Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Predictably, Muhyiddin Blames Others

UMNO Bukit Bendera advisor Ahmad Ismail did the same thing - blame the reporters. Now, DPM Muhyiddin is using the same tactic.

Muhyiddin hit out at the Chinese papers for twisting his words and putting him in a bad light among the Chinese community.He was responding to reports in the Chinese media that he had said the Chinese community was ‘ungrateful' despite being given much assistance by the government.

The Chinese press played up his quote in an interview in Mingguan Malaysia in which he had apparently said that the Chinese were being ungrateful to the BN government.Muhyiddin also said that MCA president Ong Tee Keat had found nothing wrong with his statement in Mingguan Malaysia.

He also denied saying the Chinese were ungrateful in the interview."No, no (I didn't say ungrateful). Did you read my Bahasa (Malaysia)? Even (deputy education minister) Wee Ka Siong knows bahasa. If both Ong and Wee do not feel offended, it does not mean that others in the community feel the same way.

"In bahasa, I said 'seolah-olah tak menghargai' (‘They seemed to be unappreciative').

Muhyiddin should not have singled out the Chinese Malaysian voters. The fact that he took a racial perspective in his statement is wrong. Calling the community 'unappreciative' or 'ungrateful' is wrong. There is little which separates the two terms.

Instead of blaming the Chinese newspapers, he should have apologized for his insensitive remark. This is a mark of a good and responsible leader. In this case, Muhyiddin should be the last person entrusted with the PM's 1Malaysia agenda.


Anonymous said...

Not even 1 month on the job, he's already shown us his true colour. The chinese community will keep Muhyiddin remark in their heart. Good luck to out new DPM.


bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

That is why the voters Bkt Gantang is right in rejecting umno with leaders like mu hi.

genesis said...

as a leader every words action are observed.it send signals that may be interpreted wrongly. seemed never learn. ong and wee know is not in the position to disagreed. with such track record , who is to believe, anymore?

Anonymous said...

Do you still want this guy to be your Deputy PM?.
Go ahead and ask all Malaysians but beware of their game in creating this kind of polemic just to divert the people away from attacking PM.
Don't trust them.!!!

Anonymous said...

It's OK. we are used to it. we will always repay UMNO's kindness at the polls. Let's not get worked up.

I also read somewhere that managers get more stupid as they move up the ladders. Looks like it's very true for all UMNO men. 2 days on the job as DPM, and he has shown his stupidity. My sympathies to all Malaysians as the cabinet is full of re-cycled political rejetcs and stupid idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.00 PM

Peter said it. Managers don't get more stupid as they rise up the ladder, they just appear to be as the job gets too big for them and shows up their inadequacies. Peter's principle is very common in Bolehland, a place where fools can find paradise on earth.

K L said...

The Fox has finally exposed his tail !