put a slab of copper as a mirror in front of me, and I can straighten out my robe. Put history as a mirror in front of me, and I can identify the alarming signs of rise and fall of a society. Have a man as a mirror who reflects my flaws, and I can rectify my mistakes.

=== that's the famous saying of emperor taizong during tang dynasty (626-649) which i'm sure quite a few know. post 308 and the many losses suffered by bn in by-elections, won't they learn? aren't they using the people as a mirror? no? then it's a late stage cancer awaiting death!

--Freddy Toh--

chong said...

c'mon, melaka MB pun tak dilucut jawatan pun.

they will say that everyone will make mistake... and we must forgive them. as long as they don't kill.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just wondering who the directors are???

63 millions and shouldn't the MB be accountable and ask to resign!!!!

Hello, Mr. New PM this is happening in your own home state.

Do something lah!!!!

kopitelp16 said...

So what? He can be asked to pay 6Billion and it's still not coming from his pocket. There's no accountability. When was the last time we see Ministers resign due to crappy job done?

Tak-apalah... they can bising and make noise all they want but after 2 days, semuanya OK!

M'sian politicians generally treat themselves as 'higher' than the rakyat. Only answerable to their superior.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why all those MPs we've choosen especially from PR are not making any statement on this matter. We're not talking about Rm 63.00 but 63 mil. Imagine how many bright students could be given scolarship with that amount instead of saving the neck of this half-human.