Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rais Yatim's Threat - Wrong CRM Approach

Minister of Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Rais Yatim said the ministry preferred to take follow-up efforts than legal action against those who have violated the laws.

He said they, however, have to act against the hardcore perpetrators.“Those who have broken the laws have to face legal action. If we do not act on them, it is the fault of the administration. But I stress that using legal action will be our last resort,’’ he said.

Sounds better than Syed Hamid. However, the government should work harder to adapt to the new mindset. Bloggers are not a special group of people. Most of them are wage-earners, law abiding citizens and citizens who used the internet channel to express their frustrations, grouses, views and opinions.

Most of them are probably unimportant enough to get a space on the mainstream media to express their views and opinions. This is the reason why they find the blogs most liberating.

Instead, the government should not fear feedback. It should not be afraid of criticism and negative feedback against its performance. A government needs to take cognisance of good client service. A good CRM model forbids an organisation to issue threat against its clients or potential clients.

Rais must ensure that his government follows the rule of law too. All of us are not above the law. This includes the UMNO leaders and members, politicians, police, royalty and judges.

Rais also called on the private broadcast media stations to be pro-active in helping to develop the society and country. He said some private television and radio stations had failed to adhere to laws that required them to play patriotic songs. I have a small advice to Rais. Playing patriotic songs to enhance unity and patriotism is so 60's and outdated. People who listen to rock music can also be patriotic.

Rais needs to change his own mindset to be able to understand and communicate with the new generation.


Anonymous said...

I am surprise rais is still in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Rais is a class A political chameleon.
He condemned the government when he was Semanagat 46 Deputy President. he criticised the ISA. Then changed his colours and joined UMNO Baru and started praising those he had earlier condemned. He justified the use of the ISA.
He will do anything for power and position.

Anonymous said...

He is a wily, dishonest man of little substance who blows with the wind, one of the old school who is envied for the English he speaks better than most of his cabinet colleagues. In the BBC's Hardtalk show he got chewed up & spat out - good and proper by Zeinab Badawi.

toolan said...

Rais should walk the talk if he practices what he preach.
Then he should do something about the front page article on Utusan Malaysia today.
If he allows Utusan to get away with this, then tell him to shut up!

Anonymous said...

He is a true UMNO member !
Together with all, I say all UMNO members,
have them voted out in the next GE !

Anonymous said...

Rais is just another typical UMNO scam. The kind with morals lower than that of a snake.

Kevin said...

Kisah Benar Malaysia.

They should show this on national TV.

Anonymous said...

As much as I got to agree with you on this article, Rais got the right to take up legal action against bloggers. However, bloggers & commenters like us should stand firm and contest of poeple liek Rais suing us in the court of law

If you are right, stack your case & stand firm. Raja Petra has done that. We must stack our case even if it's grand old man of Singapore LKY that are dealing with. Problem is the Court is not impartial in deliberating the case

I challenge you & your master, najib. Give us Free & Independent Court. Then, only sue us if you think we are wrong. See in court man


kopitelp16 said...

The government sees bloggers as threat because they are paranoid. They controlled the media so much so that everything the paper prints or news that we hear, we take it as spins. So we seek 'true' info from the net. Event hough the 'truth' can be far from the truth, people will believe it because no one seems to think that the media is credible anymore!

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim do not shine as Foreign Minister so should not be in the cabinet if you are fair and not bias take action against Utusan Malaysia and i say you shine so once in your lifetime contribute something to the people and nation and all Malaysians salute you. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anonymous said...

i knw i am going to be a minority in ur blog here. but am i the only tht thinks tht maybe all of us shld just lay off governement for a while and let them do their work. im not an BN supporter and have certainly spoken out against them in the past. but whats the point all you holier than thou 'righteous' complaining and complaining without giving anyone a chance to actually do some good to the society. most of you are self righteous whinges who does nothing to elevate the problems our country face. it is times like this where everyone needs to unite and work towards the same goal.if the government proved to be shit, then vote for someone else in the next general election. but for goddness sake, stop the incessant whinging....its not helping.

if u believe tht theres a problem in our governemnt or society, stop hiding behind a blog and stnad up and be counted. stop petty comments, write some articles with more substance.

me, i am not a heroic person but ive decided to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.