Monday, April 20, 2009

A Pot (Gerakan) Calling a Kettle (Penang CM) Black

Gerakan Youth State Chairman Oh Tong Keong said the Penang state government should stop dragging its feet and disclose the outcome of the probe in line with its competency, accountability and transparency (CAT) policy.

“It is baffling that the state government has yet to reveal the progress despite being furnished with evidence from PKR national executive committee member Amizudin Ahmat."

I am glad that Oh's party is in the mood to make disclosure. Good. Why don't Oh set a good example by getting his party's bosses to tell what exactly happened to the land scam allegations? There were evidences too.

Can Gerakan explain why 1000 acres of land in Batu Kawan were sold to a private developer at a very low price?

Can Gerakan explain why a yet to be approved project, the PGCC, was allowed to be launched with so much fanfare?

Can Gerakan explain why some risky hill development projects were approved in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Feringghi?

Can Gerakan explain why 3 of the 4 hotels in the heritage zone were approved without referring back to the heritage status guidelines?

Can Gerakan explain why Komtar, an administrative centre and office of the CM, was allowed to rot and deteriorate to its shameful shape today?

Can Gerakan explain why some local authorities were allowed to spend tax payers' money on wasteful projects? MPSP is now low of cash.

Yes, I agree that both Anwar and CM Lim should provide us with a good explanation on Fairus' resignation. I would like to urge Gerakan to take the lead by showing us that they can be more transparent than the DAP led government.


Eric said...

Kay Peng,

excellent. Let's be fair to all. No double standard to any party.

Anonymous said...

My question is ,why Macc is still not to taking action against Fairus?

Is it true that they still have not completed the investigation??

If they is no solid prove then why should Fairus resign.

Or is Macc buying time to alow umno to entice Fairus into the party.

My prediction: Fairus will declare he will join umno during the election campaign for Penanti if there is a by election and throw a lot of shit at Anwar and PKR

After that Macc will declare NFA ( no further action ) on Fairus.

Does this this sounds familiar???

Anonymous said...

Yes Oh please explain. Otherwise you sound hollow and just like a dog barking at the full moon. If you can't do so, please shut up.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Gerakan are nothing but a shameless party..with a belakang- pintu appointment for its leader.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to know what risky hillside developments are, take a drive to Paya Terubong.

Tanjung Bungah hillside developments don't even come close.

Penang really took a beating under KTK.

From Penang said...

I think Oh Tong Keong of Penang always like to come out with press statement (in particular chinese newspaper) but the contents of statement are very shallow i.e. not thought of carefully before issuance.
As such, very rare his statements come out in the main English or Malay media......except this time because of the Penanti by-election. IN the normal days, the media will just ignore him.

From Penang said...

Kay Peng,

it is sad to see that Oh Tong Keong is also the deputy national youth leader of Gerakan. Its youth chief is Lim Si Pin, (who hides behind his father Lim Keng Yaik), is worst still. Together, they have done nothing and only know how to bark...woof woof woof
No wonder both of them are dogs to Koh Tsu Koon!